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Town Have Most Expensive Ticket in Football League
Town Have Most Expensive Ticket in Football League
Thursday, 18th Oct 2012 09:01

Town have the most expensive matchday ticket in the Football League, according to a BBC survey released this morning. The highest-priced seat in the Cobbold or East of England Co-operative Stand at a Grade A match costs £42.50.

The survey says the cheapest place to watch football at Championship level is Huddersfield United with their lowest-priced seat £10 compared with Town’s at £22.50. That price is for a Grade C ticket bought on the day, although, according to the Town website, the same ticket is available for £20 if purchased in advance of the match.

In terms of season tickets, according to the survey, Town have the second-highest-priced ticket at £745 with a seat costing £752 at Leeds the most expensive. However, the Town website advertises season tickets in "Premium seats" at £1,061, £816 and £894, although in previous surveys of this type the club has stated that these tickets are aimed at the corporate market.

At the other end of the scale, a season ticket for the lower Sir Bobby Robson or Sir Alf Ramsey Stands is £390, the sixth highest-priced cheapest season ticket at a Championship club.

In TWTD's annual survey, 83.22% of the 1872 respondents thought that last year's matchday prices were either "A complete rip-off" (20.67%) or "Expensive" (62.55%), this year's prices not having been announced when the survey was carried out.

As for this year's season ticket prices, our survey found that 60.58% believed they were either "A complete rip-off" (9.4%) or "Expensive" (51.18%).

The BBC says ticket prices across the board have risen by 11.7% in the last 12 months, well above the rate of inflation.

For full details of ticket, programme and tea prices across the England and Scotland, click here.

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Legend added 09:11 - Oct 18
Yes but we have the best freshly painted turnstyles!

bedsitfc added 09:14 - Oct 18
Explains our poor attendences

Mystified added 09:16 - Oct 18
Well done ITFC, it just keeps on getting better and better!


Greybritain added 09:16 - Oct 18
We, the fans, have been telling the club for many seasons that the prices are too expensive. Their replies are normally veiled in clap trap corporate nonsense, about category D tickets prices which only ever apply to cup replays played on a Thursday in February if it is on Sky and expected to snow.

Well, the falling attendances are plain for all to see.

DurhamTownFan added 09:18 - Oct 18
I hope someone does a good blog on this soon (unfortunatley too busy at work-not too busy to read TWTD!)

This should be regarded as quite a serious problem for us. If Evans and Clegg really want to run ITFC like a business (as seems to be the case) they have to realise that they're selling quite a shoddy product for a high price (bearing in mind the date of our last home win, and our long-standing poor home record). Fair enough, Phil has suggested that the high prices quoted cover so-called corporate seats, but it costs me (a student) over £30 to go to a match, have a programme and a half-time tea, and right now I'm not getting my money's worth!

northstand78 added 09:19 - Oct 18
At least we're doing well in one league..

The most expensive dross u'll see..

eaii added 09:21 - Oct 18
Is this not proof of how bad this club is being run at all levels.

Evans and Clegg out!

bracknell_blue added 09:26 - Oct 18
Whatever the prices, we'll be the most expensive in terms of cost per home goals scored!

Bananaman added 09:26 - Oct 18
We need to get the fans in. It is depressing sitting in a half empty stadium and I am sure that it doesnt help motivate the team.

delias_cheesy_flaps added 09:30 - Oct 18
I beg to differ that the cost is the issue for falling attendances, it's the entertainment currently being offered on the pitch or lack of entertainment for that matter that keeps people away.
Oh and the Paul Jewell factor is also contributing to a downturn in attendance.

lowtit added 09:33 - Oct 18
It beggars belief that ITFC PLC see fit to charge such extortionate prices to watch such drivel - thirty quid should be the max ticket price - and that's too much at the moment -

BwoodBlue added 10:00 - Oct 18
Most expensive team to watch in the league but also the second worst in the league.Hmm.......

TR11BLU added 10:02 - Oct 18
I have always thought that £20 is the most that should be charged for a championship game. Why not set these prices across the board, home and away and we would all know where we stand...or sit!!!

Daleyitfc added 10:04 - Oct 18
This will continue while we have so many season ticket holders : the way to drive down match-day prices is for none of them to renew at the end of this season. Tickets can then be sold airline style to fill the ground for every match : if that means £1 a seat for unattractive games (i.e. all of them right now ....), that is how it should be!

Legend added 10:04 - Oct 18
Lets be honest here, Evans doesn't give a flying feck about us fans does he!

Dissblue added 10:07 - Oct 18
This is no surprise. you only have to look at the the way attendances are falling. most people can't afford £50 or £60 for an afternoon out regardless of the level of entertainment on show.

Guthrum added 10:11 - Oct 18
Analysing the figures, it should be noted that ITFC's cheapest matchday tickets are only £1.43 more than the average for the Championship and a whopping £5.50 less than the highest in that category (Brighton - who also have the most expensive cheap season tickets, £95 more than at Town).

Yes, Huddersfield's cheapo prices make us look bad, but no-one else in the division charges less than £15 and only three others are below £20 (Blackburn, Leicester and Posh). Derby and Cardiff are "dynamic" (evasive) and Milwall didn't even want to let them know their prices.

The "most expensive tickets" category is largely meaningless, as it relates to a relatively small number of VIP-style, "posh" seats, which will vary widely between stadia and are of no relevance to the average fan's matchday experience.

Legend added 10:16 - Oct 18
I agree with Dissblue, Although if you shell out £40-£50 you expect some sort of value for money and normally get it.
If you paid £40 for a meal and got a rubbish service and rubbish food you wouldnt go back in a hurry would you.

GibbsITFC added 10:19 - Oct 18
Normally i dont moan on here, but our prices are a complete and utter joke. No wonder nobody goes anymore, my season ticket went up by 200 poind just because i became a year older! I moved my ticket to the block to the left and managed to save about 150 quid but i still sit in my old seat coz its so bloody empty! Lol!

TheHighwayman added 10:20 - Oct 18
I think a day out at PR is excellent value for money. We are lucky to have high quality football to watch in this part of the country. Keep it up Mr Clegg and Mr Jewell, you're doing great. COYB!

playthewayyourfacing added 10:25 - Oct 18
Surely every home game should be Cat C as we're enduring a bottom three side?


BoredWithThisNow added 10:28 - Oct 18
Wow, who knew? Thanks to the Beeb for pointing out the bleeding obvious.

TownOnTheUp added 10:30 - Oct 18
The most expensive season ticket at Portman Road is more expensive then most expensive season ticket at 8 PL clubs including Manchester City.

Blue_Armee added 10:31 - Oct 18
Huddersfield UNITED aren't even in the Championship that's why their tickets are cheap.

You have to pay to watch QUALITY FOOTBALL you know.............OH

Michael11 added 10:36 - Oct 18
At least we're a good team who has a decent home record so its value for money....oh wait

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