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Klug: Totally Wrong for Manager of Town to Have to Be Escorted Out
Thursday, 12th Apr 2018 16:20

Blues caretaker-boss Bryan Klug says manager Mick McCarthy needing to be escorted to the team coach, as happened at Brentford following the game last Saturday, was “totally wrong” and is “not the club I know”. Klug, who is in charge of the Blues for the final four games of the season, hopes the rift between fans and club which he says has even impacted on academy recruitment begins to be healed during his short spell at the helm.

McCarthy, who departed on Tuesday after the 1-0 victory over Barnsley, was subjected to greater levels of abuse than at previous games by sections of the away support at Griffin Park, leading to widespread criticism from other supporters, even among some of those similarly happy to see him departing.

A number of the former boss's detractors waited for him at the end to continue to make their thoughts known as the squad and staff prepared to return to Suffolk and he was escorted to the coach by Bees staff.

Speaking at his lunchtime press conference, Klug wasn’t keen to talk in too much depth about the schism between the former boss and the club’s support but was evidently disappointed by the treatment meted out to McCarthy.

“I’m really not make any comment on that,” he said. “I can’t do anything about that. I want everybody thinking about being positive really.

“There are certain things that have happened, it’s totally wrong that a manager of Ipswich Town has to be escorted [out of the ground].

“Whatever’s gone on that’s prompted me having to be here today. That should never, ever happen, that’s not the club I know, it’s not the people I know. That’s all I really want to say about it.

“The only other thing to say is, ‘Can we be positive now? Can we please be positive?’. I can’t stress that enough.

“I was speaking to the lads and said Portman Road has become a very difficult place to win and credit to you all for getting a victory on Tuesday, so really I don’t want to dwell on it.”

Reflecting further on the gulf between club and fans which has opened up this season, he added: “It’s really sad, it’s really concerning. I’m not going to go into any detail, but that’s the past, hopefully we can put all that behind us and all enjoy what is a great football club.

“I live in the town, I’ve lived in the town for 40 years now, since I came down here in 1977, so I know what the club means to everybody and it breaks your heart to hear people... even at academy level it’s started to affect our recruitment and that’s never happened before.

“But that’s the past, I just hope people come down and enjoy, which is what it’s about, isn’t it? It’s supposed to be enjoyed.

“If nothing else, if we lose all four games you guys will be all over me, I know that, but if at the end of this month I can see that something’s started to knit back together then that will be a success for me.”

Klug says contrary to some claims McCarthy was very good with the club’s academy players and on occasion gave them their chance earlier than he anticipated.

“I actually came back from Tottenham a few months before Mick came in and I can remember the first meeting with him, talking about the young players and six years ago we didn’t really have a lot that were going to be able to help him,” the 57-year-old recalled.

“But over a number of years I’ve toiled with the rest of my staff trying to improve that situation, and that’s ongoing obviously, and he’s been absolutely brilliant with the players. I think the record of actually giving players opportunities is second to none.

“I think we’re right up there in the Championship with minutes for U23 players, sometimes obviously through circumstances.

“From my point of view I only want them to go in when they’re good enough and they’re going to stay in there and improve the team.

“He’s helped me develop those players and has been very supportive of the programme that we’re putting together to try and ensure we get very good young players.”

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homer_123 added 16:29 - Apr 12
Shameful from our fans, absolutely shameful.

12th_Man added 16:34 - Apr 12
Their not fans Homer 123 Just idiots

blueheartXT added 16:37 - Apr 12
Please everyone read what is written and move forward if we are to move on we have to get behind klugg and then the new manager even though they wont always do what we want .

we all make mistakes and so do managers .

we have to stick together if we want to progress


flimflam added 16:44 - Apr 12
I am happy Mick has finally gone but the level of abuse he got was out of order.

Hopefully we can all put it behind us and thank Mick for the good he has done in his time here and all get behind the club and the players for the rest of the season.

mrshallisfit added 16:46 - Apr 12
So from what Klug has seen the damage done by Keane principally on the youth development at the club was significant. Mick has gone a long way to mend that damage. Only for more recent damage to be done at recruitment level by the Numbskull army.

brendenward35 added 16:50 - Apr 12
Shame the club couldn't get these idiots photos and display them for all to see and no matter what no manager deserves having to be escorted onto the team bus.

BartonBluee added 16:52 - Apr 12
It's usually the minority that spoil it for everyone else. It wouldn't surprise me if these so-called fans also cause issues at work, at home, with their family and with their friends. A poster, summed it up perfectly the other day, when they said a lot of these idiots probably lack any self awareness at all. Whats happened with MM is done, it is time for the real fans to get behind the team, see out the season and then go again next season. I just hope we don't rue the exit of MM and become a free falling, manager changing merry go round!

Fartman added 16:55 - Apr 12
A nice twist would be to reverse the situation. Send some nasty ones to the "supporters" employer and sing negative chants at them. I guess the individual getting the abuse would hand in a sick note by the end of the day. While the rest of the office would have a non-productive day...

Mcarthyout added 16:58 - Apr 12
If he didnt treat us the way he did then he wouldn't of needed to get escorted to the bus. Never known an ipswich manager before that has told us fans to fu*k off. Glad hes gone and he didnt deserve any good send off end of. Shefki kuqi step forward.. true blue. Get it sorted me.

