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Club's doing a sterling job of exposing the racists this afternoon...
at 13:16 1 Jun 2020

I wonder why this simple gesture of solidarity makes them feel so uncomfortable?
Based on yesterday's announcement
at 11:24 31 May 2020

Are we to assume that the virus is now gone for good?

[Post edited 31 May 11:29]
Bayern v Fortuna on BT
at 18:42 30 May 2020

5-0 after 52mins. Fortuna getting torn a new one.

Ha Ho He!
"I thought I was going blind, so I drove to Barnard Castle to check"
at 16:44 25 May 2020

Chinny f*cking reckon.
Obfuscating with blather
at 16:41 25 May 2020

This Cummings business doesn't sit right
at 19:26 24 May 2020

Something about this whole farrago absolutely stinks. No matter who you are, I just cannot see that you can get something like this so badly wrong, so consistently, by accident.

Cummings is the absolute master manipulator and is no doubt pulling all of the strings on this one.

To me this all fits in with what would seem to be their plan to get herd immunity back off the ground by the back door.

The utterly vague easing of restrictions so that the lockdown can mean whatever you want it to mean was the start of it, and now they're creating a situation (just in time for a nice sunny Bank Holiday Monday, no less) whereby certain sections of society will be starting to ask "if they don't have to obey the lockdown, then why should I?". You know, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if the Civil Service tweet was all part of the setup to sow the seeds of discontent.
at 12:12 20 May 2020

Boris' head is gone. Ranting and almost shouting now.

To top that off, Lindsay Hoyle offering Matt Hancock outside.

This too shall pass...
at 08:55 20 May 2020

Whatever you're going through, keep going. Sending you all a big dose of positivity, wherever you may be, and whatever's on your mind.

"Pick for Britain" - Prince Charles
at 16:36 19 May 2020

Confirming for the 3,267th time just how out of touch the royals are with the rest of society.

Of course, Charles, I'll drop what I'm doing and go and labour in the fields right away because an entitled old man has told me to.
The general public are idiots #254,986...
at 11:46 18 May 2020

The Redknapp/Lampard thread got me thinking...

How the feck does a man receiving illicit payments into a Monaco bank account in his dog's name manage to get off a charge of tax evasion?

Likewise, John Terry's claims that he never called Anton Ferdinand a "f*cking black c*nt", but merely repeated back to him what he thought AF had said in the first place seemed to be enough to acquit him.

The mind f*cking boggles.
Blimey this Starmer chap's a bit good...
at 13:10 13 May 2020

Less than an hour after PMQs and this has already been sent to Boris:

It's almost as if he had 99% of the letter already drafted, and just needed to know precisely what to quote Boris has having said.
English Clubs in Europe - Quiz
at 11:17 13 May 2020

105/110 here
Today's Squires
at 11:52 12 May 2020

With added John Wark!
Some Tuesday silliness
at 11:44 12 May 2020

Interesting take on the new Govt 'stance'
at 10:59 10 May 2020

I'm not necessarily saying she's right, but it would definitely tie in with the change of rhetoric, as well as someone leaking to the press that major changes to the lockdown were going to be made.
Kyle Walker
at 10:11 8 May 2020

If he doesn't want to feel 'harrassed', perhaps he should stop acting like an entitled tw@t who clearly thinks the rules don't apply to him.

Simple, no?
200,000 tests a day by May 31st
at 13:03 6 May 2020

Given that they've clearly not learned from last time, I assume that'll be 130,000 tests being stuck in the post on the 31st then?
[Post edited 6 May 13:43]
They don't make brawls like they used to...
at 12:08 5 May 2020

Some fantastic flying kicks there!
Top Tip - Gym Memberships - how to cancel for free
at 10:55 5 May 2020

Three words - "Frustration of Contract"

Those of you who have 12+ month gym contracts will probably have had them frozen for the period during which they're prevented from opening. If yours are anything like mine (Bannatyne), the frozen period won't count towards your initial contract length, and will only be valid whilst closure is enforced (even though, to my mind, you cannot safely run a gym whilst social distancing is in place).

Likewise, given everything is so uncertain at the moment, who knows if some of us will be able to afford outgoings such as gym memberships going forwards.

That's where the principle of 'frustration of contract' comes in. A contract is frustrated if:

1) An unexpected incident
2) Outside the parties' control
3) Makes performance impossible or radically different from that which the parties contemplated at the time of entering into the contract

In the event of frustration, the contract becomes voidable at the point at which the frustration occurred. I don't think that anyone could argue that the current restrictions do not fit the three criteria above.

Long story short, I contacted Bannatyne about this and put my case to them. They agreed to cancel my contract as of 17th March (the date at which social distancing was introduced), and also agreed to refund the portion of my March payment covering 17/03-31/03. Interestingly enough, their response to me kindly asked that I not tell anyone about this - which leads me to believe that:

a) They know it's a valid reason
b) They're sh*tting themselves lest people find out they have an absolute right to cancel

Even if you're looking at keeping your membership, it might be worthwhile going down this route. I wouldn't be surprised if, once they're allowed to open again, gyms start throwing out some juicy new-member offers.
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