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Lambert: We Got Caught Up With the Emotion of the Game
Tuesday, 1st Jan 2019 18:25

Blues boss Paul Lambert believes his side ought to have been three goals up after the first half but felt they got “caught up with the emotion of the game” in the second as they were beaten 3-2 at home by Millwall.

“We should have been three-up,” he said reflecting on the Blues’ impressive display which had given them a 1-0 lead via Jack Lankester’s first senior goal in the opening 45 minutes.

“I thought we were excellent in the first half. We dominated the game, dominated the ball, we had unbelievable chances and I don’t think anybody would have begrudged us if we’d gone in at 3-0, I thought we were that far ahead.

“They’ve had some blocks, but the football we played was great. But we had to take our chances.

“In the second half, we spoke about it, if Steve Morison came on we’d have to deal with just long balls and headers. But we never dealt with it physically.

“I think we got caught up with the emotion of the game as well, the lads started to get emotionally involved in some of the decisions, which I thought were strange.”

Lambert knows veteran frontman Morison, 35, who came on as a half-time sub, very well having signed him when he was manager at Norwich.

“I knew it was coming, Moro’s had more appearances than our whole midfield put together, that’s how good a career the lad’s had,” the Blues manager added.

“Two big lads up front, the other lad Elliott’s a big, big lad. We’re a young side trying to deal with that physical side of it but we never dealt with that side of it and the emotion of the game with some of the decisions.”

Regarding Millwall’s goals, he reflected: “They were just long balls. I’ve seen it, it’s never a freekick against Flynn Downes that led to the corner [which led to the second goal].

“Jordan Spence should have dealt with that better but Flynn Downes actually won the ball, that was never a freekick, it should never have happened.

“The penalty, I’m yet to see. I think it was a really strong, strong challenge on the [third] one they scored when the lad went in on Deano [from Matthew Pennington’s backpass].

“It looks a bad one when I was looking at it on the video. Again, I thought some of the decisions went against us.”

Lambert himself was shown the yellow card by referee Stephen Martin, he says for encroachment rather than anything he said.

“I went and saw him, he booked me for going on the pitch,” he said. “The pitch is so technical area I didn’t know I was on it.

“I don’t understand that one. I never said anything, I never said anything derogatory or anything.

“I think some of the things I heard in there were shocking in the technical area, some of the things that were being said. We’ll be sending our own report in.

“But I never got booked for bad language or anything, they said I got booked for [going on the pitch]. I must have been a centimetre on the pitch.

“That was that, whether I threw my hands up or whatever the case may be, it was nothing.

“We should have had a penalty I thought in the first half when Pennington got done [by Tom Elliott ahead of the Millwall break from which Gerken saved from Jed Wallace].

“I thought we got caught up with the emotion of it. As I said, we’re a young side, they need to learn that and the only way they’re going to learn that is when they get more experience. The physicality of it, as I’ve said before, we need to get a little bit of help in here.”

Lambert admits the now-10-point gap to safety is a big one but he says he’ll remain upbeat and he still believes the Blues can escape the drop.

“Yes, it is, but as long as I’ve got a heartbeat then we keep going,” he insisted. “I’m never going to go negative, I never will go negative, we’ll always keep going, we’ll always keep the positivity.

“If you ask me if it’s achievable, absolutely it is, absolutely it is. We’re playing some really good football, we need just a little bit of help, just a little bit of know-how.

“As I said before, Morison’s appearances outweigh our whole midfield’s virtually. If you go through our team, Gerken’s played Championship football, Spence has done it, Chambers has done it, Pennington’s done a little bit, Myles has done a little bit.

“Chalobah, it’s his first time, Bish has been out for two years, Lankester’s just in it, is just a kid. Ellis has not [played in the Championship before], Freddie has, we’re really, really inexperienced. Lads who haven’t played Championship football in their careers are learning.

“The lads have been brilliant for me, their effort, their commitment to it, their understanding, they’re better players, that’s for sure than they were and, as I said, it’s my team and we’ll go together.”

Asked if he’s near to landing any of the experienced additions he’s after, he said: “We’re talking to a few lads, we’re talking to a few and we’ll try everything we can to get them in.”

Does he believe he’ll be able to persuade players to come to Town given the current situation? “You have to, you’re hoping lads want to play, lads that don’t play in their own respective teams.

“You’re footballers, that’s your job, it’s the greatest game in the world. You want people who want to actually come, you don’t want people who maybe take three weeks to think about it. You need people that want to come. That’s the big thing.”

Town will confirm the signing of Leicester City’s Australian left-back Callum Elder, 23, on loan tomorrow.

Millwall manager Neil Harris was pleased with his team's second-half turnaround after what he felt was a dismal performance before the break.

“A nervy end, an horrendous first half," he said. "I’ve got to be honest, the first half was not acceptable.

