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Just to cheer us all up...
at 10:20 30 Mar 2020

Interesting comments here from Virgin Atlantic
at 09:19 30 Mar 2020

Furloughed airline staff are being asked to assist at the new Nightingale hospitals in order to make use of their skills, which can only be a good thing.

What is interesting is the comment that:

"Those who sign up will support nurses and clinicians at the coronavirus field hospital, the NHS said.

Virgin Atlantic said furloughed staff who helped would be paid through the government retention scheme."

Maybe it's just poorly worded (or poorly understood by me!) but the suggestion here is Virgin will only sign their staff up to the Job Retention Scheme if they offer to help out at the hospital. Slightly naughty, no?
[Post edited 30 Mar 9:19]
Craving 'live' football
at 15:18 29 Mar 2020

With all the stuff that's currently being done in the way of re-broadcasting old matches to fill the gap, is there a source anywhere which gives an idea of what's on when each day at the moment?
Current lockdown to be reviewed on April 13th/14th
at 17:29 26 Mar 2020

What's the betting we'll broadly do fine, but end up locked down for another month because a bunch of absolute jeb-ends decide to take liberties with the Easter weekend?
Furlough Pay
at 10:20 24 Mar 2020

Morning all

I'm being put on furlough as of this evening, and my company will be utilising the government's 80% pay guarantee.

Does anyone know if this would be affected should I choose to take on a second job to tide me over?
Socialist states
at 13:13 18 Mar 2020

Given the posts that have done the rounds on social media of late comparing current pictures of British supermarkets with the stock images of Venezuelan supermarkets used to highlight the dangers of socialism, part of me would be fascinated to know how 'true' socialist states are dealing with this sort of thing.

I dare say, if it was still around, East German citizens would have been having a much easier time of it than we are at the moment.
at 13:11 18 Mar 2020

Surely if this continues on much longer (or not, perhaps we're at that point already), some sort of formal rationing needs to be implemented?

It's all well and good supermarkets saying that they'll be limiting customers to two of each item or whatever, but that does nothing to stop a family all going round with their own trolleys, or an individual purchaser making multiple visits to the same supermarket, or others in the local area.

The only true way to make sure that there is enough for everyone, given the general public's refusal to play nice, is to have formal rationing implemented by central government.
Sums it up perfectly...
at 19:18 16 Mar 2020

So long as Boris' mates in insurance and finance are alright, the rest of the country can go hang.
Covid-19 and the 3pm blackout
at 08:16 11 Mar 2020

With matches on the continent being played behind closed doors, and Arsenal v Man City being postponed tonight, I got thinking.

Could an unintended positive consequence of this overblown hysteria be that we see the 3pm blackout finally removed?

If we start seeing PL matches played behind closed doors, no doubt the clubs and the broadcasters will be keen to have as many matches as possible televised, and with no attendance figures to worry about, I dare say they'll be able to get away with 3pm kickoffs.

Once that rubicon is crossed, I dare say it'll take some undoing?
[Post edited 11 Mar 8:17]
Simple pleasures
at 09:48 5 Mar 2020

1) Being sat on a train, and finally seeing someone ask the bloke to move who’s spent the last half hour of the journey jealously guarding the empty seat beside him. Bonus points when he spends the remainder of the journey hunched up against the window with a scowl on his face.
at 09:44 5 Mar 2020

I was thinking at the match on Tuesday, did the last 20 years of failure begin when we sanitised Bluey?
at 20:43 3 Mar 2020

Anyone worked out what formation we're playing yet?

Midfield looks devoid of shape with nobody seeming to know their role.

If only we had a CL-winning midfielder at the club...
Portman Playlist
at 13:09 3 Mar 2020

Okay, something a little more light-hearted.

You've been handed control of the matchday playlist in the hour leading up to kick-off. You need to pick ten songs to be played, as well as the music for the teams to r̶u̶n̶ slowly saunter out to.

What do you pick (preferably in order)?

Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
Heroes - David Bowie
Blue Monday - New Order
Thunderstruck - AC/DC
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis
Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
The Boys are Back - Dropkick Murphys
We Will Rock You - Queen
Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Fanfare for the Common Man - Emerson Lake & Palmer
Talk of the Town VHS - 1995/6
at 07:32 19 Feb 2020

I used to have a copy of this, bought for me for my eighth birthday. There were a few behind the scenes clips included, including one of a young player (called Ben) signing his first contract with the club.

What became of him? I'm pretty sure he never played first team football for ITFC, but did he make it anywhere else?
Protest watch...
at 14:04 15 Feb 2020

Ticket offer today
at 09:25 15 Feb 2020

What's the deal with todays ticket offer? Do I simply need a member's customer number to get the £10 tickets?

If I buy a silver membership today, do I get access to the cheap tickets?
Recommendations please - wireless earbuds
at 08:26 6 Feb 2020

Morning all!

I'm keen to swap out my old wired earbuds for a snazzy wireless pair, especially given that my new phone doesn't have a 3.5mm jack.

Can any of you fine folks recommend any particular brands/models to me please? Ideally I'm looking for something that comes in at under £50, has good battery life, and pretty good sound quality (in that order).

My current buds are a pair of Sennheisers, so I know I'm probably going to have to accept a drop-off in quality, but I'd be keen to know what you guys know.
Tommy Smith
at 16:12 27 Jan 2020

What is this absolute obsession with signing him again? He doesn't fit in with the style that Lambert wants to play, and there's no room in the squad/budget for another first-team CB to be just hanging around on the off-chance of an injury/change of tactics.
Union Berlin v RB Leipzig
at 17:48 18 Jan 2020

Pretty clear statement from the 1.FCU fans ahead of their game against Leipzig tonight:

[Post edited 18 Jan 17:51]
Woolfenden 'trebling his wage'
at 13:12 14 Jan 2020

Why is there this seeming acceptance of the fact that Woolfenden will leave because Sheffield United will pay him a significantly higher salary?

Last time I checked, it wasn't up to him. They could offer him £10m a week, but if the fee to the club isn't right then there'll only be one place he'll be playing his football come 1st February.
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