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McCarthy: I Won't Be Driven Out By a Small Section of Fans
Friday, 23rd Feb 2018 11:15

Town boss Mick McCarthy has revealed he expects to speak to owner Marcus Evans regarding his future over the next three or four weeks and says he won’t be “driven out” of the club by “a small section of fans”. He says he believes it's more likely that Evans will ask him to stay on rather than end his five-and-a-half-year spell in charge at Portman Road.

The Blues manager is out of contract at the end of the season but with Town having an option to keep him and his assistant Terry Connor for a further two years.

Despite celebrating his 26th anniversary as a boss next month, McCarthy says he still has the same burning desire he had earlier on in his career.

“I have,” he said. “And I look at my club, this club at the moment and I think about the players that are here and will be here next year if, please God for them as much as anybody, that they are injury free, and think that we’d have a good squad.

“I’ve still got to discuss that with Marcus but if Marcus wants me to stay then I’ll certainly consider that, and that’s where it’s at. Marcus has got to want me to stay, not anybody else, it’s got to be the club.”

McCarthy wouldn’t discuss what factors would come into his consideration if Evans were to offer him the chance to stay at Town.

“That’s for me and Marcus to discuss, not for public airing at the moment,” he said. “I’m due to speak to him. I speak to him on a regular basis but not about that.

“I spoke to him the other night about the game and how it went, but we’ll be sitting down to talk about that shortly.”

Although having been under-fire from fans for much of the last two seasons, McCarthy believes the club is in good shape going forwards: “Despite everything that goes on, I think it is and it’s managed well, this place is, the club is.

“I can’t always guarantee results or performances, nobody can no matter how much [money] you’ve got but it’s a good club and I’m particularly happy here as well.

“I’m not wanting to leave but - and I was asked about Luke Hyam, that’s the same, David McGoldrick as well, their contracts are up as well - there’s nothing you can do unless somebody wants you to stay.

“It’s interesting, I’m just reading Carlo Ancelotti’s book and it’s great, he talks about cycles and says that while ever you’re there you make sure you do the best you possibly can.

“But he also says it’s always nice to be loved and wanted and I thought, ‘Yes, well, it is’. Until we find out that’s the case I won’t know, will I?”

Speaking further about criticism from supporters, he added: “Listen, fans fluctuate on performances and results. And, by the way, it’s not all the fans, it’s a small section of them, I believe, that have decided that it’s me they don’t want, they want somebody else. I’ve had great support from the fans here. I’m not worried about that.”

Asked whether it would be good to get his future sorted before the club announces season ticket prices for 2018/19 at the end of March, he said: “That might affect how many are sold or are not sold! We might just keep that one in the balance, I don’t know.

“I’d hate to think me saying I was staying affected the season ticket sales. I’d like to think they went up. We’ll see.”

He added: “I’m due to speak to Marcus, I’ll be speaking to him over the next three or four weeks I’m certain. But I’ve said before, I’m cool with it.

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“For all the reasons I’ve just said, the players who are here, I like living here, I like doing the job and I’m certainly not going to be driven out by a small section of fans who are going to make my decision on that, let me tell you that. That’s not going to happen.

“I’m too long in the tooth and a bit too up to the fight for that to happen. If everybody else wants me around the place, then that would be the big decision for me.”

Whose opinions matter to him? “Marcus owns the club, his is the biggest one and I think you’ve got to have the support of him, you’ve got to have a relationship with the people above you, and I’ve got a great relationship with him.”

McCarthy reiterated that he is currently treating the situation as if he is going to be in charge next season with pre-season having been discussed.

“Yes, and talking about players for next season,” he continued. “I’m going ahead, as I said to you before, with the job of planning for it.

“I would never just down tools and stop anyway, even if Marcus came to say to me - and I doubt very much he’s going to - ‘That’s enough, we need to go’. I think it’s more likely it would be quite the opposite, ‘Mick, I’d like you to stay’, I think that would be the more likely scenario.

“But whatever one, I’ll continue doing the job until the end of the season as the good professional as I am.”

