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"No Dog Fouling"
at 09:24 29 Jul 2020

Can someone please confirm that I'm not the only person who can't see one of these signs without envisaging Roy Keane lunging studs-up at a labradoodle whilst yelling "take that you c*nt!"?
Anyone here knowledgeable about clocks?
at 13:11 17 Jul 2020

I picked up an old 1950s Smiths of Enfield mantel clock yesterday; 8-day mechanism with Westminster chimes.

I've managed to get it pretty well set up, and have managed to get it in beat. However, it's still stopping fairly randomly. I set it going at about 9pm last night and noticed this morning it had stopped around 0530hrs. Likewise, I set it going about 9am this morning and it stopped around 1230hrs.

Is this indicative of any particular issue? I'm assuming that if it's running for hours at a time, it's not a beat issue?
Indian Call Centres
at 16:49 15 Jul 2020

Why do some companies still try and persist with outsourcing call centres to India these days? Surely, with the general customer experience of said call centres, whatever savings they make are outweighed by lost business?

I've tried making multiple calls to Three today to sort out my iPad contract, only to be frustrated at every step of the way by call-centre staff who can only stick rigidly to their script, and seem to be forbidden from using any form of independent thought.

When Saturday Comes - "Long Suffering Fans"
at 17:25 14 Jul 2020

There's an interesting piece in the July/August edition of When Saturday Comes attempting to distill which fans are actually entitled to refer to themselves as 'long-suffering' (not Liverpool, Arsenal, or Newcastle...)

Unsurprisingly enough, our current 20-year run of no promotions or trophies puts us at the giddy heights of third-placed in the list, behind only Oldham (29 years) and Everton (25 years).

Also a fantastic opportunity to tout the excellent quality of WSC, particularly given the fact that they are struggling financially at the moment. Every subscription taken out will no doubt help them keep going long past the current 400th-issue milestone.

Phil - I hope you don't mind my posting the various options below

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Shortened gap between 2019/20 and 2020/21
at 13:52 12 Jul 2020

Was chatting to one of the old boys at church this morning, and we got to wondering how the short gap between this season and next (just over a month, if they go with the 29/08 restart) will affect teams.

The stats someone posted yesterday show that Norwich are in one hell of a state - will it be possible for them to do the rebuilding (mentally and team-wise) that they need to do in the space of five weeks?

Or will the short gap help promoted teams keep momentum, whilst relegated sides continue their downward trend?
The state of some of the melts on Twitter
at 12:07 8 Jul 2020

Don't get me wrong, I've no issue at all with anyone claiming a cash refund from the club. But to take the time to go onto Twitter and seemingly gloat about having done so?

ST Refund Options
at 10:48 8 Jul 2020

Look good to me, especially the fact that any option which doesn't involve getting the cash back comes with a 25%-50% incentive attached.

No doubt some will be irked by the way any refund will be spread out, but I can pretty much understand where the club is coming from given the potential sums involved.
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Challenging a spurious/petty insurance claim
at 17:34 7 Jul 2020

I've had notification from my insurer that they have received a claim from a third party for 'uninsured losses' dating back to an incident that allegedly happened over nine months ago.

The allegation is that I parked alongside the claimant's vehicle on a retail park and caused damage to the vehicle by opening my car door against the side of their vehicle. Apparently this was witnessed from one of the shops.

Based on where I normally park in that car-park, the nearest shop is about 35m away, so this witness must have exceptional eye-sight. Given the lines of sight required as well, they'd have had to have been in a pretty precise location, looking directly down between the rows of cars, at the precise moment of the alleged impact.

What's the best way to respond to this? Deny all knowledge of having been there at the date/time in question, and put the burden of proof on the claimant to prove the claim and/or produce whatever witness they claim to have?

It seems a really weird thing to make a claim for - especially as I'm sure they can't prove that their vehicle wasn't damaged prior to the alleged incident. It also seems a bit odd that they'd wait the best part of nine months before deciding to make a claim.

I'm convinced this is bullsh*t, but don't want to give my insurer the slightest opportunity to settle the claim in order to get an easy life.

Any advice?
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The Government - "Be responsible tomorrow".
at 13:53 3 Jul 2020

Also The Government - "Pubs can open from 6am tomorrow!"

Well, that's today's Dead Cat thrown out there...
Derby-like levels of bed-sh1tting
at 16:45 28 Jun 2020

Last day of the German 2. Bundesliga today. It was out of their hands, but results meant that just a draw with Sandhausen (14th out of 18 at the start of play) would have got Hamburg into the promotion/relegation playoff for the Bundesliga...

Bruno Fernandes
at 18:03 27 Jun 2020

Fantastic player, no question.

But has anyone ever seen him and seriously-ill Freddie Mercury in the same room together?

Pensions - advice please
at 11:15 25 Jun 2020


One of the things I'm trying to do with the extra time I've got at the moment is to see if I can consolidate the smaller workplace pensions I've had in the past.

I worked for Norwich Union for a year in 2006-7, and was enrolled in their pension scheme. I've contacted them about my pension pot, and have been told I've forfeited it. They claim to have sent me a letter shortly after leaving the company asking me what I wanted to do with my contributions (I don't recall ever having received it). Apparently, because I didn't respond, I've forfeited my contributions (I'm assuming they've just been eaten up by Norwich Union/Aviva).

Can they legitimately do this, given that my contributions will have been monies taken from my salary and therefore, you know, mine?
25 years late to the party, but...
at 10:12 22 Jun 2020

How good is Different Class by Pulp?!

Have we touched on Linfield's new kit yet?
at 08:42 16 Jun 2020

So Linfield (an historically Protestant club) released their new kits last week, one of which bore a striking resemblance to the colours of a Protestant paramilitary/terrorist organisation:

Main Picture: The UVF Flag
Inset: Linfield's 2020/21 shirt

Umbro, despite having their branding emblazoned all over the kit, have already distanced themselves from it and made a public apology, saying that they will not be promoting the shirt.

Linfield, on the other hand, have doubled down stating:

"For the avoidance of all doubt, the design is of a football kit for a football club and any similarity/likeness/resemblance with any other design used by any other entity is totally coincidental and entirely unintentional.

"Any allegation or inference to the contrary is robustly and vigorously rejected by this club which prides itself on being inclusive, open to all and representative of all."

Their Chairman has even gone as far as to say:

"Is this where we are as a society when an elected MP thinks that ordinary every day colours can be owned or monopolised by a paramilitary organisation? [...] There will be no rethink."

Chinny chin chin.
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Chester Zoo
at 23:16 8 Jun 2020

As endorsed by Matt Hancock:

McCann - "Someone knows more than they're letting on"
at 09:22 4 Jun 2020

Yeah, they certainly do...

at 12:44 3 Jun 2020

Saw the above term trending on Twitter just now, which lead me to this:
Club's doing a sterling job of exposing the racists this afternoon...
at 13:16 1 Jun 2020

I wonder why this simple gesture of solidarity makes them feel so uncomfortable?
Based on yesterday's announcement
at 11:24 31 May 2020

Are we to assume that the virus is now gone for good?

[Post edited 31 May 11:29]
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