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Sometimes it’s a struggle 23:59 - Oct 29 with 618 viewsNewcyBlue

MrsN and the twins have been home since the afternoon of the 19th. 10 nights. We’ve had Seb for 3 of those too.

On the 19th I had a bit of a cough. By the Friday I was feeling really grotty. A negative COVID test put our minds at ease.

The twins due date was 6th November. We knew they would be early. But Mid-September was a surprise.

We ended up having to take Michael to the local hospital on Saturday morning for a GP appointment. Terrible reflux. We got some baby Gaviscon.

They’re feeding on demand at the moment. It’s anything from every hour to every few hours.

Sometimes they feed at the same time, sometimes at different times.

MrsN and I have sort of gotten into a routine, how sustainable it is I don’t know.

I’ve been taking the twins downstairs around 0600 every day so MrsN gets some proper undisturbed sleep, although she doesn’t get much as she has to wake up to express.

Today I went up to bed in the afternoon and had 4.5 hours straight sleep. Undisturbed. I felt dreadful after it. Almost hungover. I’m hoping it’s just this bug I’m getting over. My cough is now being a bit more productive.

Anyway. The twins are putting weight on. They get weighed weekly due to how premature they were. Whatever we are doing, we seem to be doing right.

The other morning the twins wouldn’t settle at all unless I was holding them. I ended up unable to move from the sofa, but sat there holding them. I was happy as a pig in sh!t. These two beautiful little people, with their most basic of needs.

The tiredness and the worry, it’s all worth it.

MrsN and I are lucky. We make a good team. When one is struggling, the other picks up any slack. We are getting through the days and nights. I’ve even managed to chuck stuff in the slower cooker every other day. So we can still have hot home cooked meals.

I can’t wait for it all to get a bit easier, but I am so glad to be able to wake up each day and hold them all.

Be kind to each other.

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Sometimes it’s a struggle on 08:19 - Oct 30 with 422 viewsUB9Blue

Sounds like you are both doing a cracking good job.

Sometimes it’s a struggle on 08:49 - Oct 30 with 387 viewsThe_Romford_Blue

Brilliant mate. Glad everything’s going well. You know where I am if there’s anything I can help with

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Sometimes it’s a struggle on 15:32 - Oct 30 with 300 viewsSaleAway

my friends with premie triplets went through a lot of this - it is so so tough, but it does get easier.... and the best thing you have is that you and MrsN are a team. With that, you'll get through anything. I remember watching my mate, double feeding the two girls, whilst I had number 3, and his wife looked after the toddler - utter carnage, but so lovely.

Keep on keeping on!

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Sometimes it’s a struggle on 19:46 - Oct 30 with 249 viewshoppy

"I can’t wait for it all to get a bit easier"

...so about 18 years then?

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