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Chopra Off to California in Pre-Season
Chopra Off to California in Pre-Season
Tuesday, 15th May 2012 22:25

TWTD understands that Town striker Michael Chopra will spend three weeks of his pre-season preparations at a health farm in California. Blues boss Paul Jewell recently revealed that his squad have been given individual fitness plans for the summer and that some of them would be going on what he referred to as ‘holidays’.

Jewell also divulged that the 28-year-old, who spent time in the Sporting Chance Clinic late last year as he addressed his gambling problems, would be sent to what he called “a retreat” to get into shape for the campaign ahead.

Speaking prior to the end of the season, Jewell said a number of players would be given additional work, although we understand Chopra is the only one off to California: “There will be at least a couple of players who will be going away, shall we say, for holidays in inverted commas, but that’s only to improve their fitness and their mental strength.

“It’s not punishment, it’s to make them better players. I want them to embrace it. We’re doing it for their benefit because we’ve got some good players here and the fitter you are the better player you’re going to be.”

Meanwhile, skipper Carlos Edwards was carrying out some of his 200 hours of community service gardening at an Ipswich care home at the weekend.

The 32-year-old Trinidadian pleaded guilty to various driving offences in October.

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Garv added 22:33 - May 15
Bet that will be horribly grueling...

AlanMahon2011 added 22:33 - May 15
Why not send him to Vegas jewell?

Brazilsnuts added 22:44 - May 15
Exactly Alan, is it part of the training to tease him by being so close to Vegas?

MichaelRockyLavelle added 22:48 - May 15
I bet he'll be going for the medical marijuana :P to prepare him for the season aha

bluegc added 22:55 - May 15
He's getting the bus, he's getting the bus, Carlos Edwards he's getting the bus

Tractamatt added 22:55 - May 15
Time to back of you numpties, the americans are very well respected when it comes to this sort of thing and it wont have been the cheap option but Town are prepared to spend this sort of money on improving our existing players and you start straight in with the negative and innane comments.I know lets follow it up with Jewell out to really show our true mentality.

Superfrans added 22:56 - May 15
It's great that PJ is being creative in preparing the players for next season. Of course, there will always be people who will find fault in everything he does.

ThatMuhrenCross added 22:57 - May 15
Sun, sea, women and booze. Not to mention the superbly lax gambling laws in the USA!! Have fun Chops!

Sindre94 added 23:03 - May 15
Glad for him. Hope he benefits from it! All those condescending comments towards Chopra above disappoints me, so much support for our players, well done people.

He could play a key role in our next season promotion push

Sindre94 added 23:13 - May 15
I wonder what alot of you negative people think you get in exchange for it..? Joy obviously.
Support the players and give them our backing, Ill think that help, just a little bit!
Try it!

Strikes added 23:15 - May 15
ThatMuhrenCross, I'm no expert on the laws of the USA but I believe gambling laws are set on a state rather than federal level. And the state of Nevada, in which Las Vegas lies, is I believe the only one with legal gambling state-wide.

So there should not be any gambling temptations in California. I may be wrong but that's my understanding.

Now that's sorted out, if he comes back a better player then I'm all for it.

Sindre94 added 23:16 - May 15
Exactly "Strikes"

EatonBlue added 23:17 - May 15
Yes yes and I suppose that Jimmy B is enduring a tour of the nightspots in London and Carlos will be forced to do a few laps at Silverstone?

MattinLondon added 23:27 - May 15
There really are some poisonous idiots pit there who have a nerve to say that they support Town.

I have a better way to treat Chopra's addiction..lets brush it under the carpet and pretend that it doesn't exist.

Any form of treatment that makes him a better player mentally must be good for all concerned.

Garv added 23:28 - May 15
Individual training programmes are a very good idea and something Chopra in particular needs.

Good on ya Jewellio.

SeattleBlue added 23:47 - May 15
Must say, to make a comment that the gambling laws in the USA are lax is pretty idiotic. As Strikes points out, the laws are set at the state level, and the only one with any real widespread gambling permitted is Nevada. Although of course that doesn't necessarily apply to Indian reservations, many of which have a casino as the main revenue source, so gambling is definitely an option on the many reservations in California. Still, all in all quite sad that people always focus on the negative and would rather belittle people than be positive. But hey, that's the internet for you!

rosseden added 23:50 - May 15
Think you'll find the reason Vegas is where it is just over the border in Nevada is due to the fact that historically gambling has been illegal in California but not in Nevada. it's also a very long way from the places he is likely to be in such as San fran or the bay area. . . . . In reality it'd be easier for him to get to any city in the UK from home, than to get to Vegas from northern cal. . . . Good on the club i reckon . . . Good man management . . . . .

SpecialK79 added 00:12 - May 16
@tractamatt exactly my thoughts!too many moaners on this site, sorry didnt Rooney go for a fitness program in america directly after falling out of favour at utd after the world cup?look where he is now...

walberswick added 00:14 - May 16
Don't worry, there's pies, booze and the internet all over the world now.

AbujaBlue added 00:15 - May 16
I don't care if Chopra is sent to the moon on a fact-finding mission, as long as it gets him fit and gives him a goal-scoring mentality then that is all that matters.

Upbeat~ added 00:19 - May 16
Very impressive stuff, hopefully will pay dividends

Duncan added 00:28 - May 16
Great move by the club lets hope a contributing factor to 20 goals next season!

walberswick added 00:50 - May 16
26 goals, he owes us 6 from last season!

mattraisin added 00:54 - May 16
It's a PJ decision so let us all rubbish it. Quality facilities, good weather, great orange juice. Remember gambling addictions come hand in hand with depression. It will be good for him. Can't believe some of the people on here. Chopra is our top goal scorer and no one can say he doesn't enjoy himself in the town shirt, next to Scotland's smile there is no one who looks happier playing for us. He is a great player and a true blue. So go screw yourselves if you are like any of the rrse holes on this site who think it is acceptable to treat someone like that, you are no fan, just a typical troll who would rubbish their Nan if they thought she wouldn't find out who it was.

TenerifeKeith added 03:10 - May 16
That Muhren Cross- you are clearly a moron. If you're going to post something criticising Jewell, at least check to see if you're completely wrong first. If you think that gambling laws in California are lax then you clearly know nothing. No matter where he is there's going to be booze and woman, are you 70 years old, or just really thick?

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