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Connor: Mick's Delighted
Saturday, 2nd Feb 2013 18:40

Assistant boss Terry Connor said manager Mick McCarthy was delighted with the Blues’ 4-0 victory over Middlesbrough when he spoke to him after the game. Tommy Smith headed in twice from corners with strikers David McGoldrick and Aaron Mclean notching their first goals for Town in between.

Connor said: “He’s absolutely delighted with it, I spoke to him after the game. He was absolutely delighted with the result and the manner of the performance.”

The Blues assistant says McCarthy called in sick at lunchtime having missed training throughout the week due to a virus: “He’s probably just getting over it.

“He’s been really struggling for two or three days and today I think he felt he would be able to get in but every time he stands up he doesn’t feel great, he just feels weak and very tired, and he just felt it wasn’t a day for him to come in.

“I think it’s the first time in 21 years of his managerial career that he’s had to miss his team play. It was good that we got the result for him and hopefully he’ll feel a whole lot better.”

He added: “About half-past 12, a quarter to one today, he just couldn’t get in. He wished me all the best, said ‘You know what you’re doing, get on and do it’, and thankfully the lads responded really well and we won the game 4-0. I know he feels a lot better about it afterwards and he’ll be back to work on Monday, hopefully.

“If you can’t be there, you’re going to wonder about everything, but it’s nice that he’s able to say ‘I can come back to work on Monday, we’re three points better off, with a good performance, the strikers scoring, a clean sheet’. We’ve had a good day in terms of that.”

Connor says there was no communication between the pair during the game: “I spoke to him before the game and after the game but not during the game. At the end his message to the team was that they did really well, they performed well and got a good result and he’d see them all on Monday.

“We’ve been in constant conversations about the team and the preparation all week. I think Mick trusts me enough to know that I’ll carry them out to the letter, so the team was well prepared and with the information and the feedback he got from me, he was able to pick a team, which he did.

“I did exactly the same things, other than making subs at the appropriate times. But speaking to the lads and the preparation for the game was very much the same, I just had to fill in the blanks that the gaffer normally does and thankfully the lads listened and went out and performed really well and went out and managed to get the win.”

Last week at Bristol City, the Blues conceded a crucial equaliser just after half-time. This week, Boro had an opportunity, but then Town struck back immediately.

“There are always those times in the game when you can look back and think that if that happened, it could have been a different result altogether,” Connor said.

“Last week we got caught and ended up losing the game 2-1 and everyone forgets the manner of the performance.

“This week, we got away with it, [Lukas Jutkiewicz] headed it six inches past the post and within two or three minutes we’d scored the second goal and we then blossomed, grew in confidence and belief and went on to win the game 4-0 and everyone’s talking about a good performance and a good result, but that was a turning point in the game.”

The former Leeds striker was delighted for Tommy Smith, who netted his first brace for the Blues from a corner in either half: “It’s one of those things, it’s a bit of payback for all the times Tommy’s been in there and nearly scored, the flight of the ball’s just beaten him or something.

“You have to keep persevering and this week’s it’s Tommy’s week to get his head on two corners and produce two headers like he did, which were superb headers and he got two goals from them today.”

Lee Martin missed out due to a hamstring problem, Connor confirmed: “He finished training yesterday and he complained of tightness in a hamstring. We thought there was no problem and the physios dealt with it.

“But he came in this afternoon and it didn’t feel right. I spoke to the physio and we just thought we were taking a huge risk if we’d asked him to play today.”

Today’s result was Boro’s fourth loss on the trot and manager Tony Mowbray felt it was amongst their worst performances during that run: “It hasn’t all been bad, we’ve had some pretty decent performances in this poor run of results.

“And yet today was a poor performance. Derby County a couple of weeks ago was a poor performance, we could hold up an excuse of having a lot of players out injured in that game, but we couldn’t today.

“There’s no excuse for today’s performance, we came here in a really positive mood, thinking we were coming to win today.

“We’ve got two home games coming up and we were hoping to push on and really threaten the top two again and we have to react to today’s performance.”

The former Blues skipper had praise for his old side: “Ipswich are a hard team to play against, they’re a very honest team. They’re 4-4-2 and work extremely hard.

“Generally our game is based around the fluency of moving the ball in midfield and playing between the lines and they didn’t allow us to do that today. We got a bit frustrated that we couldn’t move the ball about the pitch.

