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at 14:33 16 Apr 2022

Why did Rotherham/tramstop in Sheffield take the free kick for Pig's offside in our half. Pretty sure you can't be offside in your own half no?
No subject
at 21:24 4 Dec 2021

In my opinion, there's such a thing as winning the right way. Clubs that have opted to win at all costs have never sat right with me, neither have fans who encourage such an approach. I was always critical of McCarthy, in theory our most successful manager in the last fifteen years, not because of league position, I was content enough to see Ipswich finish mid-table in the Championship, but because of his willingness to sacrifice entertaining football in the name of results.

Paul Cook's sacking leaves the same ugly taste in my mouth. Its a product of a win at all costs, immediate results mindset. The manager and the style he chooses to play are a big part of a football club's identity that we all want to buy into, but why should I care if the manager is deemed so expendable? And this is coming from a guy who only watched one game of the Paul Cook reign because of uni/playing on Saturday afternoons. It certainly sounded like Cook had the team set up to attack and take teams on (the right way to approach a football match).

Football needs romanticism, would any of us be football fans if it was a solely pragmatic endeavour? I've always preferred playing football to watching, caring more for my own team's results than Ipswich's, so for me the romanticism while watching is of central importance. I want to see something truly develop from the ground up, if that means an extra couple of years in League One I don't care. In truth I'd rather the club had hung on to the youngsters everyone seemed so eager to see gone last summer.

Not really sure what my overall point here is, but I will say that if you have a purely pragmatic view to watching football, without any romanticism then your priorities are wrong.
[Post edited 4 Dec 2021 21:33]
If anyone wants to see a truly terrible tackle...
at 22:01 6 Nov 2021

I would strongly recommend watching the highlights of Rotherham vs Bromley. One for the 'over-zealous' column.
Was at the New York this afternoon and there wasn't one 'cheerio' or celebratory jeer as the red card was shown. Bromley player went off to a chorus of boos and 'w4nker' chants. Most hostile reaction I've ever seen to a red card. People were furious at how poor a tackle it was. Rotherham player had to be subbed off injured.
Last Suffolk Derby
at 17:31 17 Oct 2021

Seeing Sudbury in draw today has made me wonder when the last time Ipswich played a competitive, first-team game against a Suffolk side. Anyone have any idea?
at 23:20 14 Sep 2021

Nice to be back at PR for the first time in 18 months (as I'm now playing adult football I've had to more or less sacrifice Ipswich on Saturday afternoons), had to squeeze in one before I go back to uni, even if it wasn't the most glamorous fixture, so the first time I've seen most of the players play.

That was a heck of a nice move for our goal, after that I thought Ipswich were going to win about 5-0. I like Penney a lot, exciting going forward, don't actually know if he can defend but I don't really care because he's fun to watch. Barry was rubbish but I suppose someone has to be our annual pointless Premiership loan. Why exactly he's here when Dobra's out on loan I don't know. Morsy reminds me of Luke Hyam. Carroll looked a bit nothing, and Idris was quiet. They got a lot worse after they stopped trying to play football and decided to just hoof it at Norwood. Disappointed to not see Kyle Edwards, who I've heard favourable reviews of.
[Post edited 14 Sep 2021 23:25]
One way of looking at it...
at 00:34 12 Jul 2021

England just went through a whole tournament without losing a single game in open play. I really can't think of a genuine negative to take from this tournament. England are justifiably one of the favourites for the World Cup.

Hopefully Bellingham can kick on over the next 18 months and cement his place in the XI as I think Rice and Phillips are maybe a bit too similar and perhaps Bellingham offering a fraction more attacking intent to this midfield will really make this team one to be feared.
Local football
at 17:55 5 Jun 2021

Got definitive proof today that football is always better (at least for me) in person than on tv. Didn't think I'd end up enjoying the Suffolk Primary Cup final at Fram Sports Club more than any other match I've watched in the last 18 months. Wasn't even a particularly close game but so refreshing to finally be able to watch properly.
Beginner Golf Courses
at 14:02 24 May 2021

Anyone know of any good ones around here? I've been playing for years but I've got mates who I've taken to the driving range a few times and have hinted they'd like to play a course once we're all home from uni for the summer. I mainly play at Ufford or Cretingham but they're a bit tricky for my very inexperienced friends. The best I can come up with are the Aldeburgh 9 hole or St Audry's so any other suggestions are appreciated.
Anyone seen pictures from Texas yesterday?
at 09:04 6 Apr 2021

