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Robin Friday 18:37 - Oct 21 with 832 viewsMattinLondon

Until quite recently I’ve never heard of Robin Friday. But having read up on him, a lot of people rated him extremely highly as a footballer who should have won a lot of caps for England - if he had the right mentality.

Does anyone on here remember watching him play? Was he actually really good or has his reputation clouded peoples thoughts on him and he was simply just a good footballer - nothing really special.

Or is he like a 1970s Ravel Morrison - an extremely talented footballers who ultimately wasted away their talent?

Thanks in advance.


Robin Friday on 18:48 - Oct 21 with 795 viewsfabian_illness

There has been several pieces written about him, quite a character, someone you could really love if he played for your team but hate if he didn’t!
I remember reading that he would get on the train to go training and to games. He’d wait for someone to go in the loo, knock on the door pretending to be the ticket inspector and ask them to slide the ticket under the door and then walk off with it so he didn’t have to pay.

Robin Friday on 18:48 - Oct 21 with 792 viewsRadlett_blue

I never saw him play, but a friend of mine was a Cardiff fan & raved about how good Friday was in 1976-77, although he had been sold to Cardiff at a cut price £28,000 as the Reading manager felt he had lost his form as his lifestyle & drug taking was catching up with him.

Robin Friday on 18:53 - Oct 21 with 772 viewsonemarcusstewart

The 42 have a good piece on him https://www.the42.ie/robin-friday-bill-irwin-cardiff-5052765-Mar2020/
Includes the iconic picture where he scores a goal and flicks a v sign at the keeper

Never saw him play, but..... on 18:54 - Oct 21 with 769 viewsBloots

....I read Paulo Hewitt's book on him (The greatest footballer you never saw) years ago, it was a good read.

I think there's anew one out now actually, that may be what has brought the subject up.

Lambert out.
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Robin Friday on 18:56 - Oct 21 with 755 viewsIpswichBoyBlue

Never saw him play, but that Pickpocket Thursday was a proper player.

Robin Friday on 19:48 - Oct 21 with 700 viewsgainsboroughblue

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Robin Friday on 22:49 - Oct 21 with 578 views66notout

Robin Friday on 19:48 - Oct 21 by gainsboroughblue

The goalkeeper on the end of the two-fingered salute went on to play for Town.
Robin Friday on 08:07 - Oct 22 with 464 viewsRadlett_blue

Robin Friday on 22:49 - Oct 21 by 66notout

The goalkeeper on the end of the two-fingered salute went on to play for Town.

Milija Aleksic - we had him on loan briefly in 1976, presumably as cover, but I don't think he played a game for Town.
A schoolfriend of mine was part of the St John's ambulance team who once carried him off the pitch injured when he was at Plymouth.
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Robin Friday on 10:16 - Oct 22 with 386 viewsITFC_Forever

Paul McGuigan, better known as Guigsy - Oasis' bass player, wrote a book on him as well "The Greatest Footballer You Never Saw" after reading an article on him in Loaded magazine in the mid-90s.

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Robin Friday on 10:26 - Oct 22 with 364 viewsNthQldITFC

He was preceded by Thievin Thursday, and superceded by Stealin Saturday, in my mind, such as it is.

The only thing I know is that I might be wrong about everything else.
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Robin Friday on 11:24 - Oct 22 with 321 viewsWallingford_Boy

I used to go to Elm Park to watch Reading play at the end of the 70s/early 80s and all the Reading fans raved about him. He'd finished by then, retired a few years before but was one of those players that you couldn't take your eyes off.

Poor man's George Best basically.

Think his drinking and drugs caught up with him in the end and ruined it all.

RIP Sir Bobby


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