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Eddy's Word of the Day 20:41 - Nov 20 with 831 viewsEdwardStone


Is it a)

You know when you are having a mad weekend away, out with mates and having a bit too much to drink. Maybe football weekend or Army/college reunion.....something like that

And you are on it, really on it. An early start in the battle cruiser, too much beer, not enough good food .... XXL super spicy kebab at 5 pm, more beer and then a late night curry washed down with more beer.

At some point in the day there is a regrettable shart or maybe a follow through, but you valiantly soldier on regardless.

That night, tired and pizzled, you don't change out of your clothes or have a shower; the following morning you have the breakfast of champions, a 'Spoons Full English washed down with a couple of pints of Abott and then you are back on it again, the conversation, beer and laughter are flowing and then......disaster as another fart goes badly awry. You have refoulment.

Or is it b)

The forcible return of an Asylum Seeker to their country of origin if their application is rejected.

Eddy's Word of the Day on 20:57 - Nov 20 with 781 viewsNthQldITFC

It's when you sh!t yourself, a second time, on purpose.

Which is [a] I suppose!

It's also what Rishi Sunak is doing now, knowing full well that the soiled undergarment which is the C*nservative Party is so encrusted with faecal matter and destined for the wheelie bin of eternity, that yet another steaming log will make no difference whatsoever.
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Eddy's Word of the Day on 21:52 - Nov 20 with 739 viewsCoastalblue

I thought it was when a rather large and odious one you spent ages curling out, and eventually managed to flush finds it's way back round the U bend and lurks, probably waiting for a guest you're trying to impress turns up.

It probably does have a lot in common with government policies.

No idea when I began here, was a very long time ago. Previously known as Spirit_of_81. Love cheese, hate the colour of it, this is why it requires some blue in it.
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Eddy's Word of the Day on 21:59 - Nov 20 with 724 viewsSwansea_Blue

I’m surprised one of their less bright 2019 intake hasn’t suggested we could burn them to help out with the high cost of fuel. I’m not entirely joking either. They don’t seem to see them as human.

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Eddy's Word of the Day on 22:03 - Nov 20 with 711 viewsKeno

Is it where a turtle head slides back in and then pops out when you don’t expect it?

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Eddy's Word of the Day on 22:05 - Nov 20 with 709 viewsfactual_blue

It would be (b) if spelt correctly.


Ta neige, Acadie, fait des larmes au soleil
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Eddy's Word of the Day on 12:57 - Nov 21 with 636 viewsEdwardStone

Eddy's Word of the Day on 22:05 - Nov 20 by factual_blue

It would be (b) if spelt correctly.


Like a man in Orthopaedic shoes....

I stand corrected
Eddy's Word of the Day on 13:00 - Nov 21 with 633 viewsEdwardStone

Meanwhile, a cuppla miles from Edwardstone is an activity that would trigger endless refoulement, either watching or participating

Celebrating the lenendary Tornado Smith

Eddy's Word of the Day on 13:23 - Nov 21 with 618 viewsGlevum

POT. You should send this in to Viz - would make Roger's Profanisaurus.

I assume the actual act would be "refouling" or having just done it, "refouled".

"Eddy are you well?, you look a little pale"

"Tis nothing, just refouled, more ale all round"
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