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Lambert: Evans Should Tell the Fans What’s Going On
Sunday, 4th Aug 2019 12:00

Boss Paul Lambert has urged Marcus Evans to “tell the fans what’s going on” in relation to the club’s incoming transfer situation, something he says he expects the Town owner to do.

Lambert, Evans and general manager of football operations Lee O’Neill spoke briefly in the stand after yesterday’s win at Burton, with all parties looking pleased following the result and with no sign of any acrimony. Evans and Lambert also met on Friday when the owner was at Playford Road.

“Me and Marcus get on really well, I said to you yesterday, we get on really well,” Lambert said when asked about their post-match chat.

“He’ll say his bit, I say my bit and somewhere we’ll hopefully meet in the middle.

“He’s as frustrated as everybody else that we can’t get players or money’s too high or we can’t get anybody in. He’s frustrated, he’s the owner of the club, it’s his club but, as I said yesterday, the support at the football club is phenomenal, that’s an incredible plus, it’s a brilliant club, it really is, a really brilliant club, the supporters make the club.”

Did they discuss the transfer situation when they spoke on Friday? “It is what it is, you asked me that yesterday. He’s frustrated, I’m frustrated, I don’t like it, maybe he doesn’t like it, it is what it is, we can’t go and buy anybody, simple as, we just can’t do it.

“He’s one owner who has put a helluva lot of money into it and if he’s not got the money to do it, fine, totally fine, but tell the fans what’s going on, which I’m pretty sure he will do.

“Tell the fans because that support there deserves to be kept in the loop about what’s going on, it’s too big a support, it’s too good a support and I think if that happens and everybody’s transparent it’s not a problem.

“But you get frustrated because if we lose James Wilson we have to put a midfielder [Cole Skuse] back to centre-half.

“I’ve got to mix and match when we don’t have players and for the size of the club I don’t think it’s not good. It’s not healthy for a club of this size not having a squad that can sustain maybe 60 games.”

Lambert says there has been no progress on bringing anyone in, while there is no interest in any of his players.

“None, as I stand right now there’s absolutely nothing going out, there’s nothing coming in as it stands right now,” he added.

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BlueMachines added 12:05 - Aug 4
Good old Lambert. He is really forcing ME’s hand. EIther ME now has to come out and say what his intentions are or PL walks. That’s about it I reckon.

martin587 added 12:07 - Aug 4
I agree with PL.The owner has to come forward and explain to us the fantastic TOWN supporters what the hell is going with regard to the transfer situation.On one hand Paul says there are players he is tracking and the next we are told nothing .Explaination please Mr.Evans.ASAP.

itfcserbia added 12:12 - Aug 4
I'm afraid this might affect the relationship between PL and ME. While PL is absolutely right from the supporters perspective, ME will probably never publicly say something like that as it would immediately impact his other business (shares might go down etc.)

TimmyH added 12:13 - Aug 4
Agree with Lambert 100% on this one...Evans has crawled under his rock since the debacle of last season and 'try something new' plan of last summer. Personally feel Evans is relying on the personnel we have now and the potential we have in the squad to rescue us from this third tier of football. Let's face it communication hasn't been his greatest asset since he's been here, probably more interested in other aspects of his PLC which are making him money.

afrodids added 12:19 - Aug 4
I've said this before and I'll say it again. When we were going for promotion with Burnley, sheepshanks backed him by spending 1.8m on Stewart. When MM had us 2nd in the league ME didn't back him and that's the difference between chairman. I for one can't see that changing. He's (ME) pretty much shot himself in the foot! He should be going all out to get us back to the championship as he's losing money hand over fist!

Dolphinblue added 12:21 - Aug 4
Yeah, this is great from Lambert.....beginning to love this guy as manager 👍🐬

blue86 added 12:28 - Aug 4
agree with lambert, but this sounds worrying to me. is it that lambert and evans have different ideas/budget in mind, or is there something more major going on behind the scenes we dont know about? either way, we need to know ASAP. over to you marcus, were all waiting.....

Kingfisher49 added 12:35 - Aug 4
Whilst PL is right to say it is ME’s club, without the support and a sensible level of quality in the squad to put in a challenge for promotion he would have a real job on his hands. Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate and that time is now. If Webster had stayed at Bristol City ITFC would not have been in line for the sell on payment that will come. So go on ME reinvest that £1M and keep the supporters and most importantly your superb manager happy.

Argyle_blue added 12:36 - Aug 4
It’s good to have a manager with the integrity and guts to call out the real problem which is the owner. So much more honest than blaming the fans for their expectations. He’s right that the fans are the soul of the club. Anything to say Marcus?

unknown100 added 12:44 - Aug 4
But we have a really good squad, just lots of injuries, id be happier to have another striker or 2

jas0999 added 12:44 - Aug 4
Evans May regret appointing Lambert. With MM, Marcus could sit safe in the knowledge that Mick would plod on and not cause a stir. Year on year players were sold and little reinvested. Now, PL is telling it how it is and exposing Evans incompetence and failure. Good. It’s about time Evans was held accountable. We are in League One because the club has been mismanaged and the squad neglected for years.

shouldistayorcounago added 12:53 - Aug 4
Good stuff from Lambo, he's absolutely right. Don't think I'd go as far to say we've got a really good squad unknown100 - we've got a good group with a bucket load of injuries. As he said above, one more injury in defense and we're going to have to play Skuse as a centre back which is not ideal for any team in the league, let alone a team mounting a challenge for promotion.