First full capacity event in US pro sports since the pandemic began. 40000 at Globe Life Field for the Texas Rangers' home opener.
They're probably jumping the gun a little bit, and I'm pretty sure it was only a tester, going back to limited capacity today, but it's still nice to see that the prospect of full stadiums could be on the cards fairly soon.
Next five games are huge
at 23:34 2 Mar 2021

Could define our season. If we come out of these next five in/around the top six we could really be looking good.
That's a pretty favourable run in from the Wigan game onwards, all of the bottom six, one of whom (Wimbledon) we play twice. MK (15th) Fleetwood (16th) and Shrewsbury (17th) also aren't much to write home about.
[Post edited 2 Mar 2021 23:35]
Bit of a random question
at 10:22 14 Feb 2021

But out of Lewis Price and Shane Supple which was the better keeper? I didn't see either play but it seems like the last time before now that we had two number 1 keepers in the team.
NFL Wild Card Weekend
at 22:48 8 Jan 2021

After yet another 17 weeks where the Cowboys find a way to disappoint me, it's time for the play offs. For you NFL fans on here, what are we reckoning happens this weekend?

For me:
Bills beat Colts
Ravens beat Titans (really tough call)
Browns beat Steelers
Seahawks beat Rams (could go either way if Goff plays)
Saints beat Bears
Bucs beat WFT

With the Northampton game being postponed...
at 17:34 22 Dec 2020

Luke Chambers' late goal against QPR in 2015 remains the last goal Ipswich scored in a Boxing Day game. Somewhat surprising and depressing stat. If memory serves all of our last four boxing days have been terrible performances as well.
Running off the ball
at 15:55 7 Nov 2020

The single most important part of playing midfield, especially when you're trying to play out from the back as you've got to get the ball off the defence and to the strikers.

Nolan and especially Huws basically don't do it.
at 23:08 3 Nov 2020

We can appeal that right? Arguably our most important player, would be tough to lose him.
Lewis Hamilton
at 15:43 11 Oct 2020

Now won as many races as Michael Schumacher, and will equal his 7 titles won by the end of the season. Britain's greatest ever sportsman?
NFL returns tonight
at 16:16 10 Sep 2020

It's finally that time of year again, it's seemed an even longer break this time around given the tumultuous offseason and no preseason games.

I'm predicting a Saints-Ravens Super Bowl with Brees riding off into the sunset with his second ring. Chiefs and Cowboys to be losing conference teams. Mahomes for MVP.
Kayden Jackson
at 10:23 26 Aug 2020

I think most are in agreement that he was our best striker last year (11 goals 7 assists), but I'm struggling to see where he fits in this year.
Lambert's making it pretty clear that 433 is his chosen formation, and if he's learnt his lesson from last year he's not going to constantly change it to shoehorn players in. Jackson isn't a leader of the line, and he struggles with his back to goal, so I can't see him as the central striker, with Hawkins, Norwood, Drinan and possibly Folami even being more suited.
He could play out wide, he's quick and can cross well, but Sears, Edwards and Lankester are all more suited to the wide forward roles, possibly Dobra too but I see him more as a 10.
So with his contract situation seemingly at a halt and the system not really being suited to him, is it worth selling him while we can still get reasonable money for him?
If the League isn't going to play...
at 20:21 9 Jun 2020

We shouldn't have promotion and relegation. Coventry and Rotherham weren't anywhere close to being guarenteed promotion so they wouldn't get screwed like Tranmere and Posh do with the chosen resolution. The Prem and Championship are playing so should have the promotion/relegation between them but you can't argue it's particularly fair for clubs to get relegated with unplayed fixtures, like Tranmere.
Overrated Town players
at 09:26 12 Apr 2020

I feel like best and worst Ipswich players are discussed to death on here, so I'd be interested to see which players people thought were generally overrated by our fanbase. This doesn't mean they weren't good but instead that you couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

I'll start...
Cristophe Berra- Good defender, but was talked up like one of the best in the league even though he could barely complete a five yard pass at times.
Aaron Cresswell- By all means has gone on to prove me wrong. The best crosser of the ball I've ever seen Ipswich have but honestly never blew me away as a defender, always thought Mings was better for us.
Keith Andrews- We've been so starved of midfielders who can score goals that people think Andrews was actually good. He barely even ran. Jonathan Douglas with a good shot.
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