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Samuel: My Faith is Important to Me
Monday, 3rd Apr 2017 18:39

New Town signing Dominic Samuel has revealed his devotion to God and how his faith plays an important part in his life.

The on-loan Reading striker, who made his debut for the club in Saturday’s 1-1 home draw with Birmingham City, said: “I am a big believer in God. He says the hard work pays off and you get something out of it and I strongly believe in that.

“I’ve seen it as well. Even with my family there have been times in the past when they had to work hard to be where they are today. I feel that if they can do it I can do it and that’s what really motivates me as well.”

Samuel, who netted twice in three games for the England U19 side in the 2011/12 season and was born in the London borough of Southwark, explained how his belief was inspired by his parents.

He added: “I’m closer to my dad because he is more into football. My mum is more there for the support. I speak to my dad about football a lot and he just tells me how it is. He has a strong belief in God as well. I always talk to him after games and training sessions.

“He comes to every home game so we talk about the stuff I could improve on and he’s a big part of my life.

“I see football as about 90 per cent mental. If you’ve had a long day training it’s nice to go and see your family to take your mind off football for a bit.

“For me it plays a big part. If you get worked up about something it can affect your football. I go and see my parents, my brother and my niece as well. If you’re relaxed and with your family, football can run along smoothly.

“I always pray before games and even before I go out to train. I always give thanks to Him before I get on the pitch. Sometimes in the changing room I’ll just do it privately. I put my shirt on my lap, bow my head and talk to God.

“I thank him for giving me the life and the talent, and the support I have back home.

“I give thanks to Him for being where I am today and He normally talks back to me. When I have a good performance I know He heard me before the game.

“I enjoyed sending the pass out to Wardy for the goal on Saturday and when the game finished and I was walking off the pitch, I gave thanks to God.”

Photo: BBC Suffolk

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MooseJuice added 19:01 - Apr 3
Good on ya lad!

Think we'll all be praying a bit harder before the next seven games.

legoman added 19:48 - Apr 3
I think you are great but I am offended. You are bringing up your faith leaving no room for people like me that detests religion and all it stands for to escape Gav and Phils wrath. Religion is a private matter and should be left at home.

Lathers added 20:58 - Apr 3
I love random sh*t like this. Brilliant. Why has he shared this, why has this story been published?! 😂😂😂

DaGremloid added 21:49 - Apr 3
Legoman, what the heck are you on? I hear loads of stuff in life that I disagree with but I don't get on my high horse and act like a gobsh*te. His religion is important to him and he doesn't mind acknowledging it - it is part of who he is, like it or not. I'd much rather read stuff like this than about some spoilt premiership brat posing in front of his new £200,000 car saying 'come and have a look at what I can afford'. What on earth is offensive about Dominic Samuel's comments. If you must be a complete numpty then I'm offended by your narrow-minded, busybody, 'oh-isn't-it trendy-to diss-religion' comment.

RaymondovicBlue added 22:11 - Apr 3
Fascinating exchange of views!

I'm sure I can do nothing of myself to change anyone's mind about faith in God, or not, or in self, or in anything or anyone, or no-one or nothing... it is a choice we all have to make and live by.

But personally, I sign up to this site for discussion - to read other peoples' opinion and to allow it to shape mine ... both the players in the text and the people who reply. I usually try to stick to the football comments in both story and forum comments ... and Samuel has a lot of football in him ... hopefully he'll score a few this season for us ... hopefully SOMEONE will !!

I personally don't pray for Town to win, (although it has been known to pray for Norwich to have lost as well when we do!!) but I hope they do, and support them every game.

Can we all agree to AGREE that we are all VERY different people, with very different backgrounds and outlooks on life ... and pull together ?

Maybe that's just a vain hope?

But I dare to hope it!

Bert added 22:11 - Apr 3
I am sorry to say it but there are far too many posters on TWTD that are a total embarrassment. The balance has gone and so has the ability to be critical without giving offence. All the stories today may be gnetting a bit stale but so best to ignore them rather than be offensive. Thankfully a section of the North Stand that has lost the plot is not representative of most people who simply want to back their team and hope that MM decides for footballing reasons that his time is up . I accept that MM comes out with some strange stuff but in the absence of a proper chairman that's what happens.

midastouch added 22:47 - Apr 3
Sounds like he's good a good positive attitude and has his feet firmly on the ground. I looked him up on YouTube as soon as I signed him and loved his sweet top corner effort in training. Let's be honest, we have next to no fire power since the departure of Murphy, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise we need to try something else up top. This guy got a hatrick in an U23 game so he's got to be worth a try.

midastouch added 22:49 - Apr 3
" we signed him" I meant lol! The last player I signed was Ed. Cavani on Fifa 17, now wouldn't that be nice!