WoodfordTim added 17:02 - Apr 12
Two years of park the bus, hoofball football, horrible to watch as paying customers, the frustration boiled over. Then being termed as numbskulls, the conceited manager asked for it. It was unacceptable though. Sorry

itsonlyme added 17:06 - Apr 12
I can't believe the behaviour of our so called fans! What a disgusting way to act. Yes I wanted him out but there are ways of showing your displeasure and verbal abuse like that is way out of order.
They do not represent ITFC in any way shape or form

TimmyH added 17:08 - Apr 12
Agree with Bryan on regards to being positive now but if it wasn't for the discord between McCarthy and the supporters or even the vocal response to McCarthy, his tactics, his substitutions and his general style of football the fact is he would be having another 2 years here and attendances dropping further. I'm glad to a degree of what's gone on in response to his management from the supporters (some say a minority but I think it's a bit more than that) but not that he has to be 'escorted' from a stadium.

Times are a changin' we've been in this league far too long and become sterile and that's been heard through the supporters.

maninashed added 17:09 - Apr 12
MM has gone and the past is history. The way to show positivity now is for everyone to attend the last two home games. I am a season ticket holder but will be there anyway. Wouldn't be great to get 25000 in the ground for those games and cheer the team on to finish above the budgies. It would certainly give the message to the players that the negativity was never about them. Come on you blues.

naa added 17:10 - Apr 12
WoodfordTim: sorry I can't agree with that at all. He didn't ask for it at all. He called people numbskulls after he announced he was leaving, after he'd been subjected to months of abuse already. Despite the quality of football on offer we are in the top half of the league currently. The guy did a decent job on the resources he had.

There is no way on earth he deserved the abuse he got. Yes, he wasn't exactly diplomatic in his actions at times (the incident at Norwich is inexcusable) but it seems people think they can abuse someone but don't have to accept anything in return.

I should clarify though that I'm happy he's gone, but I also respect the job he did - even in the last two years when he lost players he wasn't able to replace on the funds he had.

Suffolkboy added 17:10 - Apr 12
It's very pleasant to find the truest of supporters expressing their love of ITFC and despair & anger at the disrespectful ,totally immature ' attendees '- they're NOT supporters ,can't think they've got happy lives outside or else otherwise constructive lives, for this ,as BK says, is not the Club we either know or want to continue in this vein !
My near first hand evidence supports everything that BK said about MM's attention and enthusiasm for all that's ITFC and at the Academy and training grounds .
I do hope we shall all ,including Mr Milne ( who appears incredibly 'silent ' ) ,make tremendous efforts to restore the Family feeling and wonderful atmosphere that used to characterise Portman Road .
Finally ,' a big THANKYOU ' to MM and TC. I'm sorry about the appalling behaviours ,which unfortunately may sully your memories .

muccletonjoe added 17:11 - Apr 12
If the club can not unite behind this guy. There is no hope. I would have thought he gets bucket loads of goodwill from virtually everyone and will almost certainly give many younger players a chance of first team football. Important for the whole football club to get back to being Ipswich Town after one of the worst periods in the club's history.

dirtydingusmagee added 17:12 - Apr 12
it may not club you know its not the club I knew, but Marcus and Mick created it, hopefully lessons will have been learned, lets hope the club can now move on .COYB

TimmyH added 17:16 - Apr 12
I bet a number of clubs managers when struggling or are fed up with the manager receive far worse but to some we should be a club immune from this...not sure why? but there are boundaries which shouldn't be crossed!

franco added 17:20 - Apr 12
Mick gone , good job !!!

peteswindon added 17:26 - Apr 12
Makes me sick the scum bags slamming MM and his attitude. These idiots attack him over and over and then wonder why he loses it and so call swears. Well done to you all we wont be able to attract an even mediocre manager now. The fact that your attitudes has even got down to the academy sickens me to my gut.

MrDiddle added 17:33 - Apr 12
Mick and Marcus haven't turned the club into perceived cess pit that it is now. The fans have done that all on their own.

Used to love going to watch games with my 3 kids. I've stopped going. I don't think my children should have to listen to the disgusting bile that's been directed at Mick. He obviously felt the same so he found the door.

Well done to the Portman Rd faithful and miserable TWTD posters, hope you've got what you wanted.

lightingblue added 17:34 - Apr 12
Timmy. If other clubs supporters think it’s ok to behave like that then let them carry on. I’ve always thought Ipswich fans had a bit of class, respect and dignity. Unfortunately for some this is not the case. People struggle to look at the bigger picture. Yes let’s play the youngsters, but clearly with this behaviour we are going to struggle to attract the next group of youngsters. Whether you like the bloke or not there are certain standards as fans I believe we are better than the way some have gone about the displeasure. In a way that some time in the future these people will be on the receiving end of similar abuse. This way they may get to understand Mick’s frustrations. May I say on behalf of most Ipswich a big sorry to Mick for these people. Perhaps you were not far wrong with the numbskull remark to these unwanted fans.

Swn98 added 17:35 - Apr 12
McCarthyout /WoodfordTIM/Timmy H/ grade 1 Numskulls

Gcon added 17:43 - Apr 12
No dirtydingus, no TimmyH, no WoodfordTim, No MCarthyout - Nothing justifies that kind of behaviour.
It's completely shameful and, as Klug says, not Ipswich Town.

My love of ITFC has been severely dented by the numbskulls over the last few weeks and I am really unsure about how I feel about the club right now.

A change was inevitable but the sentiment displayed by 'fans' has been so embarrassing. With an anonymous owner attempting to get by with zero financial support and a refusal to engage with supporters the club is currently a rudderless ship. The numbskulls behaviour has gone unchecked and they feel emboldened.
The spirit of unity and community has been stripped from the club.

Luck might get us through but that, and hope, is all there is left.

Surco72 added 17:45 - Apr 12
Perhaps if all those in charge Evans, and MM hadn't buried their heads in the sand and not kept patting themselves on the back for doing such a good job it wouldn't have got anywhere near this stage. Funny how it has happened at every club MM has managed though

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