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Ipswich Town 0 v 1 Sunderland
SkyBet League One
Tuesday, 26th January 2021 Kick-off 19:45
Lambert: Kayden Let Everybody Down
Tuesday, 26th Jan 2021 23:28

Boss Paul Lambert slammed striker Kayden Jackson for letting everybody down, including himself and his team-mates, after being sent off in the 10th minute of the Blues’ 1-0 home defeat to Sunderland.

Jackson was dismissed for catching Black Cats defender Bailey Wright with a boot halfway up his shin.

“Horrendous, horrendous, if I was Sunderland I’d be angry as well,” Lambert said. “He’s let everybody down, let his team-mates down, let himself down.

“I've not really seen it from the Sky angle, but I’ve seen it from my own angle and it was terrible. He'll know himself exactly what it means."

Reflecting on the battling display put in by his other 10 starters and his subs, he added: “Brilliant, really good. Fight, everything was there, there was nothing in the game but when you go down to 10 men it becomes harder. We were competitive but we lost. There’s a way to lose, as I’ve always said.”

Asked whether he thought of making a change to bring on a striker at half-time, Aaron Drinan having eventually been introduced on 55, he said: "The plan was to go in at half-time still 0-0, hopefully, but that never happened. You've got to stay in the game for as long as you can and think when it’s the time to try it, and that’s what happened.

“I think we made really good substitutions. The guys, they gave me everything, I can't ask for any more. There's no way on this earth you can ask for any more.”

With the Blues now down to 10th having won just three of their last 10 and losing six of their last seven at home, Lambert was quizzed on whether he fears for his job.

“I don’t worry about anything,” he insisted. “I don’t worry, I just get on with it and I guess that’s football.”

Does he understand why more and more fans are getting on his back? “Yes, but that’s life. When you do well, people think you’re great and when you don’t do great, people think you’re rubbish. But you do your best, that’s all you can do.”

Questioned on whether he believes he can turn things around with this evening's result having been a further blow, he reflected: “You have to win, as I said before, there aren’t too many managers who can walk away from their careers and say they’ve never been sacked,” he continued.

“That happens, look at Frank Lampard the other day. That's football, everybody knows you have to win."

Asked whether he would step down if he felt someone else could do a better job, he said: “[Owner] Marcus [Evans] has to say to me what's going on. I said to you last time, Marcus is the one that calls it, he’s the owner of the club.

“I don't get involved, I don't read anything, I don't get involved in anything. You don't know me that well, obviously. I get on with the job.”

Does he believe Evans still backs him? “I spoke to him yesterday, I certainly get on well with him. There's not a problem there, he’s been good. I think he knows. He's been good.”

But he knows he needs results: "Yes, no problem with that, none whatsoever. As I said before, it's up to Marcus what he does."

Jackson is now banned for three games meaning the Blues are even shorter on strikers with Oli Hawkins set to undergo knee surgery and James Norwood struggling with his hamstring.

Asked whether he’s going to up the search for another frontman - who would have to be a youngster aged under-21 due to the constraints of the salary cap - he said: "I don’t know, I really don't know.”

Sunderland manager Lee Johnson was pleased with the victory having beaten Shrewsbury by the same scoreline at the Stadium of Light on Saturday.

“It’s a massive result and it completes back-to-back wins,” Johnson told the Newcastle Chronicle.

“It was a bit edgy, the sending off in the first half was pivotal, but they [Ipswich] did really well because they forced us into central, straight passes and we took the bait. It took us until half-time to settle the lads both emotionally and in terms of the team shape.

“We told them they needed more width, to feel the five zones across the pitch, and to manage the game a bit better.

“I’d have liked to have scored a second goal – if you don’t, it always makes it a little bit hairy in the last five or ten minutes because they can throw caution to the wind. But generally we saw the game out well with good possession, and it was another clean sheet.

“We have got quality, we have got that movement in the box now, the timing is good, and that has been consistent over the last five or six games.”

Photo: TWTD

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stiggytrunk1955 added 23:31 - Jan 26
you let our club down every time you wake up go now you waste of space

Swailsey added 23:31 - Jan 26
Lambert out.

TractorJed added 23:32 - Jan 26
Learning from the management team

OwainG1992 added 23:33 - Jan 26
Fair play to the lads for the effort they put in after the Red.
As usual Lambert basically says nothing.
Same old catchphrases.
This squad we have should be a minimum top 6.
If he stays in charge we'll be lucky to get top 10.

wkj added 23:35 - Jan 26
I hate this as Lambert says a lot that is true, but come on man, jump the sinking ship Lambert - you know you want to.

jdtractor96 added 23:35 - Jan 26
He sounds like a beaten man. But of course he’s not going to walk away from a 5 year contract, why would he?! Grow some balls Evans - accept your mistakes and fire him. On a side note, I thought every player gave 100% tonight. Well done lads

Countryboyblue added 23:36 - Jan 26
No point in getting snowflakey about it,PL is 100% right, Kayden has let everybody down. I’ve never thought he is up to this level and his unprofessional tackle tonight just proved it. Embarrassing!

