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Free hit
at 17:32 24 Aug 2019

But good
Boris - cleared
at 17:41 7 Jun 2019

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“ I know in my own head what’s going to happen."
at 21:21 30 Mar 2019

Suggests he has made a decision or is expecting there to be an issue or issues which cause him to leave.

This one came back to bite Only One F***ing Chambers, didn’t it?
at 07:13 4 Mar 2019
It’s all academic.
at 17:12 23 Feb 2019

Win draw or lose today we are going to be relegated.

Let’s just put ourselves out of the misery. We just aren’t good enough and even if we were a better side the gap is way too big at this stage in the season.

Let’s prepare for next season and carry on going down fighting.

Next season let’s start again and get promoted.

Saw these old Norrh Stand photos
at 21:57 20 Feb 2019

Brings back memories.

That low roof and the history. Ever since we knocked it down it’s been relegations, administration and a loss of identity.
[Post edited 20 Feb 22:05]
We play reasonably nice football but we have nothing up front
at 21:13 13 Feb 2019

Hence why we are getting relegated.

It’s not really a surprise. We sold three strikers who scored a good number of goals last season and replaced them with inferior players.

Getting relegated will cost Evans £5-6m more in running costs
at 18:40 10 Feb 2019

Shame he didn’t decide to spend that money at the start of this season isn’t it?

Fast forward a year and Norwich could be going down and town going up
at 18:25 10 Feb 2019

Just to put a positive spin on what is obviously not an ideal current position but we might look back in just over a year and see the club on the upward trajectory whilst Norwich are battling relegation, as the team that we faced today was nowhere near as a good as the team that went up in 2014/15 (and which beat a better Ipswich side) and that Norwich side still went down.
Lambert getting sent off
at 14:35 10 Feb 2019

He said in the pre match interview he didn’t get affected by emotions.

Still, good to see him fired up.
Les Misérables on BBC
at 21:22 7 Jan 2019

is one of the best dramas I’ve seen for a long time.

I read the novel a while ago (which was a labour of love, and stays with me) but I really like the adaptation. Well done BBC. So much better than the adaptation of Vanity Fair by ITV (one of my favourites novels) which was too self aware and glossy for my liking.
So who on here would rather that MM stayed?
at 14:45 6 Jan 2019

And does anyone feel that criticising him for his team’s style and performances now looks a little churlish given that with no money he got us to 7th, 6th and 12th?
[Post edited 6 Jan 17:47]
Lambert’s comments today echoed those of Hurst after Exeter in the league cup
at 20:57 5 Jan 2019

But the difference is that this is not Lambert’s team, whereas Hurst has asembled and chosen the side he lambasted.

It’s true: many of the players are not good enough and lack desire or hunger.

Evans has tried to own a football club on the cheap. I don’t accept he is better off as a result through tax schemes etc. It’s simply that he saw a business chance in 2007 and despite some early investment it didn’t pay off and sometime around 2011/12 he decided to rein in the spending, recover outlays through player sales and hope the club would be a mid table side that might challenge now and then for the play offs - which it did under MM.

Evans now wants out, clearly, and despite the denials from club that it’s for sale he has said he will sell for the right price to the right buyer. So, clearly, it’s up for sale.

Problem is that if there was a knight in shining armour wanting to save the club, they would have surely come forward by now.

So we are stuck with Evans and he is stuck with us.
One positive of relegation
at 20:34 2 Jan 2019

Will be a different set up for Football Manager and it will make a change from being a cr*p team in the championship.

I appreciate this might be clutching at straws.
So are Sears and Bart being sold in the window?
at 19:01 29 Dec 2018

Mathie said he knew for definite that Sears was off which is why he didn’t start today.

And Bart might be off too.

Have to say, I can’t blame those players because personally they will want to play in the Chanpionship.

But it’s clearly not good news for us.

EDIt: Mathie did in fact say Knudsen not Sears
[Post edited 29 Dec 2018 21:15]
Has chambers lost his mind?
at 17:55 29 Dec 2018

I just heard him claim that we dominated the game today and in others.

Paul Lambert’s posivity is sounding like that Iraqi propaganda general
at 17:43 29 Dec 2018

who would stand in front of the camera in the Gulf War, with US tanks in the background breaking into Baghdad, claiming that all was looking good and in fact victory was in sight.

I get why PL does it but to say we are not far off being a great team is clearly delusional if he believes it.

We have to hold on and win. We just have to.
at 16:30 15 Dec 2018

Come on town.
£8.4m loss pre sales - so who is the “someone” that is going to plug that h
at 21:21 4 Dec 2018

It’s a hell of a hole.

You can see why Evans wants to set off player sales against it.

It’s a failing business. It would go bust without the owner underwriting it.

Maybe the third tier is now our level. Many fans think we have a right
at 07:46 3 Dec 2018

to be in the top six or in the Premiership and our former success (now at least 37 years ago) is like millstone.

Fact is, if the fans don’t support the club - and 13,000 on Wednesday was very poor - the owner won’t make money available to buy players and the players aren’t good enough, the truth is we deserve to be in the third tier.

[Post edited 3 Dec 2018 8:03]
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