McCarthy goes through the full range of emotions on the touchline on a matchday - “I’m only 42 you know, look at me, I’ve weathered well, haven’t I?” - but says he still enjoys life as a manager.

“I still get the buzz from it, of course I do. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t,” he said. “The disappointments are horrible but the good times are great.

“I still get the buzz from coming in here though, coming in here and doing my job and going out on the training ground and managing the club and being part of it every day.

“And then the games, that’s the highs and lows, that’s the real stuff. But I get a buzz from it every day.”

He says he’s still got the addiction for football and for winning: “I have. It’s not just the games, you can’t have just the games, of course, you can’t just turn up and have the games on a Tuesday night and a Saturday or a Wednesday night whenever.

“You’ve got to go through all this, all the daily routine, but I don’t find that routine as such, I find that really enjoyable, I love that part of it.

“All it is is the build-up to the games and that’s what everybody else cares about and I’m still lucky enough to be stood on that touchline getting happy, getting sad, getting angry, getting emotional and fired up for it every time we play.”

Photo: TWTD

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blueconscience added 11:20 - Feb 23
That’s him here next year then, look forward to seeing the renewal numbers

StringerBell added 11:21 - Feb 23
'Small section' - the man is deluded.
13 - 14k and dropping McCarthy - need anymore proof?

TractorWood added 11:22 - Feb 23
It's not a small section. Even his most ardent backers think his time is up. How he continues to get his tone so wrong when addressing the fans is baffling and a shameful indictment of the lack of strategy and direction at ITFC.

FinidiCentenary added 11:23 - Feb 23
Would a large section do it?

vanmunt added 11:24 - Feb 23
Phil, is there any chance you can run a poll to see how many want Potty Mouth Mick here next year. I know the amount of readers is not indicative of the whole fan base but it would be interesting to see how 'small' the minority is.

It is pretty obvious he is staying though, despite the dwindling fan base, his foul mouth rants, lack of progress of young players, fielding a team of loans and journey men and last but not least hoofball.

vanmunt added 11:25 - Feb 23
Just seen a new poll on the site. Ignore last post.... apart from the bottom bit!

howdonblue added 11:25 - Feb 23
No mate you’ll be run out by a large number of fans !

Skip73 added 11:26 - Feb 23
If a big enough majority want him out organise a protest outside the ground instead of sitting on here moaning. That may have an effect, it has at other clubs.

cornishnick added 11:28 - Feb 23
The real problem is ME rather than MM. The club is stagnating, apathy is eating away at it like a cancer. No ambition. ME would rather preserve the status quo rather than take the perceived risk of changing the manager.

Count_Arthur added 11:28 - Feb 23
If it's a "small section" than it's a pretty large "small section".

Why not use this post's comments to work out an rough percentage?

Oh, and here's a quote from last season's renewal pack message if he needs reminded:

". . . good performances will help build bridges with you the supporters, and we know we've got to do that. Our relationship with you is vital. We have got to work at it so you feel good about the team and club . . ."

shoopdelang added 11:29 - Feb 23
I don’t want him to be kept but If he is kept he needs to be given money. And a couple of marquee players signed. If not nothing will change and even more fans will be driven away.


TR11BLU added 11:30 - Feb 23
'by the way, it’s not all the fans, it’s a small section of them, I believe'

And it will be even smaller next season when the crowds are not even in double figures.
Just go now you deluded dinosaur, you have already done irreparable damage to this club. Are you really so stupid to think anything like a majority of fans are happy with your performance?

Just pi$$ off

Pilgrimblue added 11:36 - Feb 23
Well I'm blowed! He doesn't get it and thinks it's just a small minority who voice their feelings. BUT it's the silent majority that he should be worried about so when it's announced that he's staying on for 2 more years just watch the ST sales and then perhaps he'll see the full effect of his dire football.
I get it that injuries have played a major part this season but even when he's got the players available he continues with dire football. We've got some good players but they're playing to his style whereas others would get more out of them. The idea that he starts with a point and tries to keep it is just bonkers.

