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McCarthy Issues Apology for Language
Monday, 19th Feb 2018 13:42

Boss Mick McCarthy has issued an apology for his language while celebrating the Blues’ goal at Carrow Road yesterday, however, he reiterated that the comments, which were caught by TV cameras, were not aimed at Town’s travelling fans.

McCarthy’s “f*** off” after skipper Luke Chambers headed in what appeared to be Town’s winning goal in the 89th minute was widely interpreted to be a reaction to some supporters’ earlier derogatory chants aimed towards him following a substitution.

“It was a big moment for us, coming so late in the game. You can get carried away in situations like that,” McCarthy explained to the club site.

“To be honest, I forgot the cameras were there and can capture every word now. You don’t think about that during the game. For those who were offended by my language, I apologise.

“I’d like to reiterate though that my comments were not aimed at anyone. It was just a reaction to the goal and what it meant at that time.”

Photo: TWTD

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vanmunt added 13:46 - Feb 19
No wonder his nose is so big telling porkies all the time.

DJpatrovers1 added 13:46 - Feb 19
Too late, your time is up Mick. Summer hurry up.

toxtethblue added 13:47 - Feb 19

dirtydingusmagee added 13:47 - Feb 19
spineless ,

titanicclown added 13:50 - Feb 19
Blatant lies!!!

dirtydingusmagee added 13:51 - Feb 19
Evans dosnt give a flying one , .

ScottCandage added 13:52 - Feb 19
Milne showed him the video and had that apology all typed up for him. Possibly told him that the club release this on his behalf or he's fired.

Westy added 13:54 - Feb 19
He is a passionate man. Look at his reaction on Utube when Richard Chaplow scored with virtually the last touch of the game at Watford a few years ago. Personally, I haven't got a problem with it especially if it had been directed at Norwich. A section of the support are not happy with Mick, but I would say they are the vocal minority. I don't know of another manager who could have brought players such as Ryan Fraser, Jonny Williams, Emir Hews, Tom Lawrence, Joe Garner and Martyn Waghorn to Ipswich Town. Yes, I think it is time for a change and that Mick has stayed a season too long, but surely, particularly against our arch rivals, we as a Club should have presented a united front.

ianmarshall10 added 13:54 - Feb 19
He’s apologised let’s move on. Concentrate on supporting the blues for 3 points on Wednesday.

brendenward35 added 13:55 - Feb 19
It's about time someone from the club grew some balls and sacked him for this, not the first time his made these sort of comments to supporters and time for him to leave. He forgets these supporters pay his wages and it's not acceptable behaviour. Come on Marcus his apologised so admits his wrong to have done that, most companies would have sacked member of staff for swear either in public or at the paying public his a disgrace.

Kirtonspanner added 13:57 - Feb 19
Ekey thump!

gunnerblue added 13:57 - Feb 19
Is that it! Not good enough, (it was never going to be), and no one believes you, or for that matter want to believe you, except maybe those too afraid to try something else.......

yungblue added 14:01 - Feb 19
Right to apologise for the language. Regardless whether it was aimed at the fans, Norwich, Tom Dick or Harry. He was representing ITFC on TV and that language is not acceptable.

Utter lie, it’s so bad it’s so funny. You’d have to laugh or else you’ll cry. The whole relationship between McCarthy and the fans is broken beyond repair.

Would imagine (including myself) will not be renewing their season tickets if McCarthy is still their. Around 8,000 would imagine.

P.S - Send me renewal letter Milne when MM has left, otherwise, save the paper.

Penguinblue added 14:01 - Feb 19
Time is up.

Just go. Walk or please spineless ones sack the foul mouthed one

McCarthy out

blueboy1981 added 14:02 - Feb 19
........ unless it's aimed at someone - only a nutcase would suddenly blurt out 'f-ck off' to no one.

It backfired on you within seconds, and rebounded big time when they equalised. Be a man, and own up.

In doing so he showed his true colours - and they are not Blue/ White, unless that