“I thought about changing the team, I don’t think I’ve ever made a sub in the first half unless it’s forced by injury or a red card, but it was probably the closest I’ve been to making a sub in the first half of a game.

“So, we adjusted the shape at half-time, I had a few choice words for the group and they responded in the second half.

“The goals, all five goals, weren’t the greatest of goals but we scored more than Ipswich and that’s all that matters.

“Nervy at the end, we should have seen the game out at 3-1, we weren’t really under any threat but probably the best goal of the game got them back in it.

“Nine points out of nine over Christmas was exactly what we needed and what I demanded from the group and I can only praise my players for that.”

Asked what pleased him most about the second half display, he added: “The character to be one behind and I thought the stadium was good, Ipswich I thought they were good, I thought there was energy and they made it difficult for us and they played well.

“I just said to the boys [at half-time], that’s not the performance we’ve not put in over the last six days against Reading and certainly not against Nottingham Forest [both 1-0 home wins] and they haven’t risen to those standards.

“I questioned them really, asked how much they wanted it and I thought in the second half, it wasn’t free-flowing football, but at what we do and how we play I thought we were very good.”

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muccletonjoe added 18:30 - Jan 1
If he doesn't recognise he needs chambers , Spence and gerkin out of that team today, nothing will change.

jong75 added 18:31 - Jan 1
our defence is not inexperienced, just not good enough. I like lambert but he is starting to get to me a bit. He cant keep rolling out the same post match comments, change the centre backs and right back as they are truly lacking.

Mark added 18:33 - Jan 1
A fatal blow today I think. Really good first half performance, good chances wasted and two penalty appeals turned down, then Millwall get a penalty. Bad luck, yes, and almost certainly down now. We might as well face up to it and try to look on the bright side. We have many good young players and now have eight months to properly plan a League One promotion campaign. I believe signing loan players now for the remaining five months of the Championship would be a waste of money, we need to play for August. In the meantime give our young lads plenty of game time.

We SHOULD be okay in League One going forward, I think Harrison and Jackson could thrive at that level, and Lankester could tear them apart. Downes, Bishop and Dozzell, with Nydam to come back, should be good enough. It is our defence that is the shambles. We need a commanding centre back and a proper right back. In goal we somehow need to get Bart back to his best.

Relegation will be horrible, but with Lambert, young talent and the right attacking attitude 2019/20 could be a good season to get the club back on track. Please Marcus Evans, do not cut our League One budget to a League Two budget when we go down - this has happened under your ownership, so please put it right.

runningout added 18:38 - Jan 1
So called Professional footballers are supposed to control emotions of game. We’ve been weak on that front for years. Hopefully that improves big time

Jesney_Havoc added 18:47 - Jan 1
Actually, the axe has now fallen and we’re relegated in all bar the maths. Some aspects of our game are looking better, I thought both goals were quality finishes. Perhaps if we now accept relegation, we are under no pressure and we can start the process of rebuild for next season. Leeds, Nodge, both Sheffield sides, all look better for the cold shower of a Div 1 season. I just dread the idea of two leagues separating us and Nodge.

heathen66 added 18:47 - Jan 1
I think you made need to take some of this blame Paul
You said you knew what Morrison would provide, but done little to stop it happening.
Put Pennington out to mark Morrison and move Kenlock inside to least try to combat the danger !!!
We naively just let it all happen from the management to the senior players.
Chambers and Spence need replacing NOW!!!, perhaps even Pennington who is getting dragged down too !!!.

Letchworth_Blue added 18:52 - Jan 1
We are cr&p.....that is all and we are going to get what we deserve, You cannot expect anything more of the players because they are just not good enough. End of.

LWNR2013 added 18:52 - Jan 1
We won’t keep Lankester. Best young prospect since Dyer

Pencilpete added 18:56 - Jan 1
All of Millwalls goals were down to individual errors and were completely avoidable. I think the trapdoor has opened beyond closing today guys

OldClactonBlue added 18:57 - Jan 1
Agree Chambers and Spence are just not good enough but who has he got to replace them with. And Woolfenden hasn't the experience if we get him back, although he might be the answer next season if there are other decent defenders in the back four.

Vancouver_Blue added 18:58 - Jan 1
45 years of supporting the Town, but we simply aren't good enough to stay up.

Who would want to come and play for us in our position?

Carberry added 19:10 - Jan 1
We need a little bit of help.

mattipswich added 19:33 - Jan 1
Why oh Why does PL play Spence ? he has to be one of the worst players to put on a shirt, all he has to do is ring Mick Mills and ask him about the position and he would improve, someone at PR has his number. He has no idea about positional play, he switches off and that's why we end up in trouble, both CB'S are struggling as there is no cover for them from either full back ( better now JK is out the team) and no Skuse to help shield in front.
BIG BIG task to get us out of the Sh!t that he inherited but if anyone can PL can.

barrystedmunds added 19:36 - Jan 1
It starts now as to whether we will remain in this league, although I’m doubtful we will. If PL is able to get the correct “little help!!” in then maybe, just maybe, we’ll survive. I agree with those who support the notion of getting our youngsters blooded for the inevitable drop, but when do you call time on this dreadful season? That’s the dilemma! Sad time to be a Town fan!!!

dukey44 added 19:45 - Jan 1
Drop Spence and Chambers and put in the younger lads as the two named aren't good enough for this league??????

