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Learning a new language
at 09:09 26 Apr 2021

Due to a sudden influx of spare time, my wife and I are looking to learn French. (Hopefully it will be useful in the future).

Neither of us have any particular experience in learning a language other than school level French around 20 years ago!

Does anyone have any tips or particular websites that have helped them?
Could the Evans statement have been to protect Cook?
at 11:51 4 Mar 2021

Apologies if already discussed but potentially the Evans statement was put out purely for Cook to refer to if anyone asks about ownership in his first press conference.

Without the ability for Cook to say "I don't know anything other than Marcus said yesterday" then it may have been awkward for him to answer
Gary Roberts is back!
at 13:02 2 Mar 2021

Confirmed as first team coach
So with 15 million of the most vulnerable now vaccinated...
at 17:08 14 Feb 2021

My maths tells me that in 12 weeks time these would have all received 2nd doses and 3 weeks after will experience a mostly high level of immunity. This puts us at the end of May.

Potential for June to see the beginning of the mass reduction in hospitalizations and deaths?

Or am I being too optimistic/negative?
[Post edited 14 Feb 17:09]
Change of role for Lambert
at 10:14 10 Feb 2021

Quite a few of my previous employment contracts have had a clause saying the employer can change my role at any time without prior agreement providing the salary and location remains the same.

I wonder if Evans could effectively do the same to Lambert and his coaches? If he dosen't want to surrender his salary without a full pay off then make them under 12s manager and make sure he turns up 6 days a week as normal.

Effectively forcing him to do that for 4 years or resign?
PFA win arbitration on salary Cap
at 14:39 9 Feb 2021

Big positive for us!
New Banner Ideas
at 12:27 4 Dec 2020

After the success of the BA banners in both annoying Lambert and uniting the fans, just wondering if there are any suitably witty ideas for the next banner after Evans's comments last night?

Something along the lines of

"Blame the fans? Be Careful What You Wish For Marcus!"

Would be my preference
Evans still attends most games home and away
at 13:01 2 Dec 2020

This is a point that still baffles me.

Regardless of Lambert off the field, on the field he is serving up absolute dross that is barely watchable at home.

So why is Evans still driving up and down the country to watch it yet still not seeing how bad a job Lambert is doing?

It still shows some level of interest in us, rather than just staying in Barbados - pretending to watch on iFollow.
Elkan Baggott starts tonight
at 15:56 1 Dec 2020

Stuart Taylor just put the team on his LinkedIn profile

#lambertout #hamin
New Subs Question....
at 09:33 19 Nov 2020

So you can now make 5 subs but only stop the game 3 times

If you have made 3 individual subs then get an injury, can you bring on a sub?

If not, then will you be allowed to make the sub if the opposition stops play for their own sub?

If so, then you could be in a position where the opposition cannot make any subs without allowing you to return to 11 men.

I realise its a very limited scenario, but entirely possible?
Mental Health and the Return of Football
at 12:25 28 Oct 2020

I have found this forum a great comfort over the years on some of the tougher issues in life surprisingly and was interested to see whether people believe football carrying on is a positive or negative towards mental health in current times.

By impact I don't mean that bloody spinning buffering wheel when ifollow dosen't work.

In a positive sense it is good to have something to talk/moan about again and keep me engaged but by parking myself on the sofa over the weekend watching football, I now find the week blurs into a constant cycle of working in the week then sofa time on the weekend.

Prior to lockdown, the football would be the highlight of Saturday in which going out, seeing family, watch game together, then pub after would give me teh desired impetus to be really productive on the Sunday - whether thats DIY, exercise or getting out and about. If it was a far flung away game, then football didn't even come into thought really.

However, now I find both Saturday and Sunday committed to watching football on the TV with little motivation to do anything else prior to starting the Monday-Friday grind.

Any tips on self-motivation during lockdown (or restricted tiers)?
Any Canada based blues here?
at 11:36 25 Jun 2020

My wife has been offered an opportunity to work in Canada (specifically Vancouver), I am naturally a bit hesitant but don't want to hold her back,

Other than being a different culture/climate, what are the fundamental differences of Canada that may not be obvious before moving?

Anyone been on the end of extreme road rage?
at 08:59 25 Jun 2020

Driving along in Suffolk yesterday and a fellow road user took great anger in my manoeuvre of overtaking a slower vehicle.

He proceeded to follow me into my estate (I decided not to go home when I realised this), he then drove up the wrong side of the road to cut me off.

Once stopped, he got out of his car absolutely raging. Telling me to get out of my car so he can sort me out, when I politely declined his request. He shouted that his mate is in the police - will find out my address, pay me a visit at home to "sort me out".

Pretty sure I did the right thing in not getting out of the car as I am a lover not a fighter, but I probably should have driven to a fuel station for CCTV purposes in case things got tasty.

Anyone else have any interesting accounts? The adrenaline was certainly pumping after!
Soundbar Advice
at 13:11 13 May 2020

Anyone know anything about sound bars?

Never had one but a few friends have raved about how much better the sound is from their TV with a soundbar.

Any buying tips/recommendations?

Road to Europe 2000/01 Video
at 16:31 23 Apr 2020

Has this season review been uploaded to the internet anywhere? I can find the one for 99/00 and 01/02 but not this.

Any help appreciated!
Stowmarket Town's unbeaten season voided
at 15:40 26 Mar 2020

Feel for the club as they have taken great strides this year and had record attendances, all to end up back where they started.

Wonder if Bowditch was banking on a promotion wage rise!

FA have voided everything from Step Three down, surely the Premier League is under threat now?
The Test - Amazon Prime
at 17:24 23 Mar 2020

Apologies if already discussed but what a brilliant series it is, I highly recommend.

Never thought I would start to feel emotion towards some of the Aussie team, including admiration for Tim Paine in their India series.

Still brought a smile to my face with the English side to the world cup and some ashes segments,

I miss cricket more than I miss football surprisingly thanks to this doc!
Potentially a year with restrictions?
at 09:19 17 Mar 2020

Sorry if discussed before but I just picked up on an interview with the CMO and the BBC, he says that cannot rule out that these restrictions could be in place for up to a year.

I appreciate that no one really knows but surely there would be a time frame in which the rise of crime/loss of businesses/reduction in mental health, actually makes restrictions worse than facing the virus?

Euro 2020
at 16:56 9 Mar 2020

Obviously, there must be at best a slim chance that the tournament is cancelled/heavily impacted.

If so, whilst any tickets would be refunded - would travel insurers pay out for hotel/flights etc if no complete travel ban is issued?

I could be on some very random city breaks come June if not!
[Post edited 9 Mar 2020 17:00]
Likely extent of Coronavirus
at 15:54 5 Mar 2020

Trying to cut through the media exaggerations/truths and whilst it is abundantly clear that the answer is 'nobody really knows', but does anyone want to make an educated guess as to how Coronavirus will impact the UK?

Gone within the year and forgotten about?

Grips the nation and we have a summer of working from home/public services shut down?

Mutated virus that kills more people than Spanish Flu?

I suppose it distracts from our football related woes!
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