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Any Canada based blues here?
at 11:36 25 Jun 2020

My wife has been offered an opportunity to work in Canada (specifically Vancouver), I am naturally a bit hesitant but don't want to hold her back,

Other than being a different culture/climate, what are the fundamental differences of Canada that may not be obvious before moving?

Anyone been on the end of extreme road rage?
at 08:59 25 Jun 2020

Driving along in Suffolk yesterday and a fellow road user took great anger in my manoeuvre of overtaking a slower vehicle.

He proceeded to follow me into my estate (I decided not to go home when I realised this), he then drove up the wrong side of the road to cut me off.

Once stopped, he got out of his car absolutely raging. Telling me to get out of my car so he can sort me out, when I politely declined his request. He shouted that his mate is in the police - will find out my address, pay me a visit at home to "sort me out".

Pretty sure I did the right thing in not getting out of the car as I am a lover not a fighter, but I probably should have driven to a fuel station for CCTV purposes in case things got tasty.

Anyone else have any interesting accounts? The adrenaline was certainly pumping after!
Soundbar Advice
at 13:11 13 May 2020

Anyone know anything about sound bars?

Never had one but a few friends have raved about how much better the sound is from their TV with a soundbar.

Any buying tips/recommendations?

Road to Europe 2000/01 Video
at 16:31 23 Apr 2020

Has this season review been uploaded to the internet anywhere? I can find the one for 99/00 and 01/02 but not this.

Any help appreciated!
Stowmarket Town's unbeaten season voided
at 15:40 26 Mar 2020

Feel for the club as they have taken great strides this year and had record attendances, all to end up back where they started.

Wonder if Bowditch was banking on a promotion wage rise!

FA have voided everything from Step Three down, surely the Premier League is under threat now?
The Test - Amazon Prime
at 17:24 23 Mar 2020

Apologies if already discussed but what a brilliant series it is, I highly recommend.

Never thought I would start to feel emotion towards some of the Aussie team, including admiration for Tim Paine in their India series.

Still brought a smile to my face with the English side to the world cup and some ashes segments,

I miss cricket more than I miss football surprisingly thanks to this doc!
Potentially a year with restrictions?
at 09:19 17 Mar 2020

Sorry if discussed before but I just picked up on an interview with the CMO and the BBC, he says that cannot rule out that these restrictions could be in place for up to a year.

I appreciate that no one really knows but surely there would be a time frame in which the rise of crime/loss of businesses/reduction in mental health, actually makes restrictions worse than facing the virus?

Euro 2020
at 16:56 9 Mar 2020

Obviously, there must be at best a slim chance that the tournament is cancelled/heavily impacted.

If so, whilst any tickets would be refunded - would travel insurers pay out for hotel/flights etc if no complete travel ban is issued?

I could be on some very random city breaks come June if not!
[Post edited 9 Mar 17:00]
Likely extent of Coronavirus
at 15:54 5 Mar 2020

Trying to cut through the media exaggerations/truths and whilst it is abundantly clear that the answer is 'nobody really knows', but does anyone want to make an educated guess as to how Coronavirus will impact the UK?

Gone within the year and forgotten about?

Grips the nation and we have a summer of working from home/public services shut down?

Mutated virus that kills more people than Spanish Flu?

I suppose it distracts from our football related woes!
Current Managers with Ipswich Connection
at 15:04 27 Feb 2020

The only option I can see Evans turning to after trying experienced managers/young managers is to appoint a man with obvious Ipswich connections to try and appease the crowd.

Other than John McGreal, I cannot see anyone who has any appropriate current experience to lead the club.

For example I do not see Shefki Kuqi, Frank Yallop or George Burley as viable options purely based on either level managed or time out of the English game.

I must be missing someone obvious?
Best Resignation
at 10:28 27 Feb 2020

Random thought this morning which I thought I would bring to the forum....

What is the best way you have resigned from a job?
Line Up v Leeds
at 09:53 19 Feb 2020

Not to open a debate on Lambert's planning for this season once relegation was confirmed in 18/19.

But how many players were in the starting line up on the last day v Leeds, that played in the last Saturday's game v Burton?

I have obviously looked up the answer, but an interesting teaser if any want to hazard a guess without looking.

[Post edited 19 Feb 9:53]
Friday Teaser -Guess the ITFC player
at 10:46 14 Feb 2020

Guess the potential player....

This guy has chatted up a girl by claiming he has played for Ipswich amongst quite a lot of other nonsense

Anyone work out who he is/claiming to be?

Should Lambert be sacked today?
at 10:53 12 Feb 2020

Should Lambert be sacked today?

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Realistic XI 20/21
at 08:47 12 Feb 2020

If we were to stay in League One for another season, who would be likely to be a mainstay in the team?


On the assumption that Chambers, Skuse, Wolf and Downes are no longer part of the squad. Maybe even Dozzell could be gone.

Seems a lot of gaps to fill!
First Half Steward Arguments
at 08:38 12 Feb 2020

Does anyone a bit closer to the entrance have an idea what happened in the first half yesterday?

All I could see was a line of Stewards holding back a wall of town fans trying to rush past them.

My view is certainly taken out of context, but it looked quite the crush near the terrace entrance
Mr Warnock until May
at 16:42 29 Dec 2019

My Football Manager 2020 is broken....any advice?
at 08:34 20 Nov 2019

Started a season as Ipswich and have won a cup is either broken or unrealistic
Roots Hall - Worst Ground In The League?
at 10:51 28 Oct 2019

It was my first trip to Southend on Saturday, I had heard the ground was looking in need of refurbishment - but I personally have not been to a worse ground (at professional level).

The half height concrete steps in each row were lethal, the toilet was nothing more than a brick channel in the floor and the home areas looked just as shabby.
The press box looked very cosy!

Can anyone better my vote for Roots Hall?

Strangely - they had electronic turnstiles!
Extension Costs
at 17:27 7 Oct 2019

Has anyone had any recent experience of extending their property?

Looking to do a partial demolition of our existing kitchen back to the original line of the house, before projecting it out circa 10 x 3m, so 30m2.

Does anyone have any rough m2 rates for an average kitchen extension?

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