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Keane: We Need to Be More Streetwise
Keane: We Need to Be More Streetwise
Tuesday, 18th May 2010 15:05

Boss Roy Keane has reiterated his desire to add more “streetwise” players to his squad over the summer. Keane feels the 2009/10 team lacked a bit of Championship experience and savvy and is hoping to remedy the situation before the start of the new season.

Keane told the club site: "There are certain positions in the team where we are lacking the right characters. Last season we lacked that streetwise player who would tell players it's time to shut up shop, calm everyone down a bit.

"We'd still be going gung-ho at the end of a game when we needed a player to take his time over a freekick, to slow the game down - collect a booking if need be.

"When I'm talking about the right characters - I'm talking about someone who knows the Championship, someone who is vocal in the dressing room, someone who has a big physical presence about them, has got vast experience behind them. We are lacking that sort of player in two or three areas."

Keane has previously said he will be aiming to make four or five summer signings during the close season.

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Farmer_Giles added 15:22 - May 18
Did anyone watch the Charlton V Swindon game last night ??? I know it was a shocking penalty but Bailey would be a fantastic buy for us. Charlton maybe forced into administration now they have missed out on promotion so we should be able to get him at a decent price.

ShortBlue added 15:25 - May 18
another central midfielder ??

unstableblue added 15:35 - May 18
What are you talking about Roy, really.

We didn't go gung-ho at all. We tended to sit too deep and apply to much pressure to ourselves. We had pretty savvy players in the squad last year. The problem was we played 3 very similar midfielders with no pace, an out of form captain as a makeshift right winger and you shopped and changed the full backs to much.

Thats the truth and it really worries me on who he's going to bring in.

If Roy was saying "we need a playmaker, maybe get more out of Owen", or "Owen is going to important". Or "we lack pace". "we need a more settled side".

He's going to start John Walters, Grant Leadbitter and David Norris in the first game isn't he?!

16_Jack_ken_16 added 15:44 - May 18
Roy I dont mind you but your talking crap. Why dont we get a striker with pace thats what we need

Blueknight85 added 15:46 - May 18
Owen Garvan is a big bag of schite
if you weld him to Liam trotter and make them one player then you have someone worth putting on the pitch

Bluetone added 15:47 - May 18
So according to Keane we need a big loud mouthed thug who is not adverse to cheating.

Who will rid us of this odious man Keane?.

byebyesheepshanks added 15:50 - May 18

yorksblue added 15:55 - May 18
Michelin Man would have more pace and skill than that donkey

tom_the_blue added 16:11 - May 18
re "3 similar midfielders with no pace"

Colback is very, very quick actually, as you would have seen if you went to any games.

You would also see that Garvan is too slow both in the head and across the ground and is not good enough for our side. Or we are not good enough to be able to allow him a place in the team as a passanger, which he is most of the time.

I agree with Roy over the kind of players we need, we are too nice at the moment. But whilst we do need some agression and to be "streetwise", a creative winger and striker with some pace should be top of the agenda.

naa added 16:11 - May 18
Must admit, seriously worried about comments like this.

As unstableblue says, we invited pressure onto us at the end of matches, we most definitely were not gung-ho. Ever, in fact.

We do not neeed another midfield enforcer, we need some skill and pace in the team.

Nothing he has said about his proposed purchases suggest he is looking to this. I really, really hope he doesn't waste what little transfer budget we have left. But it certainly looks like it so far. A goalie we don't need (even though I'm unconvinced about Murphy) and a midfield lump who will get pointless bookings just to stop the other team playing.

Great! That's the Ipswich way.

Marshalls_Mullet added 16:26 - May 18
Sorry to get in the way of all the ranting, but he hasnt mentioned midfield in that interview.

el_nino added 16:33 - May 18
Nicky Butt?

bluechick added 16:36 - May 18
Did Roy actually watch the way his team played last season? Only used the middle 50% of the pitch, Walters played where? Shipped out our leading scorer before trying him with Murphy.

