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Oar and Agent Clarify Comments
Friday, 29th Jan 2016 19:57

Departed winger Tommy Oar has sought to clarify comments attributed to his agent Michael Jansen in the Australian media which claimed Town’s style of play was behind his decision to ask the Blues to terminate his contract last week.

Oar, who joined Town in the summer having left FC Utrecht in Holland, had previously been quoted citing his failure to settle in England as the reason behind his departure.

“I have spoken to Michael and he is pretty annoyed and says his words were taken totally out of context,” the 24-year-old told the club site.

“The football was faster and more physical than what I was used to in Holland but I felt I was improving in those areas all the time.

“I was enjoying the football side of it at Ipswich but as I said when I left, I found it harder to settle into life off the pitch. That is the reason why I asked the club if I could end my contract.

“We are being called by journalists daily with questions. We are not focusing on the media now at all, we are only focusing on the next step in my career. Where that will be, time will tell.

“My agent and I have a great relationship with Ipswich and want to keep it that way. We feel it’s not fair how this story has been reported in the media about Mick and we have apologised to him for that. He and the club have treated me in a very helpful and respectful manner.”

Oar has been linked with a move to China, while Australian clubs including his former side the Brisbane Roar have also been linked.

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paulcooperisgod added 20:10 - Jan 29

MrMorgan added 20:11 - Jan 29
bOARed with this now. He's gone, move on

legoman added 20:12 - Jan 29
You had your opportunity to repay the generous and fair treatment that MM and the club afforded you by keeping your mouth shut and you blew it. Go away.

groovyASH added 20:19 - Jan 29
Time to eff off Oar; week before you left you said you were happy and vying for first team action. You didn't have the bottle for the fight, naff off, waste your talent and disappear into obscurity

GavITFC added 20:29 - Jan 29
Once again the media have twisted a story just to get a headline! I for one am pleased he's moved to clear the comments up and I wish him well

BanksterDebtSlave added 20:29 - Jan 29
So that's Oar, his agent and 20 to 30 supposed supporters of our team from the earlier post with egg on their faces!

Currie10 added 20:52 - Jan 29
Clarify your comments all you want that's too much to be misquoted on. Get yourself a decent agent as yours seems bang up his A**.


Mullet added 21:01 - Jan 29
Good luck Mr Oar. A shame you have had your (agent's) words twisted, your reputation ruined right off the back of a terrible stint here. I wonder why Mick never has his words twisted by the hacks shoving mics and things in his face?

HighgateBlue added 21:25 - Jan 29
"Clarify" in sports journalism means "backtrack on". Frankly I've given up caring what stupid excuse this Ex-Ipswich reserve is using now. As others say, let's move on...

86wsblue added 21:42 - Jan 29
Shame its ended with all this bolaxx, he had enough time to at least make some sort of impression but he didn,t , everyone move on as he aint got the balls to give it a proper chance. The only regret in years to come will be his not ours.

readtheleaguetable added 21:50 - Jan 29
Lots of crow to be served at TWTD posters' tables this evening.

Ipswich_Crazy added 21:55 - Jan 29
Big shame, Its his life and we should respect his decision. Good luck Oar

derby123 added 22:01 - Jan 29
Funny how there's only a few comments on this story, compared to over a 100 earlier. That's a lot of broken laptops in the space of a few hours.

ArnieM added 22:43 - Jan 29
threat of legal action by ITFC by any chance?

essex57 added 22:56 - Jan 29
5 pages of mostly rubbish written on the original news item about Oar now a semblance of truth is out shouldn't some credit be given to the management that's why he didn't get many chances because he wasn't up to it I do wish all the anti brigade wouldn't read in to everything trying to make a case for their anti management stance.

Gcon added 23:19 - Jan 29
Positive 'Chambers in Player Of The Month' story 7 comments.
Horse cr*p story about about the bit part player Oar's distorted words that could be construed as negative towards the club and 120 muppets use it to berate the manager.
I'm sure this site was set up as a forum for those that SUPPORT ITFC.

derby123 added 23:23 - Jan 29
Prebbs where are you? Is blueboy putting you to bed.