Class_of_81 added 19:53 - Jan 1
I was quite surprised that Chambers didn’t actually win one dual against Millwalls front two all game. Spence is awful, how did he not see that it was going to be a corner, even Gherkin put his head in his hands at what Spence did. Trouble is Lambert hasn’t got anyone else, his hands have been tied from the moment he walked through the door, so how can he be to blame if he hasn’t got any other defenders he can call on.

madmouse1959 added 19:54 - Jan 1
Yes, we did play well in the first half only because Millwall didn,t !!!! When another team decides to have a go at us we crumble. The same schoolboy mistakes, poor footballing decisions and weak challenges are too evident. Ok, we will survive in League One or bounce back up one day but the future is bleak with a very poor and anonymous Marcus Evans. Over the last 10-15 years we had our chance to get the right players here and we didn,t .

ITFCsince73 added 20:17 - Jan 1
I think the time has now come.
Doesn’t really matter now, what players we need.
Who we want dropped.
We need a miracle.

peteswindon added 20:19 - Jan 1
Would love to know who these world class defenders are that we are not playing every week.
Can one of the footballing experts on here enlighten me please.

cunning_stunt added 20:21 - Jan 1
Classof81 I believe that Lambert has a better right back in Donacien. He's no world beater, but I believe he looked competent under Hurst, far more so than the hapless Spence.

Daddio added 20:24 - Jan 1
Our season starts today, we have 10 points to make up, but PL now has the chance to try and get players in, something that he has not been able to do until now. If we were 10 points from the play offs would everyone be saying that's it we can't make it, with 20 games left? We know the team isn't good enough at the moment, but PL had no way of doing much about it. The team is playing the ball around far better than of late, excluding Gerkin, who doesn't seem able to kick a ball to one of our players, when he manages to keep it in play!!
There are far too many mistakes, and every time it seems to cost us, exactly what happens when you are at the bottom. Lets hope he is able to secure enough players of sufficient quality to keep us up, then rebuild, again, in the summer.
One thing that MM did well was attracting a quality, attack minded, midfield player. Once they were on the ball they would hold it up for others or go for goal themselves, lets pray for one of them :)

Bluesaway added 20:30 - Jan 1
As said before, the defence has to be overhauled now. Three years of woeful defending involving broadly the same players has finally come home to roost. Why do we keep playing the same defenders? It suggests that PL does not rate Donacien or Nsiala, and we should recall Emmanuel and Woolfenden and give them a chance. Neither goalkeeper seems capable at the moment, and I can see Bialkowski wanting out rather than play in L1, plus his wages will be a significant drain.

I think we need to use the remainder of the season to build a defence capable of holding its own in the Championship, a couple of experienced players will help guide the youngsters and shore up a leaky defence.

Many years ago (2004 to be exact) we had Matty Elliott come in and do just this for a couple of months when we were shipping in goals every week. Our defence hasn't a clue every time we are attacked, no organisation, no positioning. I assume they train to be prepared every week, which suggests they lack the ability, as the same players have failed under three management teams in the last 3 years.

I would be delighted to see someone like Kevin MacDonald from Fulham come in on loan, as I think he would help us. We then need a highly capable RB to help develop Emmanuel or be a permanent fixture for next season.

Karlosfandangal added 20:51 - Jan 1
I know I will get a loads of minus


MM knew how to keep us in the league but pressure from fans got to MM and he basically said sod it,having said that he had to go as we were a side going nowhere and playing crap football. So the fans called for a up and coming manager which we got and all wanted,he brought too many poor players and before anyone says £5 million is not much money for a club in £80 odd million in debt is so wrong.
We now have a manager who came to the club when we’re 7 points adrift and we now find we are playing better football yet we are 10 points adrift.

I think we should spend the transfer window buying players who can take the club forward in the Championship and not just buy players to try and keep us in the division.
I say this as we will be playing Div 1 football next year and hopefully these players will be able to get the club back up and then compete in the Championship.
The Dozzell and Downes will be sold to try and pay for the lost revenue the club will get.

Lambert will take the club forward but i can see us keeping him past his contract but hope he will have us in the Championship with a squard that can play good football and with a chance to go places.

BlueandTruesince82 added 21:09 - Jan 1
Dun didily done for

planetblue_2011 added 21:10 - Jan 1
We are down folks. Before this game we said we need to win this one & Rotherham to have any chance of staying. What happens we loose so we are down end of!!

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