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Jewell Aiming to End Conveyor Belt Culture
Jewell Aiming to End Conveyor Belt Culture
Tuesday, 3rd Apr 2012 08:42

Blues boss Paul Jewell says he aims to bring to an end the “conveyor belt” of players moving in and out of Portman Road.

Although looking to add to his squad in the summer, Jewell feels it’s important that there is greater stability at the club in the future: “I’ve had a long conversation with the players and one of the things that’s come out of that chat is that it’s been like a conveyor belt of players here.

“Whether that’s loan players or players coming in and then getting sold, and I’ve been a part of that. I think it’s important that we get some continuity here, where there are people actually here, living in the area and committed.

I’m not saying that those lads aren’t committed but there’s something about people who are here permanently. Loan players can think, ‘I can always go back to my permanent club, I’m only here for three months or whatever it is’. We want to improve that togetherness and I think the players will thrive on that.”

Chief executive Simon Clegg recently told TWTD that he had completed 47 permanent and loan signings since joining the club in April 2009, 44 different players plus Jack Colback, Daryl Murphy and Jimmy Bullard who have all been signed twice, a total which Jewell admits is far too many: “It is ridiculous and I take responsibility for my part in that. As I’ve said a few times this year, we were searching for a formula rather than getting a plan and [sticking to it].

“Me and Marcus have sat down on lots of occasions. We know where we want to go. Maybe we’ve got to make sure that the way we want to go is the right way rather than at times just trying to find short-term fixes. We’ve got to plan for the future.

“It’s difficult because people want instant success. When we made a lot of signings in the summer, I think people thought ‘great’ and some of those signings have been smashing , don’t get me wrong, but we’ve got to have a long-term plan and stick with it if possible and be strong when it doesn’t work out at times.”

Meanwhile, Town will reveal the two new kits for next season on Thursday. The club have produced a website in preparation for the launch.

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blueoff added 08:49 - Apr 3
Does that mean, no more blunders like Ingimarsson, Ellington, Stockdale, McCarthy etc etc, thanks then paul

Karlosfandangal added 08:55 - Apr 3
Longer contracts would help

Why did we offer Hyam 6 months then 1 year.
We have alot of people who have been in football a long time, Good football people,
So they must be able to see if a player has a futrue or not, if so sign them up.

We gave Ellington a two year contract !!!!!!!!

bontcho added 08:57 - Apr 3
We certainly need long term thinking. Sensible fans understand that sometimes these thing stake time and gradual improvement (a la Burley in the late 90s) will be understood. I'd like to see us sign three or four players this summer. They being Murphy on a permanent deal, a keeper, a centre back and a back up right back. Successful teams probably have that level of churn in squads I'd suggest.

bluelady added 08:58 - Apr 3
The only blunder about Stockdale blueoff was the fact he had to go back, great keeper otherwise playing behind a terrible defence. Would you like to balance your view with the positives of Murphy, Creswell, Chopra, Drury etc?? PJ my requests are sign Murphy then two CBs and a GK....RB would be nice too, I thank you!

Karlosfandangal added 09:00 - Apr 3
Will that mean he will look to sign Murphy then, played a major part in the team this year.

The worry is that loads of people have said on here that the turn over of players is too high, yet Magilton Keane and now it taken Jewell 18 months to work that one out

As I said before how many players did Robson bring in, in his 13 years at the club
Think Jewell brought in more in his first season.

How many people said Clegg cant close a deal!!!!!! 47 so far

blueblood66 added 09:01 - Apr 3
A plan, that would be a good start!! Unreal. So it comes out, we have no plan. No wonder this club has stagnated in the past 4 to 5 years.

bluelady added 09:07 - Apr 3
Blueblood he is saying we have had plans but if it hasn't worked out we have changed, starting I guess with the sacking of Jim....... when things haven't worked out as the plan we have panic bought or taken out loans. What he is alluding to is sometimes the plan may go off track but sticking to that plan rather than knee jerk reactions like sackings, panic buying or loaning players etc is what we need. I guess standing by PJ when it was all going horribly wrong is a good start, its having the balls to do that again in other aspects of the club when fans are screaming out for change........

