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Thank God for Brexit.
at 17:31 25 Apr 2021

Liz Truss has announced Australian wine will be cheaper, under the new trade deal to be announced between the U.K and Australia. Go Tories and go Liz, the country is saved.
Qatar World Cup
at 14:32 23 Feb 2021

I've just been reading an article in The Guardian about migrant workers building the stadiums for the Qatar World Cup.

6,500 have now been killed working on it. That's an average of 12 a week since Qatar were announced as hosts.

Hang your heads in shame Qatari government and FIFA. You have a lot of blood on your hands.
Some very good news coming out of Israel.
at 17:36 31 Jan 2021

Just been reading an article in The Guardian. Data coming out of Israel showing that only 0.04% of people caught Covid a week after having the second dose of vaccine. Greater still only 0.002% needed hospital treatment. The future is starting to look a little brighter with each passing day.
Anti-vaxxer cousin.
at 21:31 12 Jan 2021

So an idiotic cousin of mine, who is constantly sharing anti-vaccine nonsense on social media, has finally driven me over the edge.

The latest post she has shared claims the vaccine gives you a high risk of catching HIV. I mean WTF, what is wrong with these people and how can I be related to such feckwits?

The argument got quite personal but feck it she's had it coming.
at 17:47 12 Nov 2020

Not being able to get away this year has really given me the travel blues. Now I know I might be hoping for a bit much, if things get back to normal next year with this vaccine, I really want to get away. Albania has been on my radar for some time and now I'm thinking I might go next summer. Just wondering if anyone on here has ever been? If so any recommendations for places to visit, what accomodation is like and road conditions etc would be very helpful.
Recommended walks
at 12:46 15 Sep 2020

The thread about local beaches got me thinking about walks.
I do love a good walk so if anyone has any favourite ones please share. Anything from 4-8 hours if possible, covering Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex, preferably in a loop so I can finish back at my car.

I've hurt my shoulder.
at 11:35 24 Aug 2020

My shoulder has been giving me some pain the last two days, which at times has been severly painful, so much so I didn't sleep a wink last night. I've never had a frozen shoulder, so wouldn't know what this feels like, but could it be this or have I maybe just pulled something? It's a dull pain and gets worse in waves. I've been taking Ibuprofen and putting icepacks on it, which help a little. Thought I'd seek a little advice on here as I don't want to waste the time of my Doctor if I have just pulled something, although I will have to go see him if it carries on.
The Speed Cubers
at 20:54 17 Aug 2020

Just wow. Has anyone watched this? It's on Netflix, a very good watch.
Ryanair refund.
at 10:47 24 Jul 2020

I was due to go on holiday next month, but I have decided against it, as I still don't see it being safe enough. My flights are with Ryanair, just wondering if I can refund/credit my flights? I'm assuming as the flight is going ahead I won't be able to claim anything back. Has anyone had any dealings with this same issue?
Calling forum painters & decorators
at 17:17 16 Jul 2020

Could do with some advice please. Under orders of the wife, I have painted our bedroom in a dark grey. I have a slight difference in colour between what I have rolled in, and what I have cut in with a brush. Why is this happening, and what can I do to get rid of it? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Once Upon a Time in Iraq.
at 07:21 15 Jul 2020

Anyone watch the first episode of the new documenatry on BBC2 the other night? Highly recommend it if not.

The stand out part for me, was the interview with the American "Jedi Marine." An absolute narcissist who started the interview by pretending to stretch, so he could flex his biceps to the camera. He went on to say how they killed whole families in their cars, who went across checkpoints that they couldn't read the signs to, which marked a line where they should stop. He had no problem killing them as that was his job. The bloke is a complete piece of sh1t.
Happy Suffolk day everyone!
at 08:18 19 Jun 2020

To honour Suffolk day i will be having a selection of Adnams and Aspalls later.

What is your favourite place in Suffolk people? Mine would have to be Orford. I love walking around the coast and stopping off at Pump Street bakery for a sausage roll.
Marcus Rashford
at 09:21 7 Jun 2020

Sorry if this has been posted already. Only just found out that during lockdown, Marcus Rashford has raised 20 million pounds. He has teamed up with a food charity to raise it, which has now fed over 2.8 million children with meals.

Well done that man.
Small things that wind you up.
at 15:24 20 May 2020

Pistachio nuts with a closed shell. Such a waste.
Top 5 part 6
at 09:10 3 Apr 2020

Todays topic is your favourite ever town games.
Watching them on T.V doesn't count!

Wembley play-off final - To finally see Town at Wembley and win it, in what was the last season before Wembley was knocked down. Was just a dream come true.

Play-off semi vs Bolton - As i've said on a previous thread the atmosphere along with the high drama was like nothing else i've ever seen at Portman Road.

5-1 vs Norwich - The way we slaughtered them that day will live long in the memory.

2-1 vs Norwich 1996 - Just purely for the miss-kick and the pitch invasion. Remember it being a cracking atmosphere throughout.

2-1 vs Sheff Wed 1985 - This was my first ever game as a 5 year old. Got my Dad to finally take me and that was it from then i knew i was a town fan. I did like Liverpool before he took me just because i was a fickle 5 year old. That day changed me for good.
Top 5 part 5
at 08:33 2 Apr 2020

So todays top five is countries you've been to.
In no particular order.
New Zealand - Scenery like no other.

Bolivia - Has a wildness to it and slight danger. (Mostly because of poor mountain roads and clapped out buses.)

Tibet - I know technically it's part of China but is most certainly a occupied territory. The people are the most friendly and humble i have ever met.

Sri Lanka - Beautiful hill stations, Beautiful beaches, Beautiful food.

Slovenia - Reminds me of New Zealand but with history.

at 18:38 1 Apr 2020

Anyone watched season 3 of Ozark yet? Am i the only one to have a big crush on Wendy Byrde?!
Top 5 part 4
at 08:36 1 Apr 2020

Todays top five is favourite town players. Only rule is that you must of seen them playing. (T.V doesn't count.)
In no particular order.
Mauricio Tarrico
Jason Dozzell
Matt Holland
John Wark
Marcus Stewart
Top 5 part 3
at 07:46 31 Mar 2020

The top five for today is favourite football stadia.
The only rule is Portman Road is not allowed.
In no particular order.

La Bombonera - Boca Juniors. Never experienced an atmosphere like this place.

Old Wembley

Amsterdam Arena - Ajax/Holland

New White Hart Lane - Absolute gem of a stadium. Spurs have changed the blueprint of how a modern stadium should be.

Loftus Road - QPR. This place to me represents old school stadiums. Always a cracking atmosphere when we play there.
I also love the fact you almost feel like you're on the pitch and it's in the middle of a dodgy estate. It's everything an old stadium should be.
[Post edited 31 Mar 2020 7:52]
Top 5 part 2
at 09:04 30 Mar 2020

Todays top five is music albums.
In no particular order.
(What's the story) Morning glory- Oasis
London Calling- The Clash
Straight Outta Compton- N.W.A
Music for the Jilted Generation- Prodigy
Original Pirate Material- The Streets
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