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Bristol City roads in off M4
at 19:25 24 Oct 2023

Can anyone advise best route in off M4 please (not via Gatwick!)
Will be there about 1630/1700 and wondering if there’s a better alternative to M32 please?
Was wondering if J18 and A420 would be less likely to snarl up? Thanks
International Club Form Table
at 22:01 9 May 2023

A Favour please. A few weeks back, on Twitter I believe, there was a table showing Ipswich as most in form team. Does anyone by any chance have a link to that please? Many thanks
An email to Marcus for what good it will do
at 18:34 29 Mar 2021

Dear Marcus
I write to you as a supporter of 45 years, hoping that you will do the right thing and accept the US Consortium takeover bid by Brett Johnson's consortium

It appeared to have had grown good legs a few weeks ago but the rumours now are that you are holding out for more / holding out in the forlorn chance that promotion may be achieved after all. This league is woefully poor and despite continually poor results and performances, due to other results, yes there is that chance but realistically when you look at this squad which is strong in numbers and under performers, were we to make the play offs, there is little chance of succeeding. Say that we do and made it to the Championship & you have lost the takeover, look at all the out of contract players, how will you finance a squad to have any hope at all of survival, let alone challenging. I would say none.You could spend a lot more than £10 million to end up back in Div 1

Simple mathematics on the miracle happening, I would say will be your £10 million a year would need to rise substantially and I would be amazed if a team underfunded and expected to struggle in Championship would earn you a better deal than what is reported to be on the table now for a takeover

Fans appreciate, generally, you had every ambition in first couple of seasons of ownership but as years go on, the financial input has failed to stay competitive both in the squad and the general running of the club. Just look at Portman Rd now to years gone by - it is an embarrassment

If you genuinely care about the club and its supporters, please sell now as I believe the consortium that is reported to be a long way down the road can really give us a club we can be proud of again

Even in Division 1 you cannot just invest enough to tread water as we are gradually sinking as can be seen after just two years in this awful league as others investing either a bit more or a bit more intelligently are overtaking us. Just look at the teams above and around us

If you were to do the decent thing now, fans would respect you for what you have attempted & not see it as failure but at least saving us from administration and by selling, give the club the best possible chance

If you don't, even with Paul Cook I can only see more failure whether in Championship (unlikely) or Division 1 and fans will only get more and more resentful at failure whilst you spend more money

Should you read this, many thanks for what you have tried to do on our behalf and for reading this email
Thanks for 46 Mostly Good Years forgetting the last dozen or so
at 09:57 5 Dec 2020

An email to local press & the club

"Good morning
On the morning I await my UEFA Cup 40 year commemoration book wherein my name will be proudly printed, it is with a heavy heart that I have made the decision to stop putting money into Ipswich Town in any shape or form whilst Paul Lambert remains. I am sure some of you addressees, particularly at the club may be tempted to stop reading at this point in support of Paul but please hear me out!

At the end of last season, I ceased my Season Ticket after 46 years due to COVID but as soon as vaccinated had every intention to be back. This can be seen wherein I opted for credit to be put against my account for future use in respect of last years refund. I have also watched some 16 of 19 iFollow matches despite the poor camerawork this year.

To give my background, I first watched Ipswich in 1974 and have had a Season Ticket ever since. I have written a book Adventures of a Tractor Boy which to date has sold over a 1000 copies and made over £2000 for Colchester Special Care Baby Unit and at one stage would never miss a home game, even travelling back from holiday for games to continue the run but once you miss one, it is a lot easier to miss another and more and more particularly in more mediocre times. In these current sad climes due to Covid 19 and an under performing & poorly ran club, I fear there will be 1000s more feeling the way I do

The ITSC statement this week followed by Marcus Evans statement which just confirmed either little regard for the supporters or a complete misunderstanding of what a supporter is this week were the final nails in the coffin that broke my resolve as a supporter to stick through thick & thin. I had already bought the Plymouth iFollow pass but this will be the last one so I will have to find something else to do on a Saturday rather than trying to persuade my father in law (a supporter of 70+ years) that it is better entertainment than the rugby or a Western. Once Lambert is no longer in charge and Marcus can prove contrary to my belief that he is doing the decent thing & keeping us afloat but has given up the Premiership dream & will be quite happy to keep the club in Division One or even Two (which in real money is Division 3 or 4!!), I will maybe come back to watching week on week or maybe I will have been away from it for too long & not bother? I appreciate a supporter should stick with it whatsoever but it is too sad to watch the club on a one way trajectory & I seriously believe unless Marcus not only changes manager, but changes the way he is running the club and also changes advisers on who the next manager should be, the club is in serious danger of Conference football in under 5 years. Remember we were too big to get relegated from the Championship weren't we? I will continue to air my views on Twitter & TWTD as I cannot stop caring altogether