roytheboy added 11:37 - Feb 23
It is a large section Mick, however the main problem is lack of investment by Mr Evans, I feel that Mick should have insisted on more money for better quality players throughout his time at the club, instead it would appear that he has kowtowed to Mr Evans, (possibly to keep his own job secure) Mick did a good job keeping us up, but continuous mid table is not what the supporters deserve, if he stays and the level of investment does not substantially increase, then it will be mid table forever and that is not acceptable, numbers at matches will decrease yearly and that could well include myself and my family.

brittaniaman added 11:39 - Feb 23
As I have said before, 6,000 plus Fans is hardly a Few Dino ?????
The few that are LEFT is what you are complaining about.
If you do stay (as it seems likely now that you will) the upper Terraces of SBR and AR stands might as well be closed down and cover them with adverts !!!!!!!!
It might will be the only way to create more atmosphere instead of looking at empty seats.

terryf added 11:40 - Feb 23
If McCarthy thinks it's just a small section of the fans that want him gone then he is deluded.
Looking at the gaps around the Stadium on tuesday I would say the actual gate was nearer 11000+. Not long ago we were averaging 20,000 but over the 5 years of his tenure the gates have dropped every season.
If he stays then they will drop even further.
His relationship with the MAJORITY of fans is rock bottom and we are all fed up with his style of negative football and verbal expletives.
OK we have had a lot of injuries to contend with but that shouldn't stop us having a game plan and playing entertaining football. Other Teams on small budgets manage it.
For the sake of our Club Mick...please just go!!!

Henz10 added 11:40 - Feb 23
'by the way, it’s not all the fans, it’s a small section of them, I believe'

The Deluded One

ME please make the correct decision at the end of the season and ask him to leave. He deserves praise for us avoiding the drop and getting us to the play offs, but as aforementioned the last two years have been poor and it's getting considerably worse. We are going nowhere fast.

I would like to see Gary Monk in charge next season, and second to that I feel George Burley would be the next best choice.

ArnieM added 11:43 - Feb 23
Mick! It isn’t s “ small section of fans” anymore .
Just go please.

BobbyBell added 11:45 - Feb 23
What could John Lyall, Joe Royal, George Burley have done with this squad? Not to mention our two knighted England managers. A damn site better than you Mick simple because they would allow players to play to their strengths, enjoy their football and entertain the fans with attacking exciting displays. Your negative ways are the cause of the falling attendances not the lack of funds. We do have good players but you simply won't let them play.

Swn97 added 12:00 - Feb 23
That’s right Mick. I love you, and so does gcon. Don’t worry about the 10,000 fans that no longer go to the games, they don’t know anything. Fools.

rugbytomc added 12:01 - Feb 23
"I’m certainly not going to be driven out by a small section of fans" - but i will let them antagonise me and i will rise to the bait and i will try and antagonise them back and alienate the whole fan base rather than the "small section". Hmm - man up Mick, take the criticism as well as the praise, but don't fall out with the fans. I've never heard Mick say "what great support" or "the fans were really behind us" or "thanks for the travelling away support on a cold wet Tuesday night" etc etc.

Currie10 added 12:03 - Feb 23
I still cannot really fathom the amount of stick Mick gets.

He's been absolutely stitched up by Evans - Mick or no Mick, our gafa is going to struggle.

This season had potential, but key injuries to our creative players have seen it go to how it has. You have to keep players fit to have half a hope.

Anyway, if you were Mick, would you turn your back on guaranteed cash if happy with where you live / life? Would you be massively keen to uproot your family / life / potentially lose friends etc etc? I'm not sure at times people give much consideration to the external factors in football.

Evans, the $$$$ stops with you. SOMEHOW you seem to not get much criticism.....

I get the fact you've wasted millions on three crap managers, however give Mick a little bit more and he'll deliver.

toxtethblue added 12:08 - Feb 23
The nightmare continues. Had a feeling this would happen. Small section? The poll is currently at 80% you fool. Hardly anyone wants you here, just leave

TimmyH added 12:08 - Feb 23
To translate: I earn bloody good money here and the owner has limited ambition so I won't be driven out by a few (though in my mind it has to be nearing 50% of the support and probably growing). eeeeebyeum.

toxtethblue added 12:09 - Feb 23
10k next season, empty ground 1/3rd full. Sad times

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