Oh dear Roy get a grip. These are all championship players you've got.

naa added 16:37 - May 18
marshall: no he hasn't but that leaves centre-back (which isn't a position best placed to time-waste) or full back. I can't see how a striker could play that role either, especially as he suggests he doesn't want us to attack near the end of games if we're up. I don't really want to see a full-back doing this in my team either.

Basically, I don't want him to buy any player just because he's big and can time-waste. I prefer watching football.

Bergholtblue added 16:41 - May 18
I don't agree with Keane on this one. We sat back and invited Coventry to come forward. It was only being gung ho in the last seconds that Pablo scored to give us three points. I would like to see some more gung ho about us, not a diving, time wasting bunch of cheats. That sort of thing will not win any friends at all.

Marshalls_Mullet added 16:52 - May 18
naa: Why cant a centre back or full back take his time over a free kick??

naa added 16:55 - May 18
well OK he could take his time over a free-kick, granted but I just got the impression that he wanted more than that, adn a midfielder is best-placed to influence the game.

but true, it could be a centre-back (who we don't really need).

Yallop added 17:12 - May 18
Why do you many of you over analyse everything Keano says and twist it so you can have yet another dig at him.

Season 1 mid table. Give the bloke a chance.

bedsitfc added 17:15 - May 18
naa - if mccauly goes we will need one, mccauly ended the season well but started badly as he did last season

Mark added 17:30 - May 18
I can't believe Keane thinks we were too gung-ho, when was that?! I think we need to be more attacking when we are, rather than sitting so deep and waiting for our opponents to score. I heard Holloway say Blackpool can be a bit gung-ho and it hasn't done them much harm.

Why can't Keane talk about needing to bring pace, skill and creativity to the team? Why not say we need someone who can TAKE decent corners and free-kicks rather than TAKE TIME over them!!!

itfckieren added 17:54 - May 18
Read yesterday that Robert Koren has been released from West Brom.. He would be a fantastic signing for us. Also now watching Sky Sports & seen that Amdy Faye has been released.. Could deffinitely do a job for us. But what the chances these players get overlooked like Leroy Lita did last season. Sometimes i wonder if managers are seriously blinkered.. We shall see

jesus added 18:03 - May 18
I believe he's referring to all the times we lost points when we were unsettled and making mistakes at the end of several games (if you can think back that far). That's when we needed a solid character in the team to calm jitters. Why do I spend so much of my time here translating - he's not speaking in Gaelic. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

pottyblue added 18:18 - May 18
why wasnt thatcher given a go last season then roy

blues1 added 18:18 - May 18
as ive said b4, im not anti keane, tho neither am i pro keane, but why is it that every time sum1 points out that keane is tlking rubbish that the pro keaners immediately accuse that person of being anti keane, or worse, a scumsupporter? 4 heavens sake, he says we bin gungho, we not even gud enuf 4 that. he says walters been amazing, mayb he shld have gone 2 specsavers!!! walters had 1 gud season jst after signing & has now reverted 21 his true ability which is not at this level. wake up pro keaners hes the nboss, not a god that u cant disagree with or criticise

ChambersM added 18:23 - May 18
the man's an idiot....

"we needed a player to take his time over a freekick, to slow the game down - collect a booking if need be."

1. He, like all managers these days are always saying, "i want to see the game played properly"...this is evidence that that is bull****.

2. He disciplined leadbitter for picking up too many bookings last season and getting banned, and yet he wants more of this. He doesn't seem to think about things before he says them and makes so many contradictory comments!!

Agree with 'naa' about the midfielder, when keane makes these comments about a type of player, the chances are its going to be a central midfielder. He wants another leadbitter, but maybe a bit bigger and stronger, when in-fact if we're going to get another central midfielder we would want another player like garvan, CREATIVITY. But the truth is we dont need ANY of these, we need pace upfront, but keane doesnt seem to acknowledge this. :S

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