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All very well about vouchers for meals and pubs...
at 18:58 8 Jul 2020

But WHY are Doctors surgeries and dentists not opening? I urgently need to see a doctor about the terrible flare up on my foot after trying everything under the sun to treat it. My surgery are useless - just phone appointments and if need to be seen, to go to their other surgery - which is a 6 mile round trip and I don;t drive. Why is opening pubs and more shops the priority when some people are in desperate need to have medical treatment???
Goodbye (again) to The Railway
at 16:12 3 Jul 2020

Sad news on Facebook today from the landlord of the pub that with all the uncertainty that lay ahead they have decided to close permanently. I am gutted. It stood there empty for ages and they took it and made it great again. F*** this virus and all the job losses and deaths. I cannot ever seen things getting better again. Everything is opening all at once, except things like dentists and doctors. It seems all round the wrong way.

I wish them all the best after taking on the Railway. Just hope one day it can reopen as a live venue with new proprietors.
*&£&Q£( Virgin Mobile...
at 14:54 2 Jun 2020

Not sure if anyone else has had problems with them - but this is what is happening with me. Like I need more hassle when I am already drowning in depression and not coping.

They send me a text that they are sending a new SIM card, as they are updating their network, and will send it asap. It arrived today. Followed the patronising instructions, and after the 10 min wait (in fact 1 1/2 hours wait) - the SIM NOT VALID.

My old card will be cut off after 30 days because of this new network thing, and I will be without a phone. Hardly great when out and need for emergencies or my parents ring me.

We are already in a dispute with them over unpaid refunds for Sky Sports that we did not have, and my husband has taken it to a complaints site.

Anyone offer any advice? I do not want a new phone - I am happy with the little old fashioned Nokia and do not want a smartphone as I only use my phone for calls/texts/reminders etc.
Get well soon to Crazee
at 11:24 3 May 2020

Not sure if anyone else follows Crazee on Facebook - but the person inside the costume has been very ill and in Papworth after a severe heart attack.

Back home now and recovering thankfully - just read it in an update.

I am sure we will all wish him a speedy recovery.
[Post edited 3 May 11:40]
Any advice on a dodgy neighbour?
at 18:41 24 Mar 2020

Hi, not coping well here with the fear of this virus but once more, as is typical, it brings another long standing problem back with a vengeance.

The idiot next door been flouting the new rules all day - between them (his partner and the kid), they have been out 7 times today. I can understand her walking the dog and taking the kid with her - that is fine, but it's him.He goes out drug dealing 8.45 - 10.15, then up the road again alone, and one of his dealers round here (gone into the house)too. And off he has gone in the car again to deal.

I so want to phone the police but he will know it is us and will give us even more grief. We have had enough the last 4 or 5 years of this, but recently he has been doing endless drug runs so the suspicion of all the callers here was reduced to us.

He is risking himself, his partner and his son FFS. It's idiots like him who are going to make numbers of the virus rise, and increase this lockdown, yet they get away with it. While the only time my husband has gone out was a modest shop for 35 minutes to get salad and fruit and bread.
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