Not asking for loads, just asking for a few reinforcements to allevoate injury concerns and put pressure on the players for places.

Wooly74 added 12:56 - Aug 4
Ok, so here is my prediction.....

I’ve had it on very good authority from people within the club that ME has been wanting to sell and get out of ITFC now for in excess of two years. As such, he is not willing to put anymore money into the squad, wants to (where possible) strip the assets and get the relevant transfer fees into his pocket. Concurrently, he has been trying to get out of his commitment of ‘owning the clubs debt’ which he signed as part of the deal when he bought the club.

I hate to say it everyone, but we could well have a ‘Bolton’ situation brewing here!!!

PortmanTerrorist added 12:57 - Aug 4
Apart from anything else, am amazed how bad a manager ME is to not have managed PL's expectations, esp given how well they get on !

Would rather have PL fronting up than years more of MM shielding ME. This is the only way forward but either approach sees ME still slowly killing the Club unless he meets PL half way and give him a CHANCE of fulfilling PL's ambitions for himself and the Club.....which means promotion this year and then kicking on again next, regardless of any of the media BS.

Kropotkin123 added 13:00 - Aug 4
He's right. Evans said he would be more communicative with fans and if he comes out and says something honest, then we can suck it up and pull in the same direction.

TimmyH added 13:00 - Aug 4
Probability says Lambert might not be on the same salary as good ol' Mick was and that was why Mick plodded on...maybe that's why he's causing a rumpus or just believes that the club really deserves better, who knows? Maybe behind the scenes he was promised a transfer kitty but on the other hand he says he gets on 'very well' with Evans (as most of the managers seem to say) so a bit conflicting in some aspects...

Marinersnose added 13:02 - Aug 4
Lambert is so refreshing to hear. He is the first manager who has effectively spoken out regarding the financial support from ME. He is not a Yes man and has clearly made it clear to the owner what he wants in terms of players,and what the fans deserve. ME must now respond to Lamberts requests and speak to the fantastic loyal fans regarding his future intentions

christiand added 13:05 - Aug 4
If ME was more upfront, it would take the frustration away from many of us, as we all (me included) are doing 2 + 2 and coming up with 5. At least then, if he is honest and sincere about the situation none of us can complain or moan about all things ITFC, we'd have a better understanding.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 13:11 - Aug 4
Yes! This is exactly what I've been thinking . The club aren't great at keeping the supporters informed of what's going on. A lot of people on here immediately jump at Evans , but imo we don't know what's going on. There may be valid reasons , it certainly sounds a bit more positive than Lambert's press conference. It could be Evans but it sounds like he too is frustrated. Those that say we should just ignore regulations and throw money at it I can't agree with. You are literally gambling with the club's future.
Let's hope M.E. does come out and say something. This is his major fault in my view, he's not visible enough. At least then we may know if it's him or something else.

tetchris added 13:12 - Aug 4
We’ve got a good squad but have loads of injuries. We only need short term loans like Wilson imho. Don’t think we should be looking to add more permanent signings.

Suffolkboy added 13:13 - Aug 4
Leadership, courage ,conviction ,accountability and responsibility go hand in hand ; Marcus Evans never shows his ,and generally when he speaks leaves behind,sadly ,as much doubt as certainty even though the audience is on side and willing to believe !
Is our owner a bit short in ‘stature ‘ all round ? — whatever the answer, it’s possibly too late for the leopard to change spots !

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 13:14 - Aug 4
Wooly - I have no idea obviously of your source, but is it someone actually in a position to know ? I've known people before with sources at the club who have been miles from the truth . Just cos they work there doesn't mean they necessarily know more than any of us.

StokeHigh97 added 13:16 - Aug 4
Lambert is 100% correct for a club of our size to have a defender coming off & having too put a midfielder in the defence as we don't have anyone else is not right: I always thought the point of Lee O'Neill coming in was to make transfer dealings a lot easier with better communication & doing the work that maybe Evans couldn't & basically becoming the middle man between Evans & Lambert: it would be nice to here why we've not been active in the market much this summer we all no about the drop in revenue but surely we have some funds I never thought we would be signings players for Millions: will the situation change & suddenly 3/4 players arrive I doubt but something has to happen the squad it no where near strong enough for 60 + games! After Friday I thought Lambert could leave by end of August if not backed & I can still see that happen why stay if you don't think you can compete & challenge for promotion!

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 13:16 - Aug 4
Christiand - exactly how I feel

londontractorboy57 added 13:18 - Aug 4
This has got to stop you either back the players the fans and the chairmen or you walk whilst I've got every faith in Lambert this covert operation of putting the man who has chucked 100 million pounds at a failing venture is not going to work.
We all know the reason there's no funds super keeper Bart.
I until a new owner comes in if there is one get behind the team or jog on.

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