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Budget Amendment Would Hit Town
Budget Amendment Would Hit Town
Tuesday, 28th Feb 2012 21:28

Ipswich Conservatives have put forward an amendment to the Borough Council’s 2012/13 budget which would see Town’s back rent debt increase by £17,000. Earlier this month, TWTD revealed that Town and IBC had settled their long-running spat regarding the debt of £654,702 with the Blues set to pay the cash over a period of six years in quarterly instalments.

The Conservative Group is proposing a 3% reduction in Ipswich's Council Tax via savings totalling £384,750.

Part of that is £17,000 raised through the withdrawal of an interest-free period granted to the club while negotiations were ongoing.

However, with IBC currently under Labour control, the amendment is highly unlikely to go through when debated on Wednesday.

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CavendishBlue added 21:48 - Feb 28
This is peanuts to a man of the wealth of ME.

If this Labour shower allow the club to get away with this amount it will cost each and every council tax payer an extra 0.2% on their bill for the next year.

Wake up Ipswich!!!!

itfc1981 added 21:55 - Feb 28
Cavendish why don't the Conservatives recommend some more redundancies to get the money.


bluethroughnthrough added 21:55 - Feb 28
same old greedy tory pigs...

Marcus added 21:59 - Feb 28
So it's ok to spite the community in order to fund a purely tokenistic tax relief?

If I'm in Ipswich for the next local elections then I know where my cross won't be...

CavendishBlue added 22:09 - Feb 28
This is peanuts to a man of the wealth of ME.

If this Labour shower allow the club to get away with this amount it will cost each and every council tax payer an extra 0.2% on their bill for the next year.

Wake up Ipswich!!!!

CavendishBlue added 22:21 - Feb 28
itfc1981 - how do you know that they haven't?

bluethroughnthrough - the players are the greedy ones.

MarcusSg - spite what 'community'?Is it really fair for all Ipswich residents to stumoch an extra 0.2% on their council tax bill?
As for who you vote for then I only hope you do and make it count , but not for a party who helped create the mess we are in .One that has helped soften the blow of the recession by curbing the extremes of the coalition is where my money is, and shall remain.


bobble added 22:47 - Feb 28
the tories like to spend money on war and bigger tax cuts for tax haven exiles like ME so i assume he will get it back,plus he doesn't sound like the sort of bloke who wants to contribute his fair share of tax to society so i assume hes a tory supporter.perhaps charging him more rates is the only way british people can get some of the tax off him.

the_gospel added 22:49 - Feb 28

stonojnr added 22:51 - Feb 28
its peanuts to the council, its designed to provoke the exact reaction your giving of how dare such a rich person like ME "get away" with this, which distracts you from how much money the council actually spends, wastes or never collects.

17,000 wouldnt even pay the additional costs incurred by an amendment to the budget at this stage !!!


urbanpenguin added 23:01 - Feb 28
bobble: maybe you should assume less and try some kind of research to see what party ME aligns himself too. It's not particularly hidden.

Marcus added 04:39 - Feb 29
ME is a major funder of the Lib Dems.

I don't see Labour being responsible for Euro zone crisis, the banking crisis in the UK and US or the real estate crisis in the US, which have all, to some extent, affected the UK economy.

What I do see is the Con-Dems trying to get to their signature 3 million unemployed, attacking education and the health service and further distancing the UK from Europe.

I know some of you are saying 17k is nothing to ME. Perhaps you're right but it's also another 17K from turnover and affects the club through the fair play rules. It may be, on the scale of things, only a minuscule percentage but it adds up.

The football club IS certainly part of the community. Many industries, including retail, public transport and F+B outlets, thrive on the back of football. It's also part of the identity of the Town - even here in Indonesia (where I currently work - I know my profile says Singapore but I can't change that, although I do still officially live in Ipswich) when I mention Ipswich the first comment I usually get is '...Ipswich Town'. Success at the club stimulates the local economy. What is 0.2%? For GBP1000 it's a massive two pounds over a year, that's a beer at a cheap bar. It's purely tokenistic and demonstrates how out of touch the Conservatives are.

BlueMoon added 06:25 - Feb 29
This website is full of idiots... MarcusSg MarcusId this means you

JewellintheTown added 07:54 - Feb 29
Bobble, you do make me chuckle with those statements. (BTW, re war: if memory serves me correct - Kosovo, Iraq (x2) & Afghanistan - but lets not spoil the party eh with the cost of those campaigns?)

