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Work Starts on Cobbold Stand Mural
Tuesday, 20th Jul 2021 09:53

Work has begun on the mural on the windows at the back of the Cobbold Stand paying tribute to the club's history and stars of the past.

Plans for the mural were announced in January 2020 but were interrupted by the pandemic.

The mural will cover milestones in the club's history and include players from across the generations with the first panes covered featuring John Elsworthy, Paul Cooper, Paul Mariner, Russell Osman, Frans Thijssen, Richard Wright, Titus Bramble and Luke Chambers.

The glass on the back of the Cobbold Stand had been among the areas of the ground which had fallen into disrepair in recent seasons with a plastic coating having become detached.

Photo: TWTD

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hoppy added 09:57 - Jul 20
Excellent stuff. The new owners are making us proud to be Ipswich Town again, and the stadium also one to be proud of.

DurhamTownFan added 09:58 - Jul 20
I know ill get slated for this but: Not sure chambers should be on there. I totally get his service to the club, but he’s literally only just left and he’s going to play *against* us this season in the EFL trophy!

hoppy added 10:00 - Jul 20
Further to my initial comment, I see these were planned previously, under Evans, so will give him credit due for having that on the list for progress, but glad to see the new owners seeing it come to reality now.

bigpaulyd1 added 10:02 - Jul 20
Why as a club are we obsessed with “legends” and the glory days that were so long ago that 80 percent of fans have no attachment to that era
It’s becoming embarrassing that we cling on so tightly
We have to stop looking back and look to the future and then I feel as a fan base we will be a lot more realistic in what we are as a club

Billybobblue added 10:07 - Jul 20
Would be good if the new owners done a history timeline across one of the stands pointing out some of the major achievements/milestones reached for the club like when Ipswich was established, Title wins, FA CUP, Uefa Cup, Play offs etc and pictures of the main players of those seasons like Crawford, Beattie, Wark, Holland, Mills, Wright etc.
I think Everton do something similar around Goodison Park, which looks great IMO.

hoppy added 10:09 - Jul 20
bigpaulyd1 - are the words 'inspire', 'aspirational', 'pride' and 'history' lost on you as well?

What would you prefer - to keep the windows as they were looking? What would your suggestion be instead?

Ipswich_Crazy added 10:13 - Jul 20
bigpaulyd1 Seriously? I find your comment offensive to our legends! Show some respect!

MaySixth added 10:17 - Jul 20
bigpaulyd - you are either a Norwich fan or just daft.

The vast majority of professional football clubs in the United Kingdom would love even a small piece of our histrory and the mark we made on football.

Norwich are so desperate that put UEFA Cup participants in their Honours Programme page.

If you are a Town fan, respect your past and the people who made those achievements part of our history and celebrate the future.

invictablue added 10:19 - Jul 20
@bigpaullyd1. I really don’t understand what you’re driving at here. How can you possibly be embarrassed by the history and achievements of the club you support, irrespective of whether you are old enough to have witnessed them, or from a later generation that aspires to reclaim former glories. Surely that’s the essence of supporting your club, not as you appear to be to be suggesting, to accept current mediocrity and grin and bear it?

trncbluearmy added 10:22 - Jul 20

without your history you are nothing.............. see scum (which suspect you are one)

Cakeman added 10:26 - Jul 20
Looks great and it can only help to build a home to be proud of again.
We are like an old Diesel engine that has been left in the shed for far too long but thankfully the engine will be out and up and running hard again!

jbanger added 10:29 - Jul 20
Billybobblue - I think there is a history timeline in the huge concourse inside the main stand at Ashton Gate so I am pretty sure Mark Ashton will be bringing a lot of those ideas along to Portman Road very soon.

rayman_10 added 10:35 - Jul 20

What’s your definition of the term ‘legend’ in a football sense?
For me, it’s for someone who gave everything for this club. Who was a good role model for youngsters, and the rest of their team. Someone who we could be proud to say represented not only our club, but us as fans. Of course, a successful team helps, but for the years of service at Ipswich and the passion he gave, I have no problem with calling someone like Chambers a legend. What other captain build an annex for younger players?

You’re right, we should look to the future. Right now, I think we are all looking forward to the future with optimism I hope. But we should never forget where we came from. Would you like us to tear down Sir Bobby’s statue and Sir Alf? Not bother with the Beat’s? These people help make up our club as we know it and every fan I’ve spoke to of a certain age talks about the above mentioned, even though it was before my time. However I was told by my parents who these people were and how they wore the shirt I proudly wear with pride and dedication. I’m sure other parents who use this site have done the same. Yes we should look forward, but never, ever forget where we came from and the legends that gave everything for us.

MickMillsTash added 10:36 - Jul 20
Cakeman - Diesel engines will be banned in the next 10 years. Good once - perhaps - but now Dirty, Noxious, inefficient - even Afghan drug growers have stopped using diesel- they're now using electric/ solar to pump their water reliably.

buzbyblue added 10:56 - Jul 20
Richard wright, Titus Bramble & Luke chambers???? Not stars IMHO

No Matt Holland or Jim Magilton? Marcus Stewart or Martijn Reuser?

Bluedandy added 11:01 - Jul 20
Hey bigpaulyd1 ... let's be more realistic your lot will be in our division season after next ... enjoy your moment in the sun where yet again you'll laughably fail to make any history. On the ball tweety.

Mjdery89 added 11:04 - Jul 20
Clearly bigpaulyd1 didn't get hugged enough as a child. I think it looks great

Paulc added 11:04 - Jul 20
bigpaulyd1 - What an idiotic comment - What would you put up to show our future? Lee Evans lifting the champions league trophy perhaps?

JewellintheTown added 11:30 - Jul 20
Not been to PR for a couple of years understandably so hoping others can tell me what's the status of those 12 pillars with voted for club legends to be shown on them on the sir Alf stand from back in Feb 2020?

Most of those aren't on this mural so I think its good that the mural features others rather than the same legends we usually list. I'm sure its not a coincidence as they were agreed on a around the same time as the pillars. Must be hundreds of players we could arguably honour that have played a major part in our history.

Spread the respect and all that.

Paddy39 added 11:33 - Jul 20
Something we do need are TV screens at either end of the ground so we can watch the replays etc. I enjoyed seeing our 3-0 victory over Charlton at the Valley and the goals looked really good on the big screen.

Michael101 added 11:47 - Jul 20
What about the cobbold brothers ?? Or is it only for players.imo.they are just as important as any p layers or managers .

ChrisFelix added 11:55 - Jul 20
Durham town fan i agree 100% on Chambers. Our club has several "legends" from Tommy Parker through to Matt Holland. The only thing going for Chambers is his number of games. Considering what has happened since the end of the last season I doubt he would have played as many games if Paul Cook had arrived earlier

Kickingblock added 12:10 - Jul 20
Michael 101
I agree with you but I don't think that people connect with suits. It's the players that people remember.

Wooly74 added 12:12 - Jul 20
BigPaulyd has to be a Narwich fan for me if he is questioning why we continue to promote and support our past legends!!

🤦‍♂️ Embarrassing

As an ex servicemen, if you fail to acknowledge previous honours then you are nothing!

Get a grip please!

Skip73 added 12:26 - Jul 20
BigPauly, try telling Man United, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Ajax that history doesn't matter. Of course if you have none, like Naaarwich, then it isn't important.

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