JohnyJohnson added 23:11 - Apr 3
Legoman, how is you sharing your belief system acceptable and Samuel doing the same unacceptable? Surely that's two faced and you are shooting yourself down with that comment? My grandad died for freedom and democracy. He is simply saying how important it is for his football routine, fair play to him IMO.

parkinshair added 23:47 - Apr 3
Whatever your religious views he comes across as a grounded, nice lad. Good luck to him.

Tractamatt added 01:07 - Apr 4
A young lad who I think is talented and would be a very welcome permanent addition to our team, who is also obviously educated and has a belief that means as much to him as kicking a football does and it causes people offence. Take a long look at yourselves and hang your heads because people like this young man don't just bring hope to our club but also our wider lives and can have great positive influence on our communities. Legoman you are the only offensive thing on this post.

bobble added 05:00 - Apr 4
he will be disappointed when he finds out there are no gods...the sooner the better, so he can concentrate on the present rather than some imaginary future...

Keaneish added 06:39 - Apr 4
Doesn't say what religion he follows. Anyone any the wiser?

sirmichealmills added 07:27 - Apr 4
“I give thanks to Him for being where I am today and He normally talks back to me. When I have a good performance I know He heard me before the game".

Well done lad, I think that more should be done to promote mental health awareness in football

leahcar88 added 07:30 - Apr 4
I like this guy, I also believe in God, I don't follow a religion.

tractorshark added 07:35 - Apr 4
Give the guy a break.
Regardless of whether you believe in religion or not, he comes over as a decent, humble bloke.
If he finds strength from sharing a collective faith, good for him.
It's newsworthy because not many footballers do say things like this.
But why should he keep it quiet?
The only people who take offence are so narrow-minded it's embarrassing.


Dissboyitfc added 07:49 - Apr 4
Nothing offensive in this, no bad language like a McCarthy interview.

He sounds like a decent guy!

bluelady added 09:33 - Apr 4
How anyone can knock a lad who believes hard work pays off, and that his talent us something to be great full for ( and not take as some arrogant right) is beyond me. Good on you lad, whether any of us believe in a God is totally irrelevant! He isn't preaching simply proud in what he believes.

baxter67 added 09:48 - Apr 4
Great that he is able to talk about his faith openly very much like Josh Emmanuel ( God with us ) The idea that religion is a private matter and shouldn't be spoke about publicly sounds a bit oppresive. Footballers are profiled in the media and asked about all aspects of their lives from favorite foods to preferred holiday destinations. Why not his faith.One thing for sure is his faith will have made him more humble and level headed. Football needs people like him. Sign him up

essextractorboy93 added 10:10 - Apr 4
Some of the comments here are so disrespectful its horrible to read.

He sounds like a decent guy, give the guy a break. He has played 15 mins for us, people are frustrated about our current situation but don't take it out on the lad.

coolcat added 11:36 - Apr 4
I was quite impressed when he came on, on Saturday. Was looking forward to his first team debut after his hattrick in the U23. Seems like a very grounded person, as well. Good luck to him. . Very promising.

silkcutblue added 12:48 - Apr 4
How is mick still in a job, GOD only knows

BlueandTruesince82 added 14:37 - Apr 4
Will need more than god on our side?

NBVJohn added 16:57 - Apr 4
I'm not remotely religious, but he's not doing anyone any harm, and from what I read he's also not forcing his views on anyone.
Legoland, you need to think things through a bit more carefully before posting.
As a club we are in a mess that is far more serious than whether MM picks Douglas or not or even the season we are enduring - the whole thing is a total shambles from top to bottom.
If this blokes faith helps him to do his best for us, and he's not doing anyone any harm, how can you find offence in this?

happybeingblue added 17:46 - Apr 4
I think Legoman is indicating that the flag of religion brings most of the worlds troubles in the modern society we live in, control,oppression, homophobia etc. But sticking to the football good luck young man.

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