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McCarthy: Subs Deserve the Credit
Saturday, 12th Aug 2017 18:14

Town boss Mick McCarthy heaped praise on half-time subs David McGoldrick and Martyn Waghorn after their goals saw the Blues come from behind to win 2-1 at Barnsley in their opening Championship away game of the season.

McCarthy admitted that his side were second best in the first period and were fortunate not to be behind by more than just Tom Bradshaw’s 15th minute goal.

“We were under the cosh a bit in the first half,” he said “Hecky [Tykes manager Paul Heckingbottom] got his tactics right against us.

“We played 3-5-2 in our two previous games and played really well. And if I was playing against 3-5-2 I’d have stuck 4-3-3, which I’ve done in the past and is what he did.

“They had the better of the first half, we were lucky to get away with it. Bart’s kept us in the game, certainly the one-on-one [with George Moncur] just before half-time. He should score, to be fair, but we’ve got the wizard in the nets. I say wizard, he’s more like an octopus at times.

“So he kept us in it. I was tempted to change it beforehand but I wanted to see the half out and thankfully we did and I was always going to go 4-4-2 as I did.”

McCarthy says from there it was down to subs to make a difference: “They deserve the credit, they’ve sat on the bench and watched it and probably think they should be playing.

“I’ve got my new striker, Martyn Waghorn, Didzy who is desperate to play, so their response to having to sit on the bench has been brilliant.

“I’ve just said to them in the dressing room, ‘You don’t win it without a squad, without lads who are prepared to sit on the bench and then come on and make a difference’. So, that was nice.”

Does he believe there is more quality in his squad this year? “I think we have, I think we’ve absolutely nicked the two strikers [Garner and Waghorn]. We’re looking at a million quid for the two of them, they’re 29 and 27, they both score goals in this league. I’m absolutely thrilled with that bit of business.

“If Didzy’s fit he’s a top Championship player. And poor old Freddie Sears runs 13km a game and doesn’t get all the credit but he gets it from me.

"He’s a metronome is Freddie, he’s unbelievable, he just keeps going and going and going. He’s very selfless and that’s a lovely quality to have in your squad.”

The win was Town’s third in their first three games, something the Blues haven’t done since 2002/03, and that at a time when several players are out injured or recovering from illness.

“I’ll be knackered when they’re all fit,” McCarthy joked. “It’s a nice start, it’s just a lovely start for us. Bearing in mind the end of the last season, it’s really pleasing that we’ve played well and we’ve won games and hopefully we can capture the hearts and minds of our fans as we lost them last year.”

Garner, who scored the winning goal last week, put in another impressive display and is quickly becoming a fans’ favourite.

“Fans sometimes bemoan what I want from players,” the Town boss reflected. “They all say, ‘He’s a Mick McCarthy player’. In my mind it’s seen as a real quality. In other people’s minds that want the sexy touch and play.

“If you’ve got the Joe Garners in you’ve got a chance of winning games. If I’ve got all flighty, flirty footballers in the team we’ll win diddly.

“They give Didzy the platform to score, but he’s put his shift in, I’m not saying he doesn’t. So, when somebody says he’s ‘a Mick McCarthy player’, you know you’re getting somebody who will care about the team and run around and put a shift in, which, for me, I’ll take all day long.”

Regarding Bialkowski’s performance, he said: “That’s just the norm. We may have got relegated last year but for him. He was just outstanding.

“What did we have, 16 draws? There were 1-1s and 0-0s and we could have been beaten. We’d all want to win them but there are times when you just need to get that point. And he secured loads for us, believe me.

“He was outstanding last year, he’s won our Player of the Year two years on the bounce and not just by a small margin, he’s won it by a street.”

Has he received any bids for the Polish keeper over the summer? “No, and if there had've been I wouldn’t have told you.”

What did he say during his half-time team-talk? “I said they’d had the better of it and Bart had kept us in the game. I’m changing the team and I’m going 4-4-2 because they were doubling up on our wing-backs and they were having a field day.

“Pretty much that. I gave them the instructions of how I wanted them to play and they carried out.”

Flynn Downes was forced off in the second half and McCarthy says he’s not yet sure the extent of the problem, which appeared to be a knee injury.

The Blues boss says he can do without any more players sidelined and will be looking at adding another player to his squad, although a defender to cover for Tommy Smith, who he confirmed has injured his hamstring.