RetroBlue added 09:09 - Apr 3
Of course an alternative view is "we'll have to make do with what we have, all bar the odd recruitment" because of the new rules on expenditure relating to generated income- which at ITFC puts us firmly in the slow lane !

Marshalls_Mullet added 09:10 - Apr 3

Murphy (try to keep!)

They are all decent players at this level to challenge for the first team, and backup would be;

Bullard (no one else will take him)

I think Leadbitter is gone already.

We have a fairly decent squad to build on, no need for wholesale changes. Plus some decent youngsters like Lawrence and Wight potentially coming through.

newboy added 09:23 - Apr 3
Here we go again the fans have been saying this for a year he has royally fuffed up and now he pretends its his idea that players need longer contracts and we need stability . I only hope in his next chat with ME he gives him the boot and we can all move on

MaySixth added 09:40 - Apr 3
I am happy about this statement of intent. It makes sense and shows the confidence Jewell must feel that Evans has in him.

I'm assuming that we will be trimming to the squad initally rather than adding to it and possibly Elliington and Bullard are at the top of that list? Based on on-field performance and wages.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 09:41 - Apr 3
Yeah newboy, thats just what we need, another change of manager and the subsequent change of players, just when the current one looks to be making progress. Brilliant.

walberswick added 09:57 - Apr 3
What a mouth! What a mouth! What a North and South!
Blimey what a mouth he's got

So we start yet another plan in May.

BillBlue added 10:09 - Apr 3
Well, at last, the thinking has caught up with that of the fans! I have believed for quite a long time that if the heat was taken off Paul Jewell he would turn into an excellent Manager for us and I see this as another right step in that direction. One of the things I like about Paul is his ability to change a game at half time which was one of Bobby Robson's many great assets. Newboy the pertinent part of your name is the last syllable, try growing up then you can change that bit to 'man'! COYB

itfc1981 added 10:15 - Apr 3
If our management could sign decent players in the first place there would be no need for a high turnover of players.

A cat 1academywould also have help.

naa added 10:17 - Apr 3
newboy: what an idiotic comment! Are you jas in disguise? Sure, PJs time in charge has hardly been plain sailing, but are you denying that things seem to be heading in the right direction? We have a stable matchday squad, are in the top 4 on form over the last 12 games (that's a quarter of a season, so is enough to suggest it's not just a flash in the pan) and several players are showing real improvement. And you want PJ sacked? On what grounds? That's he's too Scouse?

You fool.

As long as this isn't all talk, and PJ adds sensibly in the summer (we all know where we need strengthening) and we start the season as we're finishing this one and there'll be real hope for next year.

Guthrum added 10:21 - Apr 3
There's an element of truth in what Retroblue says, some of this is down to the new financial rules. However, I see it more that in the past, well-financed clubs have been able to throw money at the problem of non-performance, buying and buying in the search for that star player who will fire up their season. All the time pushing up prices as it becomes a seller's market. Continuity and team spirit were sacrificed at the altar of quick success (before bankruptcy sets in).

Blueoff - has there ever been a football manager who has only signed good players? There'll always be some duffers.

Now that is no longer going to be the case, due to the FFP rules. Far from putting us at a disadvantage, early readiness could give us the jump on other clubs who will have to prune harder and faster to conform. Maybe we can get rid of this ridiculous transfer window charade, now that spending will no longer be unlimited?

As for "plans", there is no plan which guarantees success in football (even "let's spend vast buckets of cash" - look at Leicester). I'd rather the manager spent time searching for a formula that works than coming in with a set plan which is too rigid and can't be made to fit the team.

Pleased that the players, manager and owner are all thinking long-term.

walberswick added 10:39 - Apr 3
We will end this season in a worse position than last year, lower in the table, half a first team squad, and less money to spend.