“Ipswich out of possession are a decent football team, and yet if they were scoring four every week they wouldn’t be where they are in the league.

“They’ve obviously had problems scoring goals and they probably wish they could play against us every week. We’re better than we showed today, otherwise we wouldn’t be sitting in the top six.”

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wkj added 18:57 - Feb 2
Mick ain't the only delighted one! COYB In Mick (and Terry) we trust!

martleshamitfc added 19:00 - Feb 2
Did MM listen to Radio Suffolk's commentary or does he have a live link to watch the game from home?

TractorBoy666 added 19:15 - Feb 2
Terrific performance and we actually created chances without a certain Lee Martin today. McGoldrick was great today, and so was Mclean and them two linked up very well today I thought. All in all, the new players are jelling well and Wordsworth looked okay too. Shame we can't get these kind of victories against the teams below us? Can enjoy all the football goals tonight now, thanks lads! Well done Terry too!

manualthetisfanclub added 19:22 - Feb 2
Played well today,goldie played well again and deserved his goal!,and even dyer lasted 90 mins,unbelievable!!!!

northdevonblue added 19:31 - Feb 2
Well done Terry, what you do should never be under rated.

bluelady added 19:32 - Feb 2
Thought Edwards had much better game too and deserved a goal! He had a cracking strike just needs to believe. Didnt miss Martin and well done for keeping with loach he will only get better. Who needs DJ and his inflated wages? Think mcoldrick could be the snip of season

Sindre94 added 19:45 - Feb 2
This win was so good... Makes the weekend so much better

jas0999 added 20:03 - Feb 2
Excellent result. Mick and terry are a great partnership. Question is, can we keep them? It will be up to Evans and clegg to convince them that loan signings are a thing of the past.

Really enjoyed today's game.

Mark added 20:08 - Feb 2
A superb performance today, well done to all the team. Strong performances all over the pitch - the defence the most solid it has been in a long while, a midfield with real bite, and a potent attack.

I look forward to when it is confirmed David McGoldrick has signed a permanent deal, as how many Ipswich players have scored a goal like that over recent years? I thought his all round play was excellent.

I'm not sure Dyer was worth his £10K today, if that's what he gets. He was tidy enough but played nearly all short passes just like Leadbitter. I am glad we didn't go for Kieron.

Cakeman added 21:25 - Feb 2
Well done lads, great performance which cheered us up on a winter's afternoon. It's been a long time since I came away from Portman Road in such a happy mood. Couldn't fault anyone. The new lads started their Town life very well as we'll.
Ps I hope we can sign N'Daw at the end of the season because this man just gets better and better. Completely bossed the midfield again, helped by the impressive 'One of our own' Hyam.

blueherts added 21:32 - Feb 2
From back to front a great team performance - The spine of the team is great and Stearman has added to the defence
Creswell delivery excellent
Do pleased Mcgoldrick scored as I do beleive he will keep doing it

Interesting that DJ still has had trouble finding a club willing to pay him what eh wants
Blackburn - yes they might - with Dumb and Dumber at the helm
Money cant buy you success and MM knows what a player is worth
GREAT JOB TODAY - So good to have a proper Number 2 working alongside MM

oioihardy added 21:34 - Feb 2
This is where you see the class difference between Mick and terry and Jewell ! :-) coyb ! such a good result, Mick wins from his bed ! ;-) :-)

StuartBrett8 added 21:37 - Feb 2
Everyone's delighted :)

delias_cheesy_flaps added 21:37 - Feb 2
Cock comment of the year 201 "can we keep'em".....WTF R U ON???

TractorBeezer added 21:39 - Feb 2
Sounds like a great performance from everyone.
Key factors for me are:
Loach was selected...that's good for confidence.
Our strikers McGoldrick and Mclean played well and notched their first goals with us...also good for confidence
Stearman played very well and according to Mick Mills is better than Orr and in turn helped Edwards to raise his game
Midfield was very effective
Tommy Smith was magnificent and got two goals from set plays...its good to see him develop so well.

I was also impressed with Terry's post match interview ...he was calm and modest yet self assured. I sense that MM and TC have the players' respect which bodes well for us securing a mid-table finish and building from there.

