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Joe Royle for CEO
at 18:38 12 Apr 2021

Make this happen. 💙
Cook would be crazy to walk...
at 09:54 12 Apr 2021

He really would - I’m sure if he has any fears of CEO “meddling” those conversations would have been he with him by now, the new owners assurances given.

He could have his name all over any future success here now and he wanted to manage Ipswich.
Given a reasonable transfer budget, surely even Cook will know where his bread is buttered?

BUT ... like we said, none of us know how much he likes/dislikes a potential new boss... he genuinely liked Marcus, I think sold the new owners were going to be investors only with ME still being in charge.
Chambers... anyone else find it strange
at 17:49 13 Dec 2020

The lack of times he comes out to the press for pre/after match interviews?

Recently Cornell, yesterday Ward talking about how we need to improve and pick it up.

Where is Mr ITFC?
One thing I noticed yesterday...
at 16:12 13 Dec 2020

Dobra has great control of a ball, first touch just kills it dead even when fizzed at him, night and day compared to a seasoned pro like Judge.
I'm going to say it... and I didn't think I would
at 12:02 13 Dec 2020

I personally think out of all the injuries, one player we miss badly is Wilson.

Woolfy and McGuinness are more comfortable if they have an experienced player next to them. It allows them to have someone clearing up when the odd slip happens.

Woolfy does look too calm at times - McGuinness would clearly put his body and head through a bus.

Wilson does the basic simple things well.
Just imagine if ALL local press refused
at 02:09 2 Dec 2020

... to cover pre and post match waffle. Stating the manager being rude and unprofessional wasn’t something that should be endured.

I personally think likening a Radio Suffolk reporter as a nagging wife for asking perfectly reasonable questions - like why performances weren’t up to scratch is beyond repair.

Lambert’s arrogance has now hit levels that shouldn’t be tolerated at ITFC.
at 22:10 1 Dec 2020

Has Lambert actually resorted to this disgusting level of deflection?

It’s the fans fault why were can’t penetrate the poorest defences in division 3 is it?
If anyone in Ipswich has a black armband
at 11:36 30 Nov 2020

Please go put it on Sir Bobby outside the ground.

Shame the same can’t be done for Sir Alf.

I’ve said it all “SIR” twice... sort yourselves out ITFC and get some respect back.
Manager performance / budget restrictions.
at 16:16 8 Aug 2020

I don’t know how you’d be able to work it out, (with unknown wages and agent fees etc. but I think starting from Burley... Joe Royle has been the manager to work wonders with little spend - PL hasn’t had a pot to pezz in either, but between I think BFJ has to be up there?
Our Injury “luck” - a post of hope and concerns.
at 11:02 26 Jul 2020

Hi all, I just wanted to put this in here for any debate if you feel you want to.

There’s no doubt about it, we have had our fair share of bad luck when it comes to players being unavailable through injury over recent seasons of decline.

While I’m posting with hope that we have a relatively clear year of bad knocks and twists etc.
We do seem to wrap our players in cotton wool, and you often hear PL say “he’s carrying a knock/niggle, so we might not risk him” etc.

Given the recent squad rotation, is the irregularity of not playing week in week out making them soft and susceptible?

Is it that the injury room is “too comfortable” ?, I recall other managers in clubs saying they were gonna pull the PlayStations and “sofas” from these places as they were a cushy place to be.

Is it a case of if players don’t relocate and spend 3 hours cramped up in cars on a commute to training and games not the best conditions to precede active body stress? - this point I fuse with McGoldrick, is it a case now his commute is short, his injury’s have “disappeared”. Maybe should be a caveat in the signing - being local?
I can flip this with Kieron Dyer, apart from the leg break, I don’t recall him being out much with us - but when he went to Newcastle, I’m sure his injuries did pick up - he was back in Ipswich regularly.

Are we training too much? I’m with Mick Mills on this, you don’t postpone games cause you’re missing one or two (not so key players away on international duty and are fringe players) with regarding cup fixtures if they’re tired roll back training intensity, don’t play 100% reserves, keep continuity.

Surely if we see the same trend next season a serious enquiry needs to be held on the team in charge of body conditioning etc. It’s just odd.

The claims of “thats football” and dismissed too easily as bad luck for me,

Well for me, it’s not “that’s football”.... it’s “thats Ipswich”..... it shouldn’t and needn’t be.

Anyhow.. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thanks for reading.

[Post edited 26 Jul 2020 11:03]
Who would like to see a return of the previous badge design?
at 17:30 4 Jun 2020

Who would like to see a return of the previous badge design?

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Hypothetical question to all?
at 18:36 18 May 2020

Who actually would rather have Harry Redknapp as owner to Evans?
Ole Harry wants to own a League 1 club.
at 16:02 18 May 2020

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