“I think [owner] Marcus [Evans] could as well because we’ve got another one, we’re going to have to go and get somebody from somewhere.

“I’ve got five of them injured at the minute, Luke Hyam, Teddy Bishop, Emyr Huws, Tom Adeyemi, Andre Dozzell, that’s five first-team [midfield] players that I can’t use.

“I don’t know what Flynn’s done yet, he’s just got a bag of ice on it. Tommy Smith’s done his hamstring so he’s going to be out for eight weeks, as well as Webbo, who is going to be out for eight weeks.”

"[I need cover], not so much [midfield], a centre-half, the lads are doing great but I’m going to need a bit of help, I think."

He added: “I’m not criticising anybody. Jordan Spence did very well today.”

Tykes boss Paul Heckingbottom felt his side deserved to take something from the game.

“I'm deflated, but as I always say, we’ve not played well enough regardless of how well we’ve done," he said.

“I think we’ve done more than enough to win that game but we’ve not so we have to play even better next time.

“I'm really pleased with the players, the performance, the changes we’ve made, the reaction of the players, the information they took on board, how they executed it, end product.

“The sickening thing is getting beaten when a team has had two shots on goal and scored two goals.

“I thought we were by far the better side throughout. We had a 10-minute spell at the start of the second half before Ipswich scored the first where they’d made a change which brought lots of experience on.

“They started getting the ball early, winning lots of duels in the middle of the park which put us under pressure. But we weathered that, they got the goal, then I thought we got back on top without creating enough.

“But we’ve done more than enough to win that but we’ve not, so at the minute we have to play even better than that to win a game.

“Our aim is to see those games off, make sure we win those and be able to win games where we’re second best as well. And at the minute that’s where we’re lacking.”

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powinswitch added 18:20 - Aug 12
Hats off to you Mr McCarthy. I'm not yet totally won round, but your more positive outlook so far this season is doing the job so far. Two forward thinking subs at half time, is quite a change and welcome. And I can see that you are working with one hand tied behind your back with all those injuries etc. Great start, well done and thanks for being more positive. I will cut you some slack when it doesn't work, as it won't at some point soon. That's how it is

Lathers added 18:28 - Aug 12
We've been wanting to see the youngsters given a chance, but playing the two young lads in centre mid where battles are won and lost, was an error. Pleased MM wasn't arrogant enough to stick to his guns. He changed it and it was a great 2nd half performance. Once he gets the right balance, we now have options and decent goal threats. Feeling very positive now heading to Millwall. COYB!

AYACCA added 18:29 - Aug 12
Alex Bruce?

northernblues added 18:32 - Aug 12
You have to be pleased with that! Performance and assessment

martin587 added 18:34 - Aug 12
Well done Mick,great substitutions.👍

itfcserbia added 18:39 - Aug 12
Turns out we could do with Taylor now, what an irony...

MarkVenus added 18:43 - Aug 12

muccletonjoe added 18:48 - Aug 12
We need a durable , no nonsense centre half untill mid- september. Maybe a good hard tackling midfielder too. Although mcDonnell shows definite signs if being just that. Woolfenden may get another chance on tuesday or next tuesday and may well show up as first team material. I know some at the club rate him very highly indeed.

cat added 19:05 - Aug 12
Youth getting more game time, more offensive football with the ball on the grass and a couple of positive half time subs today, credit has to be given to MM on these ones. Has he won me over, no, I'm happy when we win and sad when we lose! I used to be ecstatic when we won and destroyed when we lost, 2 seasons of garbage at the hands of MM have been the major factors in this, so from my point of view it's a top 6 finish or adios amego!!!

Well done K.Moore, glad we only loaned him.

christiand added 19:07 - Aug 12
MM give yourself some credit. Yes McGoldrick and Waghorn have come on and done a job, but you're the one that made those managerial changes - you get enough stick when things go wrong, take the credit where it is due. Nevertheless, terrific result once again. However, I think MM must have run over a black cat recently these injuries are certainly not helping him or the team. The squad seem galvanised though, can we struggle through to the international week? He needs help ME, get him some bodies in to cover temporarily. COYBs!!

bedsitfc added 19:12 - Aug 12
Mick deserves credit!!!!

Great to see positive subs

howdonblue added 19:32 - Aug 12
McCarthy does deserve credit for taking feedback on board !