Surco72 added 21:59 - Feb 2
Loved todays game .Last week i said Dyer was better than anything we had in our midfield ,that is why MM is a manager and i am not !! ( Still think we should have kept hold of Scotland though )
Great decision to keep Loach in goal he has done nothing wrong and this will boost his confidence .
Defence was excellent but with Tommys goals he will take the plaudits ,a captain in the waiting for me . Edwards looked better with Stearman behind him but needs performances like this more often .
McGoldrick may be the real deal and would rather have him after reading all the Campbell rubbish ,but still not sold on McClean but time will tell .
Cresswell should have been taking set pieces for the last two years .
Did anyone recognise that Leadbitter bloke Boro had ? looked like a useless player we once had who a number of supporters said would take us apart ,what a joke .
Need more games like this Town and a sensible top half finish ready for next season

brittaniaman added 22:26 - Feb 2
Terrific performance today lads, came away happy for a change,,, it is amazing how we put up a good display against top teams !!! DId you all notice when the subbed players came off the pitch Terry gave them all a big hug !!! That is why Mick and Terry are a good man management team and respect the players !!!!!
I could not see the Dark Lord doing that !!!!!

warwickblue added 22:50 - Feb 2
Fantastic performance. Great game and crucial points.
On a slightly different matter who the f*** was responsible for bricking up the subways by The Curve and then erecting about half a mile of crash barriers on Civic Drive, with no pedestrian access to the other side of the road on a match day? I had to ask someone to help me lift my 83 year old Dad across the raised island in the middle of the road. It could only happen in Ipswich. £21 million and they forgot about people needing to get to Portman Road.

TractorBeezer added 23:30 - Feb 2
If McGoldrick, Maclean and company can keep up this form we don't need DJ...although he did a good job during our hour of need. Anyway, we can't afford him! Also do I detect a character flaw?

Talbs77 added 00:28 - Feb 3
Hate to say I predicted a town win, but I did :-) (check previous post in a non believer).

I just thought like a lot of fans do that we have always tended to play better against better quality teams, not that Boro displayed much quality altho all credit to town for that!

I thought we were excellent today from pretty much the first minute against a poor looking Boro.

I was bemoaning why Mclean was playing before the game but him and McGoldrick worked really hard and linked up well all game with a quality flick on by Mclean put Mcgoldrick through only for the goalie to make a save in the first half.

For me, Tommy Smith looks like the player we always hoped he would be when he broke into the team all those years ago. What a collosus of a centre back he is becoming. Game by game looking more confident and stronger. No doubt the next captain of the club.

Mind you, I thought the current captain had a good finish to the game as well.

Overall the performance of the season and somthing to really build on.

R_LAMB3 added 01:39 - Feb 3
We have to sign McGoldrick on a long contract as soon as posible bacause this lad is going to be huge and his work rate is second to none plus he knows where the goal is and i can see him getting loads of goals for Town.
He is going to be worth millions one day so get him signed and sealed as soon as possible before the poachers come in after him.
Wordsworth looks a decent player as well.

PJewellisaGod added 07:41 - Feb 3
Sad to only see 21 comments on this story after having won 4-0.
4-0 guys- an excellent win!!
Maybe its the concern about what is happening below us. I am sure every fan is aware how all the bottom 10 clubs seem to be winning at the mo.
Scotland had a great 25 mins for Barnsley apparently. The fans can't believe they have got such a gifted goalscorer on a free. Second to none as an impact sub. He's been rated 10/10 in both games so far by fans.
Could prove our costliest mistake. Should have given them Ellington instead

Keaneish added 09:22 - Feb 3
Delighted with today's performance and result. Some shocking stats on the radio ahead of the game, 37 players used this season, 20 debutants and 4 different leaders on the touch line!

Great to see we're keeping faith with partnerships and contracted players. Chambers and Smith looking solid, Hyam and N'Daw looking tireless and McGoldrick and McLean geting in the goals.

The objective is still 5 more wins from our remaining 16 fixtures though and here's hoping we follow this up with another win Saturday!

What for Martin now?

NSL added 11:01 - Feb 3
Boro are literally the worst side I have seen at PR for years, taking nothing away from our performance. I am truly amazed they are in the top 6, I mean with Leadbitter and Dyer in the middle, Woodgate - Jesus! and Emnes was totally useless. All you need is a bit of consistency and promotion is pretty much a given.

yorksblue added 11:18 - Feb 3
Mustn't mention Martin. He's too precious to us!

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