HighgateBlue added 23:38 - Jan 26
He doesn't know whether he's going to look for another striker? Really?

KiwiBlue2 added 23:42 - Jan 26
"........ everything was there ......" says Lambert. Really????? What about introducing Drinan, Bishop and Sears much earlier? Going to 3-4-2 for the second half would have at least given Sunderland some form of threat and us a much better chance to get something out of the game than effectively surrendering at 1-0 down. Not much more I could say that is printable......
At 1-0 down us starting the second half with no striker must have encouraged Sunderland greatly as we posed no threat at all. I would rather have lost 2 or 3 nil after at least giving it a go.

stiggytrunk1955 added 23:43 - Jan 26
contryboyblue he got sent of there are 10 more players on the pitch lambert out his in charge

BlueGoonie added 23:44 - Jan 26
He completely hung Jackson out to dry. Granted it was a deserved red card, but he should've offered some form of contrition and defended the lad to a degree by at least saying he's not that kind of player or there was no malice intended in the tackle it was just poorly timed and over exuberant. If he hadn't lost the dressing room before today he surely has now.

shakytown added 23:50 - Jan 26
More likely its your non-existent coaching skills and abysmal tactics that are the real problem Shambert. Please just walk away and let us move forward as this will neer happen with a 10th rate loser like you in charge.

stiggytrunk1955 added 23:53 - Jan 26
quite agree bluegoonie his lost the dressing room and any thing else thats ipswich town need to go

Gforce added 00:07 - Jan 27
He doesn't seem to care whether he's sacked or not. I don't think I would either if I was on half a million a year.

airliner added 04:09 - Jan 27
Comments are very strange, almost doesn’t care and wants to be sacked. Evans just pay him off and let us try and salvage something

Saxonblue74 added 06:15 - Jan 27
Haven't agreed with much from Lambert recently but don't disagree with much of that. Yes, the 10 men did ok and can see his plan to go in at half time all square makes sense. But for the goal itself the back 4 looked solid. They're a div 3 defence so theres going to be something to criticise most games. And why not hang Jackson out to dry? Who says it wasn't malicious? That was a potential career ending challenge. Nothing wrong with honesty in his interview. I have to say that despite the apalling job Lambert is doing I felt some sympathy toward him last night. The players turned up for him and put in a shift and Jackson let us all down. Also, he's clearly still suffering from a health point of view. Whatever our opinion of him we can't deny his resilience!

itfcserbia added 06:52 - Jan 27
Boy when you compare the statements from the two managers it really becomes clear doesn't it.

Lambert completely using Jackson as a scapegoat and literally calling for Marcus to make the call.

brendenward35 added 06:54 - Jan 27
What's wrong with you lot down to 10 men and from what I saw players tried their hardest last night. Thomas looked good Downey had a real go and Dozzell put in a good shift along with nearly all the team. That a positive not a negative. I for one thought a 4 or 5 nil hammering we didn't walk away disgraced at all. It's obvious Paul is still unwell after corvid but still working bet most of the fans on here would have stayed off work if you were feeling that bad. Give the guy and the players a break for once and look at the positives

DurhamTownFan added 07:13 - Jan 27
It’s annoying because last night was as good as we’ve played in a while, but how low are our expectations? Another home defeat in league 1 without scoring a goal or even looking like one. The isolated game is encouraging but look at the long term trend since PL took over. Abysmal.

bobble added 07:16 - Jan 27
it just keeps happening and the fantastic excuses keep arriving on cue ...yawn

bobble added 07:20 - Jan 27
we must be close to the drop zone now surely ?

smithy0981 added 07:21 - Jan 27
I want lambert out too! But it was a terrible tackle from a sh#t player how can any of you say Jackson didn’t let the team down, he did. Jackson is just a sprinter he could hit a barn door Jackson and lambert can both leave

SpiritOfJohn added 07:23 - Jan 27
Two average teams. The difference was that they had a striker and we had Jackson. Can't fault the effort but not much goal threat as usual.

cat added 07:24 - Jan 27
Funny how last year he was prepared to walk and now he has a 5 year deal he won’t. We are a joke and something needs sorting soon before we all lose interest.

stiffy501 added 07:37 - Jan 27
Doe's anybody here think we would have won the game had Jackson stayed on

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