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Lambert: Norris Could Be Recalled, Bart Interest Possible in January
at 21:10:28

Bart is paid £20k per week, Norris is probably paid £5k per week.
Thats why Bart is on loan at Millwall and we have Norris on loan.
Hull Match in Doubt
at 18:20:54

"Why aren't Ipswich Council workers out there clearing the paths people pay council tax for that. If the council is short of money then the staff can surely work 4 or 5 hours for free that's not asking a lot".

Id imagine the streets and paths around Portman Road are pretty much bottom of the priority list, given that they are going to be practically unused except for 3 hours on Saturday.
I dont understand why they should work for free to do it. Or why it might be ok for them to just work some extra hours, presumably on top of the busy schedule they already have.
But if they are short of people to do it, and its not asking a lot to get people to work for 4/5 hours for free, maybe you can offer?
Chambers, Skuse and Berra to Miss Out as Young Squad Travels to Pompey
at 18:43:27

Anyone who bought a ticket and feels let down by not seeing a full strength team obviously didnt pay enough attention to what they were buying. League Two prices against a League Two side.
Connolly Joins Bray Wanderers
at 16:38:21

Id say whats put him down the pecking order is the wingers weve bought, rather than Coke, a central midfielder.
Taylor Set for Forest Trial
at 13:04:20

Stories about ex-players are always relevant. If Taylor scores 20 goals for Nottingham Forest next season, I bet there will be far more discussion on it on this website than "who cares?".
Hunt: Boss is the Best
at 10:14:07

"He got Wolves promoted when I was at Reading and we fell short in the play-offs. We lost our last game of the season against Birmingham and Wolves leapfrogged us into second place."

Wolves were promoted with games to spare, same with McCarthys Sunderland. Not sure who Hunt is talking about.
Arsenal Again Linked With Mings Move
at 12:05:41

I cant believe a move for a top German international centre back will haveany impact on them signing a 21 year old championship full back.
U21s Crash Out of Cup
at 10:24:41

@Jon_456- "Jas0999 - st ledger is a centre half, how is he another collison?"

Because we need defenders now, given the current injuries/suspensions, not in a few months when they have found some fitness (like Collison).
Town Remain Committed to Category One
at 18:17:50

If that software would have made a 0.3% difference to our application, then it was hugely significant that we chose not to pay for it.
As I recall, the failure was also partly down to staff not knowing how to use the software we did have.

Hunt: Busy Summer Left Me Tired
at 15:50:56

Hmm. If you were incapable of doing your job for a few weeks because of your summer holiday, I suspect your employer would be asking questions.
Cheapest Day Out at Town £31.70
at 13:52:48

"muccletonjoe added 13:04 - Oct 15
I have commented on this many times, and was told by some that if we had a successful team the crowds would return........"

I dont think an unbeaten run of just over a month can quite be classified as a "successful team". A successful run, but fans have seen plenty of that over the years. If we are still in the top 6 by March, I bet our crowds will be higher than they have been for the last 2-3 games.
Marcus Evans and Mr John
at 12:55:59

Great blog, Harry and it has provoked some excellent debate, so all credit for that!

I think the essence of the blog itself is complemented very well by cwb91 and the assessment of FFP and its impact.

The key factor for ITFC at this point is that the maximum amount than an owner can invest this season is £2m less than it was for last season. So, assuming that we were right on the limits for last season, then we need to reduce our losses by a further 25%. Given that we are trying to build a squad with long term contracts, whilst trying to remain as competitive as we can to ensure those players actually want to sign them, there seems little chance we are going to lower our outgoings by that amount.

Which means we need to increase our revenues by £2m. Thats certainly not going to happen in commercial/ticketing, so it can only really come from player sales.

I have no doubt that there is a long-term strategy in place between manager and owner and, even going back to Simon Clegg, there was clearly a lot of thought put in to how we were going to adapt to FFP.

I suspect therefore that there is a planned strategy that relates to FFP and putting our house in order as early as possible in order to gain some sort of advantage. What that is though, I have no idea.

