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McCarthy Will Push For More Cash In the Summer
Tuesday, 29th Jan 2013 06:00

Mick McCarthy says he’s not spoken about his budget with owner Marcus Evans since he took over as manager at the start of November when he was told there was money to spend. The Blues boss is keen to further add to his squad before the transfer window closes on Thursday, but says he’s likely to want to spend more significant funds in the summer.

McCarthy said: “I haven’t had that discussion with him since I came in initially. I just said that there’s got to be money to spend.

“I think I might be being a victim of my own success here because we’ve actually done all right with the team that we’ve got.”

The Town manager is realistic about the deals that can be done in the January window and says he’ll be looking for more cash to spend come the summer: “I wonder what we can achieve this season.

"I think we’ve got to stay in the league first and foremost, and then in the summer it’s different and I would be asking and I would be pushing.

“But I’m not barmy in terms of pushing now for deals which are financially ridiculous or unlikely.

"It’s not fair from me to say ‘I want to do that, we must do this, we must do that’. I’m recommending players all the time, but it’s got to be doable and sensible. I can cope with that.”

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bedsitfc added 06:17 - Jan 29
The answer has to be young players from the lower leagues, watched parts of Exeter game last night and jimmy keohane stood out.

bluefeast added 07:45 - Jan 29
The players we have currently have been put together by spending a fortune. If you were to analyse the spend over the last 5 years you would not find a championship club that had spent more. Fact is spending big doesnt work unlesss a team can be galvanised from individual talent.

Wickets added 07:52 - Jan 29
Yer all very true cant argue with Mick but i wonder how much has and is being spent on loans this season?

RegencyBlue added 07:55 - Jan 29
bluefeast. - You are quite right that spending does not guarantee success but it helps greatly if the man spending the money knows what he is doing!

Magilton, Keane and Jewell between them spent twenty million plus on very average players at highly inflated prices and the result is there for all to see. A squad which now depends heavily on loan players and which will do well to avoid relegation this season.

Its a crying shame MM didnt get here earlier because with half the amount wasted by his predecessors I'm sure he could get us up!

Mark added 07:57 - Jan 29
My big worry is McCarthy was told there is money to spend when he came here, but he'll be restricted to frees and loans "due to the FFP rules". I note Jewell is now saying he wished he asked for more money in the summer. While I understand the need to keep finances tight, the result was a string of expensive loans and a league position of 24th!

I think there is a difference between spending and investing. Buy a £500K 20-year-old from League One and he could sell for £5M later on, whereas spend £500K on a 32-year-old from the Premier League and you know you can kiss that money goodbye. There has been too much spending and not enough investment over recent years.

Now McCarthy has brought the scouts in, surely we can starting bringing in the lower league players. Mings was a start, but can we have more like him please, as well as some youngsters who are ready to go into the team now?

DurhamTownFan added 08:00 - Jan 29
I think a big problem is that the quality has levelled out right across the championship. No one club really stands out from the others, and all have similar budgets. His means it's very difficult to sell a club to a player, and likewise to pick out a good player for a club. That's why so many loqns-theyre like an extended trial.

This can't continue forever..?!

MVBlue added 08:23 - Jan 29
We're with you Mick. He was told there is money. He may have to terminate a few contracts as some of these players are crap. Thanks Roy Keane.

The lower leagues are stocked with decent players. Premier League now full of foreign imports. Teams like Norwich and Southampton been able to get hold of some while we bought Lee Bowyer and Nigel Reo-Coker. It's just not funny.

yorkshire added 08:32 - Jan 29
To be fair we didn't 'buy' Bowyer or Reo Coker, we just paid their wages - which some will say was too much in itself. There has been a history of clubs bringing in experienced players like these (JJ Okacha strings to mind) and them having a big influence on the team. We just havent had much luck in that area, look at Bullard, great on loan and then naff when he signed. I would also say that none of the players that Keane or Jewell signed for big money were awful - we just never got a team that gelled

thebeat added 09:07 - Jan 29
My concern would be the managerial merry-go-round.
What happens if Micks not given any money in the summer after he was told there was some available back in November?
With all the vacancys flying around he may get offered money to spend elsewhere and go.
I hope not but Mick wont take any crap.if Evans messes him around he'll tell him to shove it.

brian_a_mul added 09:17 - Jan 29

I agree 100% that the championship is levelling out. Its no bad thing tbh.
What will make the difference here is the manager being able to make a real team, motivate and get 110% from his players. Of all managers in Championship Mick is one of the very best motivators. Plus he has a great reputation where players want to play for him!

