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Town Offer US Winger Yao Contract
Town Offer US Winger Yao Contract
Friday, 27th Nov 2009 10:37

Town boss Roy Keane has revealed that American winger Devann Yao has been offered a contract after impressing on trial. TWTD was first to reveal that the 19-year-old was with the Blues on Saturday.

Keane says the club are talking to Yao about a deal after he played a starring role in the reserves draw with Celtic on Wednesday: “He did very well. He trained with us for the previous few days and showed a lot of energy.

“He was involved in the first goal and scored the second. If you’re a trialist and you draw 2-2 with Celtic and you’ve had a hand in two goals, you should be fairly pleased. We’re hoping to do something with him.”

Yao was born in New York to an Ivorian father, who played football professionally in France, and an Italian mother. He was given a scholarship by the United Sports Foundation as an 11-year-old, who organised a place for him at the private Montgomery School ,during which time he also spent time training with both Manchester United and Arsenal.

At 13 Yao, who is trilingual, joined French side Metz’s youth academy, where he spent three seasons. A year in Italy playing in reserves sides at Livorno and Pisa was followed by a short spell in Scotland with St Mirren’s youth set-up before he returned to the US, where he has spent time on trial with the New York Red Bulls.

Yao mother’s Italian heritage means he is entitled to an EU passport and therefore will not have to qualify for a work permit.

Photo: Action Images

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KeaneBlue added 10:40 - Nov 27
so why wasnt he snapped up before the transfer deadline?

Wallingford_Boy added 10:42 - Nov 27
What are you on about? He's not a loan signing you div!! Oh and Phil, OldGit was the first to break the news about him!!

KeaneBlue added 10:42 - Nov 27
so does that mean he is illegible to play?

BurleyForever added 10:43 - Nov 27
Wow!! we are signing the players now top 6 by Easter

bluepeter added 10:44 - Nov 27
I hope he is reliable. Seemed he has moved a lot and has been unsettled. Before anyone think I am a pessamst He could equally be a great discovery!

LeadbitterIsBeast added 10:45 - Nov 27
top 6, i dont think so, we will be lucky to finish top half of table,


J2BLUE added 10:48 - Nov 27
Free agents can be signed outside the window and play straight away...unless they have changed it in the last 1-2 years.

agc232 added 10:51 - Nov 27
J2Blue, you are correct.... he can play (as long as Keane selects him) this weekend!

StavangerBlue added 10:54 - Nov 27
A winger wow...we need some thrust going forward. Good news.

SeriouslyDelusional added 11:01 - Nov 27
Sounds like a good signing if they can get him. Anyone know if he played on the left or right wing against Celtic?

elburro3 added 11:02 - Nov 27
I just like to see a non-Irish non ex-Sunderland player in the mix.

andipeters added 11:09 - Nov 27

SouperJim added 11:28 - Nov 27
Yaaaaaoo! Yaaaaaaaaaoooo! Daylight come and me wanna go home!

WeWereZombies added 11:29 - Nov 27
Old Git's sphere of influence never ceases to amaze me - interesting, but not very encouraging, comments close to the end of this very long article from the link above.

Franzgumm added 11:30 - Nov 27
But, most importantly - left foot? right foot?

tort63 added 11:33 - Nov 27
Lets not get too excited. He's been offered a contract but he hasn't signed it yet!

Redmond added 11:53 - Nov 27
Looks Like Keane Building A Squad For The Future As Well :) Looks Good

deliasplums added 11:54 - Nov 27
Bluepeter, I don't think anybody would ever call you a 'pessamst'

MaySixth added 12:13 - Nov 27
Look forward to seeing how this kid gets on, initially, in the reserves.

Cardinals added 12:15 - Nov 27
How about this - Justin Timberlake styley


We tired of drawing every weeeeeeeek

Why do you just score a goal for me


Wussinwhiteboots added 12:15 - Nov 27
on Jun 3rd, 2009 - 12:48am
This whole article is amazing and as a St Mirren fan I wanted to find out more from reliable sources within the club I support and from what I have heard from different sources the same tale emerges.

1: Lazy

2:An inability to gel and get on with team mates

3: The sandwich incident true, however turning up at stadium eating rolls and sausage a bit like McDonalds before fitness assesments.

4: Being asked why he did not turn up at training, answer “I had to go shopping”

5: Trip to Portugal when he did not appear for breakfast the response was “I was tired”

However it was noted that this lad has very good technical ability and could with a change in attitude have a future in the game, it seems it’s down to him.
on Jun 12th, 2009 - 6:50pm
lol lol lol..this is so funny lol…well of course i have to defend myself lol…

1. lazy??? i came in 2nd in the endurance test out of 19 players on the team..busted my ass every game and every practice..thats why i was a starter after only 2 weeks of being there..because i worked my ass of…and thats why i played at least 70 minites a game…because i worked my ass off

2.An inability to gel and get on with team mates??? are u crazzii??? the whole team loved me..i was the only amreicain in st mirren..i got all the attention from my teamates lol…i integrated the teams after 2 days of being there…and any1 who knos me..can tell you im a very very social person

3. sandwhich incident……yes thats true..i did eat a sausage roll..i didnt have anything for breakfeast..while the other player have mommy and daddy to make them food in the morining..i had nobody…and i needed some food and fuel in my body to keep me going in the morining..and that seemed like the best thing for me…st mirren didnt take care of the food at one point so i had to shop bymyself…i didnt kno the area that well so i just went to the closest shop and got the quickest thing to eat

4. showed up at every training session..i even missed christmas and new years with my family..please dont lie

5. that did happen and the response was…i was sick in bed…not im tired…please dont mix up the words…

like i said…i have no reason to lie…the team didnt feel like they wanted to keep me..well thats their loss..im moving on…you believe what you want to believe

campowasgod added 12:50 - Nov 27
Does Trillingual mean he has a Norfolk accent ??

raycrawfordswig added 13:28 - Nov 27
don't give up the day job .lol

TRUEBLUE1974 added 13:39 - Nov 27
i think he could be what where looking for someone with speed and some ablity to open defences up ?.maybe a lennon in disguise, reading on the internet looks like he now wants to settle down and play football, get him match fit keano then we will see the real yaoooooo. ps pepole give this lad a chance before slaging him off

siralfstrackie added 14:02 - Nov 27
Let's hope the lad can push on and impress enough to challenge for a first team place, too many times we've signed bright looking young guns who have come to naught. Think Keane could be a great influence on the lad and keep him in line.

(BTW, how do we pronounce his surname - Yo? Yow? Yay-o?)

Anyways, welcome to Ipswich, Devann, hope to see you on the pitch soon.


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