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Golf Club Launch Investigation Into Dyer Racist Abuse Allegation
Saturday, 1st Aug 2020 16:58

Hintlesham Golf Club have issued a statement in which they say they have opened an investigation into the allegation that racist comments were made regarding former Blues midfielder and academy coach Kieron Dyer and that any member found to have engaged in such abuse will have their membership terminated.

Dyer, 41, resigned his membership from the club after the racial slurs were heard in the bar by his playing partner and a number of other people after the ex-England man had left following a round on Friday 24th July.

Having initially refused to comment having been approached by TWTD and a number of other media outlets, Hintlesham Golf Club released a statement earlier today.

“Following reports of an alleged racist abuse against Kieron Dyer, a respected member of the club, we have commenced an investigation into the incident," the statement reads.

“Hintlesham Golf Club will not tolerate racial abuse or any similar abuse at the club. Any member found to be involved in such action will have their membership immediately terminated.

“If such action is committed by a guest at the club they will be banned from returning.

“We pride ourselves as being a friendly and welcoming club and such action is not compatible with our principles.”

Photo: TWTD

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Ryorry added 17:51 - Aug 1
I should bloomin well think so too, not before time. Wonder if they'd have done this without the local & national media coverage + vociforous criticism from Town fans that HGC seemed to be sweeping it under the carpet.

Monkey_Blue added 18:06 - Aug 1
Racism was always unacceptable to anyone with a brain... but it’s 2020 and this is unfortunately becoming more common than recently. When you have racists prominent in leadership they suddenly think it’s ok to express their ignorance.

pennblue added 21:23 - Aug 1
It is clear that people know who made these comments. So it is down to the club now to ensure this member is removed from the club, and Kieron invited back.

If this does not happen, then we should really support Kieran and get behind this issue.

Tractorboy1985 added 22:09 - Aug 1
Kieron do not quit your local golf club for one disgusting revolting person who doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as yourself! In time they will find this muppet and remove him from the club! Having played the Ipswich golf day with you I know you enjoy the course and don’t let one cretin ruin your enjoyment! Kieron for manager!

Terry_Nutkins added 23:08 - Aug 1
Lets hope this guy gets a lifetime ban too!

therein61 added 06:54 - Aug 2
Let's hope they do the right thing at the club and remove the idiot.

Pilgrimblue added 12:48 - Aug 2
I hope he withdraws his resignation as he clearly likes playing there and its a very friendly and well run club having played there many times. Root out the culprit, don't need him.

DaGremloid added 15:37 - Aug 2
MonkeyBlue, where exactly are there racists prominent in leadership???

Seablu added 18:37 - Aug 2
Seriously DaGremloid?
Try the PM for starters.

Norwichbeater added 19:30 - Aug 2
Totally disgusting and the culprit will be dealt with as so many witnesses. However the PM is racist comment...... seriously 😕

Wooly74 added 20:38 - Aug 2
Seablu, get a grip please!!!

Seablu added 09:08 - Aug 3
So you don’t think referring to black people as ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’ is racist then?
Very interested to see your justification for that.

Seablu added 10:03 - Aug 3
Are you going to crawl out of the swamp & explain why it isn’t racist?
Thought not.

DaGremloid added 11:13 - Aug 3
That's it? That's your evidence is it? The same man who has chosen people of Asian descent to be Chancellor and Home Secretary - No's 2 & 3 in the govt? You'll have to do better than that. And insulting someone by saying their not going to crawl out of the swamp because they disagree with you is okay is it? Pathetic.


trncbluearmy added 11:52 - Aug 3
seablu Glad to
Firstly "crawl out of the swamp" so typical of your ilk, love to give it out can`t take it back.
What you fail to understand is that the vast majority of Town fans are appalled by the way KD has been treated.
But this continual reference to history and placing into a different context loses you the sympathy of the very people you are trying to re-educate.
You will be wanting tear down the pyramids or Acropolis next,because they do not suit your narrative.

Seablu added 12:33 - Aug 3
That’s x2 flushed out who think it’s fine.
One can’t spell & the other’s jabbering about the pyramids.
Play on.

DaGremloid added 14:16 - Aug 3
Think what's fine, Seablu? Or are you one of those leftists who just assume you know exactly what's in people's minds to suit your twisted narrative of fake tolerance and hatred? And to hear your whole issue with me hinges on a misspelt word probably sums it up.

Anyway, back to the football. Good luck with this, Kieron. If you have been racially abused then I hope the perpetrator gets his/her comeuppance. He/she will deserve everything they get.

Wooly74 added 16:01 - Aug 3
Taxi for Seablu, the lads embarrassing himself here!

Grigzee added 16:21 - Aug 3
I think ITFC should be seeing if the individual concerned is a member / season ticket holder at Portman Road and, if so, ban the individual from there too. We do not want those individuals in our footballing family

Seablu added 16:35 - Aug 3
Good to see the same few rancid individuals that emerged on the David McGoldrick BLM thread have managed to put finger to keypad once again.
Utterly sickening.

DaGremloid added 16:55 - Aug 3
Answer the fricking question, Seablu! What do you think is fine? What is utterly sickening? Because if you are accusing me of what I think you are, I will have no hesitaion in taking this further. You are insinuating slandererous accusations without having any idea who I am or what my opinions are. All I did was respond to someone's ridiculous accusation about racist leadership. I 'll tell you what is sickening - everyone who you half-wits don't agree with being called racist.

Seablu added 17:51 - Aug 3
DaGremloid. Two simple questions.
a) Do you think it's fine to call black people ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’?
b) If someone uses those terms, are they racist or not?

Wooly74 added 19:18 - Aug 3
Seablu, you are quoting a claim of what he apparently said, it sounds to me that you know very little from behind your keyboard. You know nothing about any of us who are commenting on here, yet are quick to make unsubstantiated claims!

As I keep saying stop now you are embarrassing yourself!

Seablu added 19:46 - Aug 3
Ah Wooly’s next up then.
It’s not a case of ‘what he apparently said’
He put it in print.
Are they acceptable words to you? Simple question really.

alfromcol added 20:19 - Aug 3
STEP UP PHIL and cut off this debate, it's all getting out of hand and way off the subjects expertly covered by TWTD

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