Mark added 07:57 - Feb 29
Isn't the Council under enough pressure to outsource and cut services without a 3% Council Tax cut?! Rather than the impact on ITFC, I would be more concerned about the impact on the local community in difficult times, including care for the elderly and the services that Councils are being required to take over from the NHS.

MickMillsTash added 08:53 - Feb 29
with the financial rules coming into play next year we might be better off seeing if we can come to a settlement figure now and not having this impact on the numbers next season.

The local council and government has to represent the people - just a shame that they spent most of the last 15 years burning its way through cash employing the unemployable and embarking on needless schemes. I have seen it at first hand and now we are suffering.

comrade_blue added 08:57 - Feb 29
It is right that the Club pay the Council the rent they owe and the club should have just paid up rather than try and get out of it.
In the end the Labour run council had to be prepared to go to court to get the money. In the end the Council allowed the club a longer time and that saved the cost of a court case.

Now we have the Tories asking that deal to be ripped up, but it is only part of their plan to cut council tax - 3% (which is about 18p a week) there other plans are further redundancies of staff and the most attrocious item is to get rid of the HEARS service which provides an alarm service to our senior residents- so go on Cavendish Blue, vote Tory- just hope you never grow old!

CavendishBlue added 09:14 - Feb 29
urbanpenguin - well said!!!!

- WAS the third largest donor until the rules were changed and he couldn't make donations from Ireland.My old college buddy is now our 3rd largest.

Labour were responsible for not coping particularly well with the mess that the US served us up with.The Greeks are mainly responsible for pushing the Eurozone into allowing them plus or minus 5% on all the economic indicators when most had only 1.5%.

The coalition have done more in 21 months than Labour did in 13 wasted years.Formed a stable coalition in 5 days that most European countries struggle to do in 2 weeks(14 months in Belgium!!!!) and provided unfettered Liberalism throughout government policy which will in genrations to come see a far better social britain than any NEW labour party could EVER dream of.

RE: 17k. Yes it isn't a lot to ME but 0.2% council tax increase is.I don't know how they charge you for local services over there but 0.2% for every council tax payer is unfair on them ( especially those who don't give a fig about ITFC)

comrade_blue - I'm a LIbDem parliamentary candidate , so VERY unlikely!!!!

(Jeez - did I really say unfetterred Liberalism on a football forum!!?)


tractorboy2434 added 09:25 - Feb 29
Years of labour claptrap and freebie handouts got us into this mess, however I still think the 7 years backdated rent increase is immoral, however for the sake of 17K why don't we just pay it, not much when you can afford to buy rubbish like Priskikn and continue to waste money on people like Bowyer, Ellington and Leadbitter, just pay the shortfall but I still think 654K is a complete rip off.

petermorris added 09:26 - Feb 29
Bobble for CE.

MattinLondon added 10:12 - Feb 29
Cavendish Blue
I wouldn't say it was thirteen wasted years...the minimum wage, improvements to the underground, the NHS...but there was also an awful lot of waste as well as the Gulf War.

Best of luck being a LibDem parliamentary're going to need it as they are extremly unpopular


WillTheBlue added 11:24 - Feb 29
WOW, no ones blamed Clegg!!!

BlueVelvet added 12:17 - Feb 29
I bet they wouldn't propose such a change if it adversely affected rugger

fatbanners23 added 12:35 - Feb 29
Admittedly the conservative cuts etc have been controversial and their tax rises on things such as petrol are simply ludicrous, but lets remember it was Labour that got us into this mess, and i dont belive people that say it wasnt their fault as it was bankers etc, they were in power and chose to go through the "bust" years spending as much as they did. Re the stadium the 17,000 would not be that much in the scale of Marcus Evans and the debt as a whole although it would be yet more money to pay back

Cheshire_Blue added 17:37 - Feb 29
What has all this got to do with football!!!!?
Incidentally clueless Clegg seems to apply equally to the Lib Dems as it does Ipswich Town.Having been Conned into voting for a Clegg at the last election I shall NEVER do that again.

alfromcol added 21:07 - Feb 29
Can we keep all this political point scoring off this site. It is for football matters not this other mumbo jumbo.

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