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Cheerleaders to Return to Portman Road
Cheerleaders to Return to Portman Road
Wednesday, 23rd May 2012 09:52

Town are looking for cheerleaders for the 2012/13 season as they make changes to their matchday entertainment, including adding a dance routine at half-time.

Club secretary Sally Webb said: “Obviously our priority is to find a winning formula on the pitch that will provide entertainment for the fans.

“But as a club, we are looking at various ways of adding to the matchday experience for supporters coming to Portman Road.

“We are talking to the fans and will be doing so more over the next few weeks to gauge opinions as we look to change things around for next season.

“We’ve had cheerleaders before and they were very popular so we’re now on the lookout for a new group to become part of our matchday team.”

If you are part of an existing dance group and would like to become the club’s cheerleaders or are an individual who fancies the challenge of putting a group together, contact Jade Cole or Julie Bryant at the club by email. A link to video footage would be beneficial.

Alternatively, post a DVD of your group in action to Jade or Julie at Press Office, Ipswich Town Football Club, Portman Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2DA.

The Blues are welcome to suggestions for improving their matchday entertainment with a TWTD Town Topic on the subject here.

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urbanpenguin added 09:57 - May 23
Oh god. Are we still in the 1970s? I always find it really odd and cringeworthy when clubs, like West Ham, wheel out a load of pubescent scantily clad girls for thousands of oggling men to salivate and shout sexual abuse. It's embarrasing, cliched and tacky.

Chris_ITFC added 10:02 - May 23
Boring. Can't stand all this gimmicky pre-match/half-time stuff in order to 'create atmosphere'. It does the exact opposite. Get it right on the pitch and you'll get fans in the stands.

BLUEBEAT added 10:02 - May 23
true, but on the other hand, sexy times are here again

fourpee added 10:04 - May 23
Shame the last ones were not abit older!

KembleBlue added 10:08 - May 23
How embarrassing.. Its true Americans can put on a show, and this is where the idea came from, but their cheerleaders are full time professionals, more like acrobatics than just moving in lines and occasionally putting one hand up/down in turn, crucially, they are over 21, ridiculously fit, toned and theres a lot of plastic to them..

English cheerleaders tend to be 15 - nothing worse than watching some fat little talentless chav with a muffin top, moving out of time to stupidly loud music..

Back in the day we used to go grab a cuppa or beer and talk about the game at half time, mabye even give ourselves a little quiz out of the matchday program.. Its simple, reduce the price of pies and pints, get rid of banging music, and everyone will enjoy themselves..

Andy32Cracknell added 10:08 - May 23
Well this is pants. I'm sorry, but i don't find 12/13 year old girls dancing around and screaming entertaining.

Paddy39 added 10:11 - May 23
Why not get each stand to produce there own troop and music with the directors box picking the eventual winners over a series of displays throughout the season. All shapes and sizes welcome. With this on the pitch at HT you wouldn't sell many pies ha ha ha.

walberswick added 10:11 - May 23
well done major clegg. "Marketing for Dummies" first published in 1972.

BrianTablet added 10:13 - May 23
BalhamBlue.... spot on.

"nothing worse than watching some fat little talentless chav with a muffin top, moving out of time to stupidly loud music.. "
.....especially if you've just spent 45mins watching some overpaid little talentless chav with a muffin top, moving out of time to stupidly bad football!

I think a game of Half Time Hide & Seek would be much better

itfckieren added 10:16 - May 23
I always thought we were a little bit luckier when we had the cheerleaders previously..

MarcFowler added 10:18 - May 23
I.. don't think this is a great idea.

parkinshair added 10:23 - May 23
They need to sort out some decent tunes as well. Girls Aloud isn't condusive to getting the crowd going. They can also ditch 'Living on a Prayer' and 'Never Miss a Beat' as well.

How about a return of 'Baba O'reily' by The Who and getting hold of 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem. That would be much more like it.

pieman_78 added 10:26 - May 23
Could not agree more with all that's been posted, but as usual I'm sure the club will take no notice. Half time entertainment for me is having a read of the programme and chatting to people around you, not trying to hear yourself think as music is blared out at full volume in the name of "entertainment".

djbreeze added 10:28 - May 23
can we just get the ones from southend?

Drew added 10:33 - May 23
Are they at least 18 years old?

SHUblue added 10:41 - May 23
why not have a few 5-a-side games between fans from each stand every month and the stand with the most final victories is declared the best stand...and is awarded 5 million to spend on a player they see fit...:D

KentBlue92 added 10:46 - May 23
No.. NO.. NOOO.
I hated it last time and that was when the cheerleaders were almost my age.
It is always poorly done, embarrassing and boring.
Running across the pitch in one of those giant balls for a race is always good. Love watching people fall over in them. Potential 5 a sides are ok, cross bar challenge.
Vary it up a bit, reason most people get bored is it's the same crap for 23 games a season every game. Switch it around a bit, but for the love of God, don't bring the cheerleaders back..

walberswick added 10:50 - May 23
If we have to have them, get some really sexy girls with big kn*ckers and really short skirts.

KembleBlue added 10:50 - May 23

'Club secretary Sally Webb..'

Sorry to pick you out here, but Clegg bashing for the sake of Clegg bashing is also embarrassing. I presume you have a job, I presume you understand how your company structure works. Clegg, is the CEO of Ipswich - the same as the CEO of your co is probably more concerned with the organisational and financial running of your company, safeguarding the assets, your CEO is probably not chosing what channel the TV is on at lunchtime in your office.

walberswick added 10:57 - May 23
Simon Clegg may be the CEO , but he has no business experience. He mainly concerns himself with marketing, painting turnstiles and the Olympics.

casanovacrow added 11:06 - May 23
so many good ideas put forward on here when asked a week or so back ...then the club ignores the supporters and brings back something we all found cringe worthy. nothing new

Vexorg added 11:08 - May 23
The last lot of cheerleaders weren't at all popular. Sally has a very warped memory

SuperReuser added 11:09 - May 23
BalhamBlue - hilarious hahaha!

StowTractorBoy added 11:26 - May 23
At the end of the day if the entertainment on the pitch is right we don't need dancing girls on the pitch at half time. My suggestion was to install giant scoreboards which would show the match low or highlights with half time scores etc etc. This would stop people cramming in front of a small screen underneath the stands. As I also said take a look at Brighton & Hove Albion they have got it absolutely right with their pre match and half time entertainment and make us look tame in comparison.

casanovacrow added 11:48 - May 23
#vexorg - maybe they were popular with Gary Glitter or something. Applause was common courtesy and not through appreciation of their very amateurish routines.

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