As for being a judge of player he hasn't made any money in his transfers of players has probably cost the club a £8-10 million loss so far. ( BTW Cresswell was a Keane target)

I'm sure Jewel can't quite believe he still has a job after such a pathetic season and now having to admit he didn't have a clue what he was doing this year.

It would never be easier to start again with a new manager, PJ has not built any thing so far,so we wouldn't be tearing anything apart.

It seems the like fans and the management have a an old Suffolk problem. Too patient and stupid.

muhrensleftfoot added 10:50 - Apr 3
I think we should stick with PJ, because changing manager regularly has the same effect as changing the players all the time. Nevertheless, I do think PJ makes too many mistakes which to most people are pretty obvious. Certainly wholesale changes to the team every season is no good, as it takes too long to jell. Don't want to see any new midfielders this close season even if Leadbitter & Bowyer depart. Let's just get a goalkeeper, a right footed centre back & a right back, then we're sorted. Perhaps try to get Murphy on permanent terms.

Blue041273 added 11:02 - Apr 3

Good comments. However we are not in the strongest position to 'give us the jump on other clubs' purely because of the wages we are already paying to some of our players. The message is out that players will have to be realistic with their contract expectations in future but it is unlikely that players of proven quality at Championship level will readily accept swingeing cuts in their earnings. Therefore, as Retroblue has warned we may well find that we are being prepared for a time when we will not be able to compete with the top echelon of clubs in the division in terms of attracting good players. In fact, pretty much like the BFJ days which when you think back weren't all that bad.

PaulSlocombe added 11:23 - Apr 3
I'm still not convinced by Jewell, and reading the comments above, a number of others are like me. Irrespective of that, he is here for another season unless he screws up before Christmas.

For me, the key to next season is whether Leadbitter stays or not. Our good run coincided with him out of the team. I accept he has played well since coming back, but the team hasn't. He does not seem to be able to make a decent partnership with anyone else. He is static off the ball, does not create space and with him in the team we never dominate midfield. Hyam doesn't score goals (yet) but he is twice the team player Leadbitter is.

irishtim added 11:24 - Apr 3
Yes stick wiyh pj 4 decent signings in plenty of time not last minute, with a few young lads coming through and get rid of deadwood and maybe just maybe we can get promoted next year.

MintyHalfWit added 11:46 - Apr 3
What's going on here? Why this mea culpa from the hapless Jewell? The dullest-witted of fans knows that management on the playing side of the club (selling, buying, loaning, contracting) has been abysmal. Jewell doesn't need to say all this. Maybe he's blaming the mystery owner for forcing him to run the team on such a shoddy basis. Or is it a subtle season-ticket selling ploy, offering the promise of something different to come next August? Whatever it is, it is deeply unconvincing. Jewell is an uninspiring manager. The recent run of form shows Town can hold their own in any Championship company. Provided they field a side that is settled, that has built a team spirit, something long missing in the Jewell era. And provided Jewell is prevented from tinkering. I'm afraid I'm in the 'Jewell Out' camp.

Two phrases in the piece stand out. 1. 'Actually live in the area'. Fans might hope this means recruiting local talent. In fact, it says live in Surrey, but rent a studio in the Marina so you can tell fans you are local and so you can make training on time. 2 'instant success' Town fans would happily accept the slow but steady build of an entertaining, successful and sincere side.

Langdon_Blue added 11:47 - Apr 3
Well done to ME for sticking with PJ. I don't think many fans were confident he was the right man for the job around Christmas (me included), however no one can complain about the progress made in 2012. Let's hope we build on this form next season. Wasn't Alex Ferguson one game from being sacked at Man Utd in his first 18 months?? Who know, the Britannia stand could become the Paul Jewell stand yet! ;-)

Tractorog added 12:14 - Apr 3
I hope that PJ is so successful they name a stand after him in future... lets just hope its not one with a video display in it.

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