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Boro to Cover Travelling Fans' Shortfall
Boro to Cover Travelling Fans' Shortfall
Monday, 13th Feb 2012 11:05

Middlesbrough say they will make up fans' shortfall on the half-price tickets for the restaging of Saturday’s abandoned game against the Blues and are looking into organising free coach travel. A total of 730 Boro fans made the trip to Portman Road at the weekend.

Adding to the statement they made yesterday, Boro said: “Ipswich have already said supporters who attended the abandoned fixture will be entitled to a 50 per cent discount on tickets for the rescheduled game.

“Now Boro have vowed to make up the shortfall for the rearranged game for those fans who have retained their original ticket stub.

“In addition, the club are looking at ways to arrange free coach travel from Teesside for those made the original trip and wish to return to Portman Road.”

Town are set to make a statement later today having looked into their options.

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havinit69 added 11:16 - Feb 13
Nice touch, Clegg, take note !!

Guthrum added 11:17 - Feb 13
Wait for the storms of protest: "If Boro can afford do that for their 730, why can't Town for the other 19,000 odd!!!" ...

PavlovsCat added 11:18 - Feb 13
Boro shouldn't need to do this, it's down to us. Hopefully our esteemed CEO will backtrack and save us all from embarrassment.

havinit69 added 11:19 - Feb 13
Guthrum - I don't want my travel expenses paid for, just my ticket FOC for the re-arranged match! - I don't think that is too much to ask, do you ?

Benters added 11:24 - Feb 13
Good for them well done Boro we love you

SeriouslyDelusional added 11:24 - Feb 13
This is embarrassing

debenhamsteve added 11:27 - Feb 13
The majority of those 19,000 were season ticket holders and won't have to pay anything!

Ipswich need to take note of Boro's lead. Mr Clegg will be left with much egg on his face whatever he choses to do now.

JayITFC added 11:31 - Feb 13
Will quote myself from last night!

"Forget the rearranged game at 50% off as it will be a night game - as useful as a chocolate tea pot to many fans. Town should offer minimum 50% refund for any fan (home or away) who bought a ticket since not even 45 minutes were completed. Boro should put on free coaches for any fan stupid enough to buy a ticket for the rearranged fixture."


Martus added 11:35 - Feb 13
You guys are quick too forget about the Blackpool away game aren't you . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

muncer added 11:39 - Feb 13
Martus, free travel to the Blackpool away game was a sweetner for the 7-1 mauling at Peterborough. Empty gesture. The situation we're in now proves that surely?

Superfrans added 11:51 - Feb 13
To all of those moaning, isn't it smarter for ITFC to have put Boro in the position to pay for their fans 50% - rather than us doing it?

Lets see what our club have to say later today and make a judgement on Evans and Clegg then.

AlanMahon2011 added 11:56 - Feb 13
Clegg Out

Back_The_Boss added 11:57 - Feb 13
Take note Clegg. Its not a lot to ask for is it.

BluePhilG added 11:59 - Feb 13
If the club has already told Boro they have to pay 50%, then its pretty unlikely town fans will be told anything different. If they wont do a freebie, then I'd like to see them offer 50% off the rearranged game plus another saturday home game...

JayITFC added 12:00 - Feb 13
The point is many fans won't want to turn out for the rearranged Boro fixture, with anger regards the way the 11:15am/2pm/3:38pm pitch inspections were handled. If there was any doubt AT ALL of the game not being completed it should NEVER have started. I'm of the opinion it could have been finished anyway. There was 1 slip in 38 minutes (JET off the pitch right at the start) and Sonko injury was a freak incident not related to pitch. He didn't fall over and could have done that on a hard pitch in the summer. The 50% off is an insult.

JustSpivvyChops added 12:04 - Feb 13
ITFC have made the right move, by offering half price tickets to the next game.

