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Season Ticket Prices Frozen
Thursday, 5th May 2016 11:45

Town have frozen season ticket prices at the early bird levels until 3pm on Monday 18th July. The initial early bird deadline passed on Monday 11th April with sales around seven per cent down on the same point last summer.

Season ticket sales were then halted until the Blues’ divisional status was confirmed, as is usually the case, but they are now back on sale.

Explaining the decision, MD Ian Milne told the club site: “[Owner] Marcus [Evans] has decided to keep the prices as they are until July 18th.

“There are going to be some fantastic games next season, especially with some big clubs coming down from the Premier League and keeping the prices frozen through the summer gives supporters that extra time to take advantage of the best prices at Portman Road.”

Town are currently in the process of writing to current season ticket holders who are yet to renew for 2016/17.

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BlueMachines added 11:53 - May 5
They'll be some fantastic fixtures. Let's hope we set out to WIN them!!

poldark added 11:56 - May 5
Pathetic Evans how about changing ticket prices for all and changing manager that would be a way to increase season ticket take up

dugoutdave added 11:58 - May 5
So basically, those who paid lump sum up front could have held the money in their own accounts for a few more weeks.

CavendishBlue added 11:59 - May 5
Won't be renewing after 18 1/2 years .
Saturday was like a wake rather than a sporting event.

big_gaz67 added 12:05 - May 5
Surely those of use who signed up "Early Bird" should get a % discount based on before to after Early Bird prices.......

Currie10 added 12:06 - May 5
Good move by the club, fair play credit where it's due.


GiveusaWave added 12:13 - May 5
This is a good move by the club. The relationship between the club and some of the fans seems a little strained so hopefully this will ease things a little.

I think its been all good news this week. We have been linked with a young creative midfielder and now the ticket freeze. Dozzell signed a new contract. We also beat MK Dons 3-2 playing passing football. All good.

alfromcol added 12:37 - May 5

So how much interest have you lost Dave. Is it 5p or as much as 10p!!!

In the meantime the earth continues to spin and go round the Sun and the Sun round the Milky Way Galaxy and the MW Galaxy round the Universe!

ParisBlue added 12:38 - May 5
Big_gaz67 I agree. There's very little incentive to long term season ticket holders, particularly those who live away from Ipswich and already cannot make all the games. It's not like we sell out each week.

hampstead_blue added 12:51 - May 5
Good plan from the club.

I hope many more buy a ST to give the manager a bigger budget for the next season.

We should support the management in their encouraging people to buy a ST.

Currie10 added 12:57 - May 5
I've noticed we've been getting more and more kids to the ground - read an article saying it's risen year on year the past five years, up from around 300 to well over 1000 now at a certain age I think. That's good work.

Them at the road were very clever with their marketing guy 15 years ago who came in and they were one of the first clubs to do family season tickets. Very clever by the canaries.

I'd imagine if they were originally down 7% this may well help attract a few more between now and July. I'd think a good few " I'm not coming back " people may think as the summer / time goes by " ah go on one more year " footy is the worst drug in the world, heroin you're nothing compared with how hooked us lot are with our club for life!

I hope to god we have a better season next - I think Mick WILL play slightly better footy for what it's worth.

A little more luck with the wide boys and I have no doubt we'll be top 6 next season.

KuqiCoup added 13:02 - May 5

How on earth did Norwich manage to offer a family season ticket?

£600 a year and 25,000 of them getting in under just four season tickets.

They must have lost a fortune.

JimmyP45 added 13:03 - May 5
Haha, not at all surprised by this. Prices are ludicrously high compared to other teams and based on the seasons performance I am not surprised sales are down on last year.

MarkFish added 13:06 - May 5
My 12 season run ended after that fulham game.
I wish the team all the best but i cant stomach that utter dross anymore.
I can accept losing but i can not watch that route one percentage stuff any longer.

Penguinblue added 13:08 - May 5
Change the manager - provide football instead of 'hoofball' between the favourites and interest should rise.
You reap what you sow. McCarthy has tarnished the Club's reputation - fans have voted with their feet/wallets.

McCarthy OUT

Cakeman added 13:09 - May 5
Frozen prices only because sales have dropped significantly.
Club must be getting nervous.

Start making it an enjoyable spectacle and the dwindling crowd will return.

LordMamu added 13:25 - May 5
Hilarious. This is hitting the panic button. Sales may have been 7% down as at 11 April but I bet it's way more than 7% by now. It shows that it is possible to change things....

thechangingman added 13:26 - May 5
Whilst I will never give up on being a Town fan (this is a for-life thing, for better or for worse...) I can't even imagine a situation where I'd be willing to stump up for watching yet another season comparable to this one.
It's not just the money but the commitment of time, organisation and effort required to make a season ticket worthwhile.
The club is, in my opinion, in an ongoing rut of abysmal, sub-mediocre football and a true lack of vision and aspiration.
To be brutally frank, I am currently unwilling to buy a ticket for one match, let alone a whole season's 'worth'.
No disrespect intended to those who've forked out - in fact, good on you. For me, however, in these cash-strapped times an investment in such an uninspiring outfit is a complete non-starter.
Writing this has brought me No Pleasure Whatsoever - other than saving me a load of money of course...

Hoofball added 13:31 - May 5
I will not be getting a season ticket after 20 years. Total lack of entertainment. I will come back when Mick has gone & we are playing football not Hoofball.

Bluebell added 13:39 - May 5
Will it really make any difference? If you wanted a ST next season, you would have got it by April 11th (or whatever the cut off date was). At that stage of the season we at least had a chance of being in the play offs. They are not going to sell many more now.

I think if people are going to purchase them they will wait to see what players are brought in (and who our manager is before the start of next season. So 18th July is a stupid date as our team won't be finalised then.

FWIW I have renewed!

dugoutdave added 14:21 - May 5
alfromcol - I totally agree with you. As far as I am concerned I am in a lucky position that its not about the loss of a few pence interest (although there may be someone who's postponed another purchase to ensure they had funds to buy the ticket). Its the fact that this move was clearly made as a direct result of seeing ticket sales drop. If the club had taken notice of the comments made on various forums and listened to the fans way before the tickets prices were announced then they would have foreseen that many would not be renewing and taken action there and then. However its taken a 'lets wait and see attitude' before having to rethink things through. All credit to the club for having done this BUT if people definitely wanted to be a season ticket holder surely they would have taken the early bird deal anyway? Who would wait until the deal had finished before buying? However i do hope this will entice more people back but given the football on display this season I'm not surprised that people have walked away.

Currie10 added 14:23 - May 5
" and who our manager is " well i'll wager you whatever you'd like it's McCarthy.

Bergholtblue added 15:35 - May 5
7% less tickets = less revenue = more pressure to sell our best players = no money to invest in all these quality players people think we should be signing.

Be careful for what you wish for people.

vanmunt added 16:12 - May 5

less entertaining football = less interest = less season ticket sales.. be careful what you wish for supporting this dinosaur.

Fixed_It added 16:26 - May 5
Bluebell - I know at least one friend who has cancelled his season ticket but is now (before this announcement) having second thoughts. I'm guessing there will be a few who were fed up with things at the time who decide to give it one more go after a bit of a break and time of reflection.

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