In my view there are 4 main problems:-
Marcus Evans

1. Easy to say in hindsight his management appointments have been woeful with exception of McCarthy whose time had ran its distance by the end - Who advises him as even if Lambert does go I have no confidence he will get the next one right - in fact I am sure he won't

2 He had his finger burnt spending on some poor players under Hurst & Jewell & has been tightening purse strings ever since

3 In 2015 he failed to invest in McCarthy which could have taken us to the Premiership

4 Hurst, I thought was a good choice but there was no step in when Hurst put virtually a complete Div 1 / 2 players in starting line up to set us up for relegation

5 Lambert has under performed since Norwich days when he split with Culverhouse who must have been brains in the operation

6 Look at the alleged interviewees such as Frank Lampard, Scott Parker, Potter at Brighton that were never appointed for whatever reason - some big ones to have missed out on

7 All these point plans that never seem to deliver

8 To state we cannot make judgement from iFollow - That is the only option and by us doing that it is income you are receiving so retract that comment

Paul Lambert
1 He should have gone last season - 2019/20 started well results wise but performances were never great - soon exited cups focussed on the leagu which we went into freefall

2 Almost a carbon copy again this year but exited cups earlier

3 Formation is consistent but tbh 70% possession just outside our own box won't hurt anyone will it - look at Oxford first shot in 90th minute

4 Crawley, that cup itself didn't matter but playing all the kids for experience - it was after the FA Cup and 12 days before next league game so why not blood a few with some first teamers - playing the lot against Crawley reserves (who changed complete starting 11 after their Sunday 6-5 win at Torquay) who outplayed them was hardly great work experience

5 He has made various public comments and actions against youngsters but wont do the same re the Seniors - 1. Hardly motivation for the kids 2. Is he scared of the seniors?

6 Don't ever accuse fans of picking on youngsters, we are all behind them - talk about hypocritical

7 Clear delusion with his unbelievable football - we can see it isn't and it is in Division 3 after all

8 Can we get through an interview without bringing up Dortmund & big clubs - It's history Paul, you can't live off that just as our beloved club cannot live off the great days it had either

Lee O Neill
1 Why? He is clearly little more than a yes man for Marcus Evans although he apparently heads up science and fitness as part of his role. That admission alone should see him gone as it has been clear for years there is something wrong with amount of injuries at the club. I am sure Norwood has had far more than at any other club and look at Webster and McGoldrick who were little more than sicknotes here suddenly making miraculous recoveries to play 40 odd games a season when move on

2 His interviews clearly do not show any real understanding of supporters - it is all lip service upwards to Marcus and outwards to us but delivers no value for the salary he is on

3 With Marcus's clear inability at running the show this role needs to be for someone highly experienced not an apprentice


1. I am grateful for Marcus keeping us afloat but still question the last 12 years and his current honbest ambitions. Too many just think of him as the saviour but do not recognise where he is taking us and they should do

I would be more than happy to sit on any groups ITSC or Blue Action or appear on any webcasts to expand on my views (some may feel expansive enough). I hate to be negative but find that impossible in the current situation and I am sure many share my view and also some won't. However the one thing in common whichever side of the fence you sit on is our love and concern for the club and our want to stop the continued slide into oblivion