Did ITFC still have to pay the hundreds of staff that worked on Saturday, incurring large costs? Yes

Did the players still get paid for Saturday? Yes

Did people who bought tickets get to see 37 minutes of football? Yes

If you pro rata the 37 minutes fans watched, does that equate to something like, let's say, 50% off the next game, as a goodwill gesture, meaning that fans still get what they paid for? Yes

So what the hell are the lunatics on this board moaning about? No idea

Surco72 added 12:05 - Feb 13
It is not the clubs fault the weather was bad ,it was not the clubs fault the referee allowed the game to proceed before abandoning it .
It was personal choice to attend and pay for a game in bad weather with many games being postponed and late pitch inspections and it will be personal choice to attend and pay for the re scheduled fixture .
Why should the club pay out for fans to have a refund or to rewatch a game that was cancelled through no fault of their own whilst consuming all the normal costs of a normal match day policing ,staffing levels ,running costs etc ?

itfc1981 added 12:06 - Feb 13
When will the rest of our deluded support realise we have a shocking CEO in Clegg who has held us back for years. He has no instinct of how to run a football club.

CornardBlue added 12:24 - Feb 13
In all this mess the real people who are to blame are the football league for appointing a complete incompetent referee.
He could have waited a few minutes until half-time for groundsman to put some salt down, from the time of last pitch inspection it never got any colder.


Mark added 12:26 - Feb 13
Middlesbrough FC have humiliated ITFC over this by not only offering to pay fans' travel but also to pay ITFC for the tickets! The way they care for their supporters seems in total contrast to how our fans are treated. Loyalty goes both ways...we are expected to put up with high ticket prices to watch football that has been pretty sub-standard for the last four years, so should be treated better.

Yes, the club will have incurred cost Saturday, but what is charging 50% for the new tickets going to bring in? I reckon they might sell about 2,000 to disgruntled supporters at an average of £10 each so about £20,000. Is the cost of alienating supporters, negative media headlines and the loss of future revenues worth it? I would say not.

Do the right thing ITFC and allow Saturday's ticket holders free admission to the replay.

Paulc added 12:28 - Feb 13
SpivvySpackyChops - No one is arguing with the club's costs here.

This club is in turmoil at the moment with regards to board/fan relations and this is a fantastic oppotunity for Clegg to try and make some amends.

There should not be any refunds, but anyone with a ticket should get free admission to the replay. This will not cost the club 19,000 x ticket price. The club will be out of pocket to the tune of the running costs for the day. Probable a fraction of a month's Jimmy Bullard paypacket.

CLEGG - Do the right thing, you will never get a better opportunity to make some peace!

BigShow32 added 12:29 - Feb 13
It just makes me laugh, I'm a life long Town Fan but I play at a decent standard on a Saturdays and Tuesdays, so getting to see a game at PR is rare.

I'm exactly the kind of person they are trying to get back at PR on a regular basis with the ticket offer. I love the idea of finishing playing in a few years and taking my kids to the games each week, but the way they've handled this is very short sighted.

They need to look at the bigger picture, and unless something drastic
happens I won't be going to PR or taking my kids there any time soon.

They've basically cashed in my life time support of the club for £22.50.

jonwillpott added 12:33 - Feb 13 was not Boro's fault either but they have ALREADY made a statement to help their fact, they should not have to do this if our club act in a proper way!!! We need to attract fans back to Portman Road if we are ever to be a succesful club again - this is why so many fans are protesting, it is the principal and goodwill that is just as important as any financial matter.

curiousblue added 12:39 - Feb 13
If the game was called off before the kickoff what would have happened, the ticket would have been valid for the rematch. The staff at the time would have been paid regardless, as they were saturday.

The rescheduled match will see the season ticket holders in for free, I have no problem with thAt. But the farce that could happen from itfc will lose a lot of the casual attendees like me. My money stretches so far and attending a game is a luxury that doesn't come often as travelling costs are not cheap, and no I don't want reimbursement for travelling.

I would like to say to the idiots that say you risked it with the cold weather, so what do you do, the tickets were purchased during the week before the temp plummeted over fridAy night, as far as I'm aware once bought that's it, you don't get anything for not attending, correct me if I'm wrong

sotd78 added 12:47 - Feb 13
My club are the pits. My club of the Sheepshanks or Cobbold era wuold have had class. My club are just not up to it any more.

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