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Risk is overstated by media
at 21:20 21 Mar 2020

In the U.S. alone, the flu (not coronavirus) has caused an estimated 36 million illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

World wide it causes about 500,000 deaths a year.

Millions die of starvation.

We have less than 200 deaths.

We need to get a sense of perspective.

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The elephant in the room is
at 08:09 19 Mar 2020

How long the majority of the population will accept brutal measures that decimate their jobs, freedom and futures to protect the elderly and unwell. It’s a grim and morally repulsive situation but sooner or later aren’t people going to say it’s better 300,000 elderly and unwell die than the entire country’s economy is destroyed? It will be a political choice ultimately but i predict many will let self interest govern their behaviour after a few months of this.

Could town go bust because of this?
at 07:58 19 Mar 2020

Evans is going to be very badly hit given his business focusses on mass public meetings.

He may let the club go into administration. It’s his perfect cover to get out and in any event he may simply not have the money. Lots of clubs could go this way.

Does Evans actually have the money to spend?
at 21:18 7 Mar 2020

If he doesn’t, then he’s in the same boat as Sheepdhanks and co, although at least Evans does put in around £6m a year or so rather than having to sell players to balance the books.

I’m not sure he does have the kind of disposable cash available anymore. His businesses took a real hit in the immediate post recession period and accounts filed at Companies House by his UK holding company show that it is barely making any money.

I don’t know about his other businesses but the world of corporate hospitality is struggling generally, and the current virus concerns won’t help. My point is it’s all well and good to see that he’s valued at £800m, but that’s his assets not cash. I doubt he has the money to afford to spend £30-50m which is what it would take (at least) to get us competitive in the championship again.
Played quite well but can’t score. Need a couple of strikers.
at 17:57 7 Mar 2020

Then next season hopefully we can press on.

Lambert - can’t see him being there.
Lambert cares about the club - you can tell that
at 20:46 5 Mar 2020

From the way he speaks and behaves. There is genuine hurt in his eyes at the moment. He’s a decent bloke, he’s done what he can to connect with the fans again (when MM really couldn’t care less) and it seemed to be working, with better crowds and the team flying high.....but suddenly it’s turned into a nightmare for everyone.

It must be heart breaking for him that it looks like it may well all fall apart. I’d love to see him turn it around, as we all would, but I think he’s left it too late and there is clearly something seriously wrong with that group of players.

Evans to be fair has allowed him to maintain a high wage budget for the division and let him bring some players in. But there’s been so much failure and frustration over ten years or so that it’s all cumulative and the fans’ patience has now run out.

I suppose I’m just saying that we should spare a thought for Lambert the man who is decent and doesn’t deserve the vitriol he’s getting.

I can’t help think that he’s blown it though. Not sure what the answer is. Probably a younger manager with town links. McGreal?
Ipswich now emerging as a “global hub” for tourism
at 08:02 5 Mar 2020

Interesting ....

I’ve come round. Agree Lambert has to go.
at 22:20 3 Mar 2020

He’s clearly unable to influence matters on the pitch in a positive way.
The club is now toxic.

Lots of people are to blame over the years and it’s unfair to just blame Lambert.

Evans needs to go, or do something to connect with us and give us some leadership.

It’s a disgrace for a club like this to be in the third tier and for the current performance levels to be like this.

Whether Lambert goes now or in the summer doesn’t matter. The season is over. We need to make sure that the next appointment works. We can’t rush it. If that means keeping Lambert till the end of a season that is now over then so be it.

Goals from Sky
at 07:22 16 Feb 2020

Classic footballer statement - Skuse
at 07:51 14 Feb 2020

“It’s not as if we have had a real thrashing by anyone, although I accept people will point to Peterborough’s 4-1 win at Portman Road.”

So he means it’s not as if we have been thrashed by anyone apart from when we were thrashed in our last home match.

You have to see the funny side of this mess at times.
Are the players under enough pressure? Interesting comments from Mick Mills
at 12:21 12 Feb 2020

that he feels they are in a bit of a comfort zone and Lambert’s attempts to protect them have backfired a little.

It was worrying to hear Downes interviewed last night when he said the players didn’t feel under pressure and “have nothing to lose”.

Appreciate he’s a young lad and not that articulate (as per most footballers) but surely the right thing to have said would have been “look it’s not good enough, we all know that, we are Ipswich town and we shouldn’t even be in this league so we we need to get up as soon as possible”.

Just found it odd that he would admit there isn’t pressure and nothing to lose. Too casual for me and it was reflected in the team’s performance.
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Getting rid of Lambert won’t make any difference
at 07:59 12 Feb 2020

Because without money to spend, no decent manager is going to come to us. They would simply be taking a poisoned chalice and damage their career. No premiership or championship manager would be interested. We have already tried the “young, inexperienced” route (Paul Hurst) and that was a catastrophe for everyone.

So, the question is whether Evans is willing to make money available. If he isn’t, then fine, that’s his choice and he already would say he spends a lot just to keep the club running. But my response would be to him - if you’re not going to help the club move forwards, and want to just mitigate your losses, then is that in anyone’s interests? You say there have been offers for the club you’ve turned down. Isn’t it time you actively did all you can to get a buyer, and move on? Accept it hasn’t worked. Give someone else a chance.

If that person exists......
Is lambert delusional??
at 22:15 11 Feb 2020

He said we “dominated” the game about five times in ten seconds.

We didn’t dominate it. We were average. We barely created anything.

Four goals in last seven games
at 21:24 11 Feb 2020

Is evidence of the problem.

We have possession, we can play Ok passing football, but we have no cutting edge. We don’t take chances. We are an average league one side. Sad.

Highlights - for those who can bear to watch
at 09:12 2 Feb 2020

Our run in is pretty good so we could still go up
at 22:37 1 Feb 2020

The fact is we can boss the teams on the bottom half. So our last 10 games are pretty easy. Today was poor but we just have to put it behind us.
We are now an independent country
at 23:05 31 Jan 2020

Fantastic feeling.

A victory for democracy despite the efforts of the woke liberal left to thwart democracy and parliament.

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Only started to play in last five mins. It’s a top of the table Match.
at 21:44 28 Jan 2020

Not good enough.

Only started to play in the last five minutes.

We were out muscled and dominated.
We haven’t had a single shot!!!! They’ve hit the bar twice and look hungry
at 21:24 28 Jan 2020

What the hell is wrong with them????
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