Wishing only the best for Ipswich Town
Email to Lee Oneill
at 21:43 28 Nov 2020

I know I rarely post but had to get this off my chest to the club tonight - it has been boiling up for months
"Good evening Lee
I do hope but don’t expect you will do me the honour of reading the rest of this email
I have been a Season Ticket holder since 1974 and can quite honestly say I have never felt more despair than currently. Due to health concerns over Covid I did not renew but as soon as vaccine available had intended to renew. I am now quite unlikely to until the whole ownership and management set up is seriously shaken up.
I have no doubt that what the fans want and management are separate paths. I had little doubt at the outset that Evans was ambitious and wanted Premiership but due to numerous poor decisions we are where we are. I now believe short of pulling the plug which I don’t believe he would do, I think meandering in div one, salary cap and all now suits him rather than the cost of promotion in salaries and fees to even make us competitive
I read today Phil Ham as editor of TWTD has been banned as a result of someone posting team for Lincoln. Clearly you are punishing wrong person and should be looking for the culprit within who leaked it. But that’s just one of a running comedy of errors at the club.
Lamberts disregards for cups appears to follow him club to club. Worked this well, throw them all and focus on league. That has worked a treat hasn’t it.
Club seems to think they are big time Charlie’s when in reality they are at lowest point in 60 years in Division 3.
Lambert is clearly delusional or watching different games to the 15/18 I have seen. Total rubbish about senior players being easy targets. Certain players will be in his side irrespective of performance (Judge) unless they are injured (Sears)
His behaviour towards youngsters is poor too publicly abusing McGavin, Lankester etc and picking complete team of youths rather than mixing a few first team bearing in mind no first team match for 10-11 days would have been better blooding rather than being played off park by Crawley reserves. I could go on. Not way to get best out of kids
His persistence apart from a bit of today’s game with 4-3-3 and no plan B is laughable. His insistence because of our possession we are playing unbelievable football is again delusional. High 60s % possession when losing to teams when it’s all across edge of our own area just makes other teams let us get on with it because we are not going to hurt them
To come out with comment that we are useless playing two up front publicly again gets 10/10 motivational man management
Lambert was left in difficult position to keep us up but still had seven months to save us. I gave him benefit of doubt
I was disgusted at the capitulation last season but gave him benefit again but it is clear we are heading for same mid table oblivion
Whilst season is still retrievable I hope Evans has some escape clause for this ludicrous five year contract and he does the right thing fast
Only concern is the clubs track record with exception of McCarthy (and his time was up) of picking the wrong manager and expecting them to perform financial miracles
I would have expected as Director of football that it was your job to realise these things and many more. It shouldn’t need me and many others to point it out
In my opinion the club has sunk to an all time low on and off the pitch
If you want to question or even care to understand my passion for the club please read my book
It would give you an insight and all profits go to Colchester Special Care Baby Unit
It may help you to understand how far the club has fallen out of kilter with its fan base
Best intentions for the club"
AFC Wimbledon tickets x 2
at 12:27 11 Feb 2020

Due to relative being rushed into A & E this morning I may have 2 Tickets available. Will know by 2pm. Would need to collect from me. Face value only wanted as will be gutted if can’t go.
Great day bar 90 Minutes starting 1 3pm again
at 23:25 5 Jan 2019

Only Bishop can hold his head up after that
Just under 18 hour day to experience plenty of effort generally but so little quality
Evans is ruing our club - hope Lambert doesn't see him for what he is & walk
Was on five live on way home down A1
Link below:-
My Email to The Club (Ready to be shot down in flames!)
at 11:00 18 Mar 2017

The way you run the club on behalf of the invisible man never fails to amaze me as the weeks go by

As you know I am a season ticket holder of 43 years since 1974/75 but I have been strongly considering whether I would bother renewing next year. With your announcement today, it looks like it will not take much deliberation

You are aware of my dissatisfaction at the way the club is limping along with little or no ambition so I will not go over old ground, however to summarise for those copied in:-
1. The club cares little or not at all for its loyal fanbase. I suggested at a public meeting 2 years ago you used the database to recognise long term season ticket holders and discount their tickets. You have ignored use of database other than to target fans in family area resulting in everyone in my car jacking their tickets in at end of last season

2. The club is so arrogantly ran that it believes there is no competition for supporters time or money. Wrong, a lot of other non footballing activities are more cost effective and more enjoyable in the local area

3. The supporters club spend too much time agreeing with everything you say rather than representing true supporter views. Same applies to BBC Suffolk aka Murphy & Wooler

4. The club is ran aimlessly by a no doubt great corporate guy (yourself) on behalf of an invisible man who spent a bit to start with and now it appears to be an expensive hobby he is no longer up for. I am convinced a lot of recent finance has been generated from transfers out or certainly a large proportion of

5. By raising prices on the back of dross football where we are always set up to match opposition whoever it might be, even non league & Division 2 opposition is really rubbing noses in it. Do you seriously think that the extra funds generated by the small rise (It is not the amount it is the principle) will exceed the funds lost by the droves of season tickets being cancelled. I don't think so

Well Ian, enjoy looking at the many empty seats next year. What the club needs to & should have done, take radical steps like Huddersfield & now Bradford in £160 odd pound season tickets and filling the ground. Extra generation of funds on catering & club shop etc , a full ground, the team responds to a fuller ground and happy days but as already summarised, you never learn

I put it out here, if I feel like this after remembering the glory years and am quite willing to pack it all in, there will be many more than me that won't even be hesitating

It is a great achievement to make me feel that I Don't care anymore what happens to my club

If Marcus and you care about the club, how about a face to face with a real supporter that will tell you how it is, albeit politely

Await your reply with interest

Graeme Brooke
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