Like them or not, I think Loans are here to stay.

ArnieMsBigToe added 09:27 - Jan 29
Bluefeast and RegencyBlue. How right you both are!! I still do not blame Jewell. He inherited a load of cr@p from Roy Keane. He was the manager who has destroyed ITFC.
I cannot think of one good decision that was made by that muppet!!

I think that there is only 2 players left from that era. Forest Martin (run Forest run!!) and Carlos Edwards. Carlos has not been too bad, although admittedly, he is not a right back.

Here is a brief rundown of RK's mismanagement.
1. Sold for peanuts - Jordan Rhodes.
2. Sold for peanuts - Jon Walters.
3. Let go for nothing - Gareth McCauley
4. Let go for nothing - Can't remember his name. Midfielder who went to Portsmouth, our captain for a while.
5. Purchase of Grant Leadboots for 2+ million
6. Purchase of Tamas Priskin for 1.7 million
7. Purchase of Forest Martin for 1.7 million

And I know that there's plenty more that I cannot recall.

When I think the above was what PJ inherited, I do not blame him at all.

PJ also bought Aaron Cresswell & Hewitt & arranged the loan of DJ Campbell. I really believe that the mess left by RK was too great for him to overcome.

muccletonjoe added 10:16 - Jan 29
I can see mm falling out with evans. Especially when he learns how much he has to spend !

Michael11 added 10:34 - Jan 29
I don't have any concerns about Marcus Evans giving him the transfer funds as he backed Jewell too with big signings (Jet & Taylor) it seemed to be the wages that we offered were the stumbling block. How many times did we agree fees and failed personal terms (Joel Ward, George Boyd, Charlie Austin etc) so i hope Mick is backed well in every department to get the players we need!

WorcesterBlue added 11:04 - Jan 29
The answer is a long term plan and I am finally confident that we have a manager who understands what this means. Plan A is survival with a very poor squad inherited from the previous two managers and the CX. This must be as bad a team as the team Duncan had in the 80s, though at least the football is a bit better! Plan B is ship out the dross in the summer and build a new, attacking young team around our existing core of good players (Taylor, Cresswell, Hewitt, Hyam, Lawrence, McGoldrick(?), Smith (?), Chambers(?) and begin to be a regular feature in the top half of the championship occasionally selling on for a profit and replacing with yet more lower league or academy potential. Plan C - maybe, just maybe spend the odd season in the Premiership but not at the expense of plan B.

hollywoodginge added 11:45 - Jan 29
I still maintain while that we aren't getting the players in that we really want, we will hopefully be in a better position than most when the FFP sanctions come in. I genuinely fear for a lot of clubs that are taking a gamble, not all of them can succeed which will result in some of them facing the consequences, I'm thankful above all that we have had a degree of stability over the years and anybody who said that the last few years have been the worst they can remember at the club in my opinion have short memories, Administration was by far the worst times we have genuinely had.

Surco72 added 12:16 - Jan 29
ArniesBigToe fully agree with you ,whoever had come in after Keane was on a hiding to nothing as we were and still are tied up to a number of his contracts to useless players Martin , Edwards .
Add to your mismanagement list letting go of David Wright , Jon Stead ,Liam Trotter and especially Garvan as our midfield has been crying out for someone who can pass or take a set piece for the last two seasons. And the signings of Edwards (its not his fault hes crap at right back ,he's a winger , oh no he is crap there aswell ) ,and three poor keepers Fulop,Murphy,ALB and we have lost another £2million .
Hopefully Mick will turn us around with more financial backing but we have a back five Loach,Hewitt,Chambers,Smith ,Cresswell who could play for us and improve without doubt for a number of years mostly signed by Jewell , what did Keane leave apart from overpaid names who didnt care ?

hollywoodginge added 12:47 - Jan 29
Walters sold for Peanuts?? A player that wanted out and we got £3mil give or take. That is not peanuts.

jas0999 added 13:42 - Jan 29
Mick will leave if we continue to go down the loan route. ME and Clegg must change their strategy.

dirtydingusmagee added 17:13 - Jan 29
i wish you luck Mick , I REALLY wish you luck !

bournemouthblue added 18:08 - Jan 29
@bluefeast - have you had your head in the sand whilst QPR and Leicester have been spending mega bucks?

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