It would have made a lot of sense for us to cash in on DM for £7-£8m as it would have allowed us to use that money to reduce our losses as required over the next couple of years, without actually needing to reduce the wage bill from what is currently is. That in itself may well be a huge advantage against over clubs.

Town and Charlton Watching Stewart Situation
at 07:46:00

"knowing us we'd have paid up his contract & gave him away...silly me, we probably already have !!"

Did you actually read the article? It says we are due a sell-on fee. So, that's a kid we signed for nothing, who didn't play for the first team, generating us a transfer fee.

Too many fans so desperate to find a critical angle, regardless of what's put in front of them.
Town Amongst Winners of Family Excellence Award
at 13:32:53

"I’m looking at attendances on this. That’s the way to judge the club reaching out to families?"

How can you equate how a particular type of fan is being catered for, based on the overall attendance? Thats like saying we arent doing enough to encourage ethnic minorities. Or women. Or men.
Town Extend Opt Out Deadline
at 14:30:01

Whilst I agree that the Opt In process is very poor, the issue is exacerbated by the fact that it was entirely unrecorded anywhere. Not just that it was forgotten on a specific document. Every other reference to memberships, academy friends, the direct debit renewal did not mention this at all and, judging by the reaction, its evidently something that people would have wanted to know about. As mentioned above, nor was it brought up in media interviews. It seems remiss to say the least to talk about something and not feel, at any point, that it would be reasonable to point out how it was being sold.

As a friend was saying to me about this last weekend, there is an expectation that this would be highlighted and it would be bad enough if it was hidden amongst small print. But instead, much of the documentation actually intimates the complete opposite- you dont need to do anything, memberships need to be applied separately elsewhere.
Town Extend Opt Out Deadline
at 13:01:25

@blues1 - There is more to it than a "printing error" because its about more than just a misplaced box on an application form. Every Direct Debit customer was sent a letter telling them that they didnt need to do anything, UNLESS they wanted to add a membership.

On the Season Ticket Application Form, it says that memberships CANNOT be added to a direct debit and need to be paid for separately. It also lists "Academy Friends" as an option under "memberships".

And furthermore, the back page of the Season Ticket Booklet also says fans have the choice to become Academy Friends.

Everything implies the same thing. Even if the Application Form was a printing error, what about the other documents too? Three different printing errors?
Town Clarify Direct Debit Opt Out
at 08:04:42

Re: SouperJim- I noticed the same thing in the ST booklet which more than suggests you have to opt in, rather than opt out. To add to this, the letter sent out with the application form clearly states that "as you are renewing by direct debit you don't need to do anything, unless you wish to add a membership". On the ST application form, it clearly states that memberships cannot be added to a direct debit and the "Ramseys Friends" option is listed in the section entitled "membership".
So rather than a simple "printing error" on the application form, two further separate print outs also suggest the same thing. Why send out a letter clearly saying "memberships need to be ordered separately, without adding something about "except membership to Ramseys Friends, which has been automatically added". That would be cheeky at best, but it's a whole lot better than putting nothing and hoping no one notices the payment schedule.

The intention is clear to me here, I'm just glad it was spotted.
McCarthy: No Wholesale Changes at Yeovil
at 13:37:53


Youre advocating playing Christophe Berra as a defensive midfielder, but at the same time saying we should be playing a specialist at RB rather than Chambers? Berra isnt a specialist defensive midfielder- Skuse does that well enough without disrupting that.

Milne: Most Clubs Backing Financial Fair Play
at 13:32:05

And for those three clubs to be heavily fined, making the financial risk of gambling to win promotion even more risky.
Leicester were being estimated to be due an £18m fine. If QPR get fined anything near that amount, but stay in the Championship, it will be an enormous issue for them.
Boro's Richardson Linked
at 14:54:02

Valid if we are trying to loan in a young kid from another club, but evidently we are looking at experienced players.
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