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Jay Needs to Show a Little Bit More
Thursday, 7th Feb 2013 06:00

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas needs to do a little bit more before he will win back his place in the Town side, according to assistant manager Terry Connor. The 22-year-old’s only start since Mick McCarthy took over as boss came in the 2-1 FA Cup defeat at Aston Villa last month.

Connor says there’s no problem with the former Arsenal man’s attitude: “I don’t think he’s missed a day’s training, Jay. He’s out there training every day, every training session trying to do his best.

“It’s about competition for places and if Jay wants to play in the first team he’s got to do a little bit more in his training and when he gets his time on the pitch to show that he’s worth a place in the team.

“But that goes for all players, not just Jay, every player has got to show that he’s ready for duty.”

Former striker Connor says he’s aware that players will say they can’t impress unless they’re given an opportunity: “Players will always say they need time on the pitch to show what they can do but we look at it the other way; that you have to earn that place, earn that right to be in the team.

“Although Jay has worked hard and isn’t a minute’s problem, he hasn’t quite done enough to force himself into the starting XI. When he does that, he’ll be considered like everybody else.”

He says it's a case of grafting in his training sessions at Playford Road for Emmanuel-Thomas and the rest of the squad: “There’s no magic there, there’s the capacity for hard work and for going on to the training pitch and trying not only to improve weaknesses but to improve strengths.

“I think the lads will tell you that we work as much on strengths as we do on their weaknesses. But there’s nothing that you can do other than go out there and work hard every day consistently. That’s the message to all players.”

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Len_Brennan added 06:18 - Feb 7
Wise words from TC. We have seen glimpses from JET & he definitely has the ability & presence to be a top footballer, but he has to consistently give more. He has the right manager & coach in place to get him there now though.

andys_legg added 06:36 - Feb 7
He just doesnt have it in him to work hard. Its blindingly obvious. He has everything else except for work rate he wont get back in the atarting eleven again.

Rentaghost added 07:07 - Feb 7
Chopra ,Martin and Jet will be not at the club next season.

bigolconnor added 07:33 - Feb 7
I think JET might, but the other two, no. Chopra has gone mad and Martin has work rate but no end product (he will never get better). JET on the other hand is still young enough to come good. Unfortunately he seems to be attempting to live a rappers life with a football hobby. And not the other way round.

reaper added 08:03 - Feb 7
"I don’t think he’s missed a day’s training, Jay. He’s out there training every day, every training session trying to do his best."

I would hope so! Getting paid that amount the least you can do is turn up!

Sounds like Mick has the right attitude towards him, if anyone can turn Jay into JET it's him

3_5_2 added 08:17 - Feb 7
Get rid

Keaneish added 08:23 - Feb 7
But that's over 4 million in transfer fees we're unlikely to recoup a lot of unless they start showing a bit more to get their market value up! More transfer fees plundered!

Karlosfandangal added 08:29 - Feb 7
I can't see how Jet will reach his full potential.
I agree with MM and TC are great managers/coaches but Wenger and Rice have proved they are world class and they could not get the best out of him.

gazmangaz added 08:35 - Feb 7
If he had come from northampton or scunthorpe we would have got shot of him by now ! The championship is full of mediocre sides so if he cant shine there he has no hope of becoming a decent player. If he was transfer listed I doubt any other club would pay money for him

Bluecynic added 08:49 - Feb 7
I still believe he is in some ways a victim of his own talent-which in his case has worked against him. Have heard that in some drills he is the standout player purely because of his natural ability. May well be that upto U18 he didnt have to put in much effort to shine but now he's in the man's game things arent quite so simple.

SamWhiteUK added 08:56 - Feb 7
I don't understand why everyone's shouting to get rid. We have loads of players who aren't in the first team or subs. Why should we sell? If he hasn't got the right attitude - which TC says he HAS, in case you hadn't noticed with your blinkered vision - then him not being on the pitch isn't doing the club any harm.

What I mean is, I don't understand why people are calling to sell JET because he's not in the first team. Tell you what, let's just sell anyone who's not in the XI or the bench. Well just take 18 players as our squad for next season shall we?