ArnieM added 23:23 - Jan 29
is the definition of support mean to never question? I ask from a position of over 45yrs of "supporting"

Len_Brennan added 00:34 - Jan 30
Oar has had to try & clarify the situation because of the attention the story has gotten. His agent said what he said, which clearly was off the script agreed when his contract was terminated, by mutual consent. Obviously he did not expect comments made in Australia to get so much traction on the other side of the world, but that's the world now. He hasn't taken back any of those words, he's just saying they were taken out of context, which is difficult with such a straightforward comment.
His agent said Oar would not be joining another club in England out of respect to Ipswich, but didn't rule out another European club. That doesn't square with homesickness and is pretty hard to take out of context.

algarvefan added 00:52 - Jan 30
The press are a bunch of lying, headline making scumbags.

The lad has decided to go, it's not our business it's his and the clubs, it didn't work out so lets move on please and stop believing the press.

Bert added 01:56 - Jan 30
Just goes to show that the detractors love hearing anything negative about Town to suit their view. If Oar has been honest in his comments about the pace of the game it suggests that the claim of Town being only a hoofball team is very wide of the mark.

jas0999 added 07:16 - Jan 30
As I posted yesterday, it is also possible that Oar received a pay off providing he didn't speak out to the media and potentially his agent said something he shouldn't. There is no smoke without fire and something is a miss. Homesick? But could play again in Europe, a full two hours away?

However, as others say, it's time to draw a line, move on, and look forward to two new signings to replace Oar and Alabi prior to the deadline. Our current crop of Tabb, Coke and Toure just don't cut it I'm afraid.

Pip50 added 07:35 - Jan 30
How sad it is that this is the extent of the news coming from/about the club. Whilst we watch our fringe players leave all the clubs above us are strengthening up yet in real terms we sit on our hands and bring in a couple of nobodies who will be leaving in 6 months.
I watched Derby last night 30k plus crowd TV £££ in the bank and what do we do throw the 3rd round as usual, that worked Saturday.
I know what extend the Managers contracts ffin priceless.
Play offs don't make me laugh.

Len_Brennan added 07:50 - Jan 30
Bert: Do you think we are a hoof ball team or a footballing side that just happen to be playing in a very pacy league? Feel free to compare us against the majority of our competitors in the race for promotion & the 3 sides that went up last season.
Do you think that Oar's agent made his original comments for no reason? Why did he make specific reference to the change in approach by the manager, following a bad result, that we are now supposed to believe was just off the top of his head, without any basis, even though we all (well most) recognise exactly what he is talking about?
The owner/manager agreed to release Oar from his contract & as part of the mutual agreement Oar & his agent agreed to a form of words to go into a statement for the press, which would allow for all parties to move on with the least amount of PR damage. However, when far away from Portman Road , his agent went off script not realising the potential fallout & has now had to quickly go into damage limitation mode.
There has been nothing taken out of context, the wording was not some vague expression that has been half reported in order to give an alternative meaning & neither Oar or his agent have disputed the wording of what was reported.
I take no joy from Oar's departure or the manner of it & I really hoped he was going to be a good player for us, especially as he was ours, unlike Fraser who will be gone in the summer, and we will need attacking creative players in the side.
Nothing about this suggests homesickness and his interview given just days before his exit would seem to complety argue against that being the reason.
I'm not going to just abandon my view on what really happened here, which is based on the logical reading of the sequence of events, the unambiguous comments made & the nature of carefully worded PR statements that released from clubs & players these days - it's not only the media itself that plays such a game - just because some people call those with my opinion "moaners' or "not real supporters" etc. And I'm certainly not going to change it based on someone saying "hey look, they've released another statement which says something else now, ha you were wrong", even though it doesn't address the substance of what I & others have pointed out and was clearly put out to stop the fallout from the earlier comments.

battyblue added 07:51 - Jan 30
Okay all you wingers Milne most likely been in touch under instruction or not to tell them to change the story to change face,,anyway who cares we can enjoy watching our squad strengthening players enhancing our prospects of a top six place and promotion.

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