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Town: We Have Conducted Ourselves Under EFL Guidelines
Tuesday, 29th May 2018 13:14

Town have responded to Shrewsbury chief executive Brian Caldwell’s comments claiming the Blues had made an illegal approach for Paul Hurst by insisting their conduct was within EFL guidelines.

In a statement to TWTD, a club spokesperson said: “We have total respect for Shrewsbury but feel we have conducted ourselves under EFL guidelines.

“We have also agreed a substantial compensation package with Shrewsbury should Paul become Ipswich Town manager."

Earlier, Caldwell expressed his "disappointment" in the manner of the Blues' move for Hurst, which is expected to be confirmed along with that of his assistant Chris Doig either later today or tomorrow, claiming it constituted an illegal approach.

“I got a call yesterday morning at 10 to 10 from Paul’s agent, which was a bit of a surprise to be honest with you, saying that he’s had an approach from Ipswich wanting to speak to him,” he told BBC Radio Shropshire.

“In the meantime, by 10 to 10, he’d spoken to Paul and Paul had intimated that he would like to talk to Ipswich.

“We found out after that and that’s actually, I’ve got be honest, that’s actually an illegal approach.”

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jjhbruno added 13:17 - May 29
Yeah! You tell'em town!

JackSted added 13:21 - May 29
The Shrewsbury staff to to grow up and stop being so salty. If you got promoted you wouldn't be moaning this much

davidsc1971 added 13:23 - May 29
Sour grapes. They'll be blaming us for not getting promoted next, and for their proximity to Wales

Currie10 added 13:26 - May 29
“We have total respect for Shrewsbury but feel we have conducted ourselves under EFL guidelines.

My arse.

We either HAVE or HAVEN'T.

Not ' we feel '.

Currie10 added 13:28 - May 29
Amazed at how many of our fans are conducting themselves about this also, seriously, grow up and gain some perspective.

Shrewsbury are a tiny club who have massively overachieved - and probably their best chance of second tier football has gone for a long time.

We're sniffing around hours after a play off final.

Say we lost in a play off final and .... lets say Wolves were sniffing around a few hours after with a deal about to happen I don't think we'd be best pleased.

Not at all happy at how we've conducted ourselves here.

DanFord added 13:31 - May 29
What's the alternative then Currie10? I am all for Ipswich doing things the proper way, as we always should, but we have done that with FFP whilst everyone else has ignored it and gained a competitive advantage. We must do what is right for ITFC. If we'd have approached Shrewsbury before or during the play offs they'd have been unhappy and blamed their failure to get promoted on it no doubt. Instead we have waited until after the playoffs, but also had to act swiftly due to a manager in demand and other clubs having vacancies. I'd much rather we were absolute gents where possible but sometimes you have to look after your own interests. This is very much one of those times unfortunately.

blueboy1981 added 13:35 - May 29
Just a reminder to some:- RIGHT is RIGHT and WRONG is WRONG.

No exceptions because we are Ipswich Town.

Problem is with some, is as long as they get their own way - all else doesn't matter.

Stop being bitter - it doesn't fit with this Club, that you claim to support - and stop being childish.

Pencilpete added 13:39 - May 29
I see the same Brian Caldwell who is so appalled at our conduct over an illegal approach is also openly discussing his interest in Livingstons David Hopkin.


bluehook added 13:40 - May 29
Currie10 - shut up.
We waited for weeks to speak to him.

Europablue added 13:41 - May 29
The only thing I'm disappointed about is that the club responded. I don't like this twitter age where a comment is made on everything. They shouldn't even mention Paul Hurst until he has signed a contract.

TheTrueBlue1878 added 13:44 - May 29
What a ridiculous - Currie10, complete and utter moron. The lack of respect to call Shrewsbury Town a tiny shows a stupid sense of self worth and entitlement. Shrewsbury were one game away from being in our league!!

Show some respect to them you idiot, not a reflection of ITFC

nineteenseventyeight added 13:54 - May 29
what hppens in the world of football is just like politics, most the time us normal people in the normal world dont know what goes on! No matter who said and done what he will come here if ITFC and his agent can agree terms and if it happens hopefully we can give the Shrews a nice bit of dosh to help them out.

TimmyH added 14:08 - May 29
Seriously who cares!'s the end game that matters, whether we get him or not (which is looking likely as no other clubs seem to be interested).

Bergholtblue added 14:10 - May 29
He got a call at 10 to 10 yesterday, and there is a compensation package agreed so soon?

Don't know what to make of that since the negotiations were concluded very quickly.

Was Shrewsbury's valuation so cheap that we bit their hand off? Were Town so desperate to get their man that they would agree to any fee? Or has the haggling been going on for longer than Caldwell is willing to admit. Just probably moaning because an agent phoned him rather than Hurst or ME.

Bergholtblue added 14:12 - May 29
and another thing.......

If he felt it was an illegal approach, then why didn't he refuse us permission to speak to him?

MickMillsTash added 14:19 - May 29
I think its pretty obvious that we have had contact with him or his agent for a couple of months.
The fact that we have waited to officially approach until the play offs are over is sensible.
No one plays by the 'wait until given permission rule' -
Worth pointing out that we do not know what it feels like to be in Shrewsburys position - the last manager Ipswich had that someone else wanted- unless i've missed something - was in 1982
Has any Ipswich manager ever moved directly to another club ?

ShropshireBluenago09 added 14:31 - May 29
N’siala, Nolan and Ogogo are the 3 players we need. At PR

itsonlyme added 14:40 - May 29
DANFORD and TIMMYH both of you gentlemen are spot on. If it was an illegal approach why has it not been reported? Could compensation have something to do with it? Or am I just a cynical so and so?

robpontin added 14:41 - May 29
@Curry10 firstly we did have contact and was told nothing would be discussed till after play off final that was 3 weeks ago now we already had a compensation agreement with them to talk to him so it's not in slightest underhanded i think before you comment you should check facts and not be such a arse hat

Palestine added 14:45 - May 29
Funny debate on here. How could the last days TWTD articles be so confident he would accept if we hadn't already spoken to him?

I don't mind how Town have behaved here, but there's no need for us to pretend we have not spoken to him till today.

Oldsmoker added 14:51 - May 29
The Shrews chairman is miffed because Paul Hursts agent contacted him about the move BEFORE Town did. A matter of an hour or so. Town have conducted themselves correctly but Paul Hursts agent was well out of order. I suppose he was full of himself because he gets his 10%.

runningout added 14:55 - May 29
We are a shambled right now, nothing would surprise me

runningout added 14:55 - May 29
s not d Doh

Ploarbear1 added 14:56 - May 29
Seemed like Town conducted themselves properly, waiting until after the playoffs and all, but it seems to be too much of a done deal if contact was only made yesterday. Anyway, we’ll probably never know the whole truth. Let’s just get it done now and give Hurst our full support.

BlueySwede added 15:23 - May 29
Well done by Town to react to the accusation by Shrewsburys chairman. But I don´t like the "a club spokesmen" bit if I´m honest. Someone (higher up) from the club should front this response with his or her name.

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