I don't want to come on here and slag off the manager of the team I have supported since 1974 however over the past two seasons its deserved!

So well done Mick it appears you are turning things around with two superb signings in garner and waghorn plus mcgoldrick !

All I hope now is we get huws and adeyemi back soon so we don't have to rely on the young ones !

So big well done so far Mick and I hope it continues onwards and upwards!


miltonsnephew added 19:49 - Aug 12
Kieffer moore a Hat trick for Rotherham and
Jack Marriott a hat trick for Peterborough.

Get those signings in, a CB or 2 a CM and a winger!

ianmarshall10 added 20:51 - Aug 12
Mick has to take credit for going for it after halftime bring on the lions.

Blandford added 21:46 - Aug 12
Great result today and a good performance from all concerned, including MM. Just want to pick up one point from the above article that suggests criticism has been taken on board - it is great to hear MM make comments like 'we did' or 'our fans' - as it creates a far more positive and harmonious vibe.

pragmatic added 22:18 - Aug 12
Let's all enjoy the gd start with "half a team" & hope we cn get thru without too much damage young players hav done really well but nd the more senior experience back asap otherwise the lurking negative backstabbers will this fill this website!!!

Tractorboy1985 added 22:52 - Aug 12
I really hope we don't come a cropper and a premiership side decide to pay a few million for Bart to sit on their bench! The money that is going around players can see their heads turned very quickly.. however I have confidence in barts words when he says he and his family love the town and he's enjoying his football! Best keeper we've had since Neil Alexander.. and if you see this Bart look what happened to him when he left! We love you and let's keep this great start going! Great win! COYB!!!

blueboy1981 added 23:16 - Aug 12
........ let's not forget the Goalkeeper - some of you may have overlooked the fact he kept us in it first half.

Pendejo added 06:12 - Aug 13
2 down 44 to go, project "win back the fans" is a work in progress. Echoes of 91/92 with level of expectation preseason.

As the bearer of the brunt of the frustration and ire last season I think Mick will quietly credit himself whilst praising the team.

It's a long way to the top. Get it up!

stinkiusminkius added 08:47 - Aug 13
A more positive approach and playing youngsters - that's all we really ask as Town fans. Get back to our traditions and hopefully results will follow.

RoyalAscotBlue added 09:21 - Aug 13
After reading the reports and watching the highlights it is very clear that we started this game all wrong. Too negative and once again we were saved by our magnificent goalkeeper. At half time things were changed round and the initial tactical mistake corrected. I don't think this deserves much praise as clearly we setup for this game all wrong in the first place.

I also don't believe that too much should be made of the youngsters being played as this is not a choice; this is the only option available due to injuries. Wait until the more senior players are fit and then see how many youngsters get a look in?

Three wins out of three is definitely positive and of course I am pleased. There is an enormous amount that can be gained from the confidence of a few wins but this was Barnsley not Boro and we should have been blown away in the first 15 minutes.

howdonblue added 12:09 - Aug 13

Most true town supporters like myself do take any joy slagging off the chairman or manager of this great club !

Hence why true supporters like myself will give credit where it is due and will always do !

Seasider added 17:06 - Aug 13
Cant disagree with anything Mick has said above,when he more or less admitted that he was outwitted by the Barnsley manager in the first half.

He rightly saw that they were doubling up on the flanks and giving Town a right roasting,and changed formation and personnel in the 2nd half to good effect.

I was also pleased that he was effusive in his praise for Bart,which was fully deserved.

I am happy that he is giving youth a chance;but we were over run in midfield,and 'Higgy' pointed out that they had far more chances throughout the game,whereas we scored from both of ours, after two of our youngsters were subbed,for two experienced players.

Its goals that win games though,and it looks like we have more firepower now ,thank goodness;and although we have had an 'easy' start,when we come up against the 'big boys'we shall hopefully have all our top players fit. Ipswich have suffered badly with injuries over the last couple of seasons

chrishants added 18:55 - Aug 13
What pleases me is the playing of the youth. Magilton wastes the youth cup winning side. Last season town with Douglas in the team would have set up for a draw or not to lose.Pleasing to see things not going well for the Budgies, & we are top dogs for the first time in years. Long may it last

Southamptonblue added 12:40 - Aug 14
Can we end the season now and go straight to the playoffs please?

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