Marshalls_Mullet added 09:35 - Feb 7
Turns up for two hours training everyday. He's gotta be in line for an OBE next year!!

Maverick_Mitch added 09:41 - Feb 7
Might have the skill but seems to lack concentration. Can see him as impact sub as he gives us something different. Sure MM & TC can focus him!!

dirtydingusmagee added 09:57 - Feb 7
spot on TC, along with Chopra ,Martin [who prob just needs eye test to be fair]and in my book Edwards, however, we still have to rely too much on loan players,that needs to be addressed as a priority.

naa added 10:07 - Feb 7
I have to admit that I like JET, as I like any player with skill. You need more than just 11 grafters out there. However, he hasn't shown it this season at all and he definitely isn't worthy of a start but I'm a little sad that he hasn't even been given chances off the bench recently. Surely he hasn't been that bad in training has he?

For all of Martin's running and graft I can't think of one single chance he's carved out for himself or others this season. JET may do 90% less in a game than Martin but he's way more likely to create something I'd say. Give him 15 mins for a few games. If he's still not doing it then by all means drop him from the 18.

MickMillsTash added 10:24 - Feb 7
If the managemnet team can get him performing every game then we have a really talented and enjoyable player too watch- his performances at the back end of last season were certainly entertaining and he was working hard as well
My favourite player to watch- surely worth a place in a midfield lacking as much creativity as Edwards, Hyam N'Daw and AN other.

Hopefully we can get ourselves into a position where relegation is unlikley and Jet will get the opportunity to play a bit and prove himself

Marshalls_Mullet added 10:32 - Feb 7
If Wordsworth comes in and starts getting settled into the side that would really put JET into his place.

Seems to be a similar story to his time at Cardiff, he didnt really perform in a top end team. He's also had 18 months earning c.£500,000 per year, so the excuses dont really wash.

Is he on a 3 year contract?? If so he will be 'demanding' a new contract and a pay rise soon.

I hope we can help him realise his 'potential' on a consistent basis, unfortunately there isnt any evidence to suggest he will.

andys_legg added 10:34 - Feb 7
God some fools on ere get rid!

andys_legg added 10:34 - Feb 7
God some fools on ere get rid!

Marshalls_Mullet added 10:44 - Feb 7
SamWhite.... I think the main issue has is that for a £1m+ transfer fee and c.£500k per year wage, after 18 months he SHOULD be a pivotal member of the first XI.

That is why people are frustrated. Look at Cresswell.... small fee and initially low contract and hes one of the first names on the teamsheet.

JET provides a very poor return for a large financial outlay. And next season he will probably talk about contract negotiations and then move on to someone willing to gamble on his 'potential' on the back of a free transfer.

Michael11 added 10:50 - Feb 7
A little bit more? A Hell of a lot more!! The very fact that he's been to every training session no problem and no niggles probably indicates that it's because he's putting no graft in and not doing anything! Luckily time is on his side so if he can sort himself out he might not be the complete waste of money he's looking to be.

Lightningboy added 11:18 - Feb 7
Another player who stated he was going to have a great season (ala Chopra) yet has let us and himself down badly...why am I not surprised?!

kerryblue added 11:19 - Feb 7
I had high hopes and was delighted when we signed Jet but he really hasnt been too bothered for us really and I agree with previous poster he would like to be liveng a rappers lifestyle ,he is far too lazy and has had his chance,one wonders has having the likes of Jet and Chopra around him affected the likes of Carson and turned him into a lazy big headed idiot just like them

neillrumsey added 12:36 - Feb 7
TC has spoken very positively regarding JET and I firmly believe that he has got the talent and the ability to be a first class player but not the application at this moment in time. He will need to improve of face the consequences. That aside he appears to have alot more that Nouble.
I think MM will ship out 75% of the current squad as it is clear that there is very little quality. Big changes in the summer and for me a very big season 2013/14.

stinkiusminkius added 12:39 - Feb 7
Send a YouTube compilation of his best bits to some foreign teams (who will never get the chance to see him in person) and they'll offer big bucks. :-)

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