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Celina Learning So Much at Town
Wednesday, 6th Dec 2017 15:56

Loanee Bersant Celina says he’s learning a lot from Blues boss Mick McCarthy and his Town team-mates. The 21-year-old, who is on loan for the season from Manchester City, has already scored seven goals for Town having made 10 starts and eight sub appearances.

“I am learning so much from the manager here,” the Kosovan international told iFollow Ipswich.

“The philosophy is different from City and that is what I need right now. I have to do the defending side as well as look to do things going forward. I’m in a really good place to learn.

“There are a lot of very talented players here, like Didzy [David McGoldrick] and Waggy [Martyn Waghorn] and I can learn from them. Nearly all the players are older than me and I look up to them. I learn from them. 

“Waggy has shown how talented he is with the goals he scores. If I can watch him and add what he does to my game, then great. It’s going to make me a better player.”

Meanwhile, former Blues boss Joe Royle has left his role as professional development coordinator at Everton, a position he has held since July 2014.

“While it just feels like the right time for me to take a break, I’ll still be around the place," the 68-year-old said.

"I’ve been coming to Goodison for more than 60 years and I’m not going to stop now. I’ve always been an Evertonian and I will always be an Evertonian.”

Photo: TWTD

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CanadianBlue added 16:02 - Dec 6
Can we get Joe in to replace the guy who joined Norwich?


Rensham added 17:03 - Dec 6
And remember to say, "“I am learning so much from the manager here”

cooper4england added 17:20 - Dec 6
I've always said you can learn as much from a bad manager as you can from a good! 😆

Actually I am merely jumping on the bandwagon and think this is a huge compliment to MM. Man City have recognised that bersant needs developing and I am sure a host of clubs lined up for him so there must be a reason they chose us and that is that they know we will develop parts of his game he was lacking.

Pilgrimblue added 17:40 - Dec 6
He's done very well to adapt. Against Wednesday he was behind Kenlock at times but for me the important issue is creating a good pairing with Jonas . Together they could make big contribution .

BotesdaleBlue added 17:52 - Dec 6
This is very good to hear. It seems that early in the season, things were not quite right between him and MM for whatever reason, resulting in his lack of game time.

Now he has pushed on and really estabished himself and has quickly developed a goal scoring knack. Certainly, 7 goals by early December for a midfielder with limited appearance time early on is fantastic.

I'm confident he will reach double figures if he can stay fit. Wouldn't it be great to have at least three players reach double figures in a season - when was the last time that happened!

Kentish_Tractor added 18:00 - Dec 6
I agree that this loan is a good move for both parties.

Obviously on our part, we get a highly-skillful winger who can unlock defences and chips in with a few goals.

I also think MM is the right manager for Bersant. Regardless of what you think of Mick, he demands discipline of his players. A key part of the Guardiola philosophy is not just attacking intent - it is also that they press high and do not give the opposition a moment's rest. This is the side of the game Bersant will learn here. When he arrived he was very much a showman, but he is slowly maturing into a much better all-round player. Although at the time I didn't agree with consistently dropping him at the start of the season, maybe he needed that as additional motivation, and hopefully now he's been rewarded with his place that he is keeping it on merit.

Keep up the good work lad.

Rensham added 18:12 - Dec 6
Oh yes MM bases his tactics and training on Pep Guardiola. Everyone can see that.

Lathers added 18:29 - Dec 6
As far as I'm concerned he's played well from his first game, and I still think it's a joke that it's taken this long for MM to play him regularly. Let's not forget his inclusion came because the fans called for him to start, coupled with the abuse MM was getting for his usual negative team selection and tactics which led to 7 defeats in 9. How many of those games would we have won or drawn had Celina played? I'm delighted he's enjoying himself and hope he continues to be one of our stand out players...

Bluearmy71 added 18:29 - Dec 6
I think its a bloody huge insult to Bersant Celina's command of the English language to have subtitles on the video tbh!

That aside, good to hear from him!

Kikapu added 18:38 - Dec 6
Pleased to see a bit of humility and maturity from the young and gifted lad. That should take him far. There has never been any about his attacking ability but he learnt quickly that if he was to establish a place in the team he was going to have to be prepared to play his full part in the team's defensive set-up as well.

cat added 18:45 - Dec 6
Ha! Bluearmy71 touched on the subject, cause from my perspective the only thing he’ll improve on under MM opposed to Guardiola is his English, and that’s debatable!! POTATOES!

itfchorry added 18:59 - Dec 6
Get Big Joe to replace McCarthy

Monkey_Blue added 19:09 - Dec 6
It F.C.hory- name a youngster who royle have a debut to that became a regular... there may be a couple but can’t think of any... his regular side after it was HIS side had 8 over 30s.
MM has been far happier to let the kids play.

Monkey_Blue added 19:09 - Dec 6
It F.C.hory- name a youngster who royle have a debut to that became a regular... there may be a couple but can’t think of any... his regular side after it was HIS side had 8 over 30s.
MM has been far happier to let the kids play.

Monkey_Blue added 19:09 - Dec 6
It F.C.hory- name a youngster who royle have a debut to that became a regular... there may be a couple but can’t think of any... his regular side after it was HIS side had 8 over 30s.
MM has been far happier to let the kids play.

unknown100 added 19:27 - Dec 6
Scary to think how good he is and the depth the city academy that he will never get near that team

itfchorry added 19:49 - Dec 6
Monkey -

Seem to remember we had 26,000 watching us
under Big Joe compared with the 14,000 under MCCarthy.

Can't remember Big Joe ever slating the fans either.

Kikapu added 20:31 - Dec 6
Not exactly an answer to Monkey Blue's question, itfchorry. You working for Trumpf by any chance?
Celina has given credit to MM's leadership as well to the influence of the other senior players in the team. Do you think he's lying, or are you going to not answer another question?

itfchorry added 21:06 - Dec 6
Kikapu is angry once again this evening -

Have you fallen out with one of your mates -


itfchorry added 21:08 - Dec 6
Also Kikapu thanks for the plus arrow you gave
me - I think that is a first !

acj added 22:24 - Dec 6
Bluearmy71 nothing to do with his command of English, they subtitle all the videos they put up. Makes the content much more accessible to deaf fans or people who speak English as a second language, and comes in handy when an interview pops up on my news feed and I'm out in public on the bus or whatever without my headphones.

Kikapu added 23:00 - Dec 6
itfchorry - not the first plus arrow. I always give you a plus when write a ridiculous comment. Makes me laugh - hence the plus.
Still no answer to any questions, I see. You must have been advising Trumpf on how to deflect questions, I guess.

Currie10 added 08:06 - Dec 7
McCarthy is better with developing kids than people wish to say.

Royle though wasn't shy in giving youth a go!

Disco_Inferno added 08:17 - Dec 7
Answering the question asked earlier - the last time Town had three scorers reaching double figures in the same season (doesn't make any difference whether you include cup goals or not!) was 2007 to 2008 when Walters got 13, Counago and Alan Lee both got 12. Barring injuries it should happen this season and possibly even 4 of them......

Bergholtblue added 09:04 - Dec 7
He has learnt a lot since he has been here.

He had never even heard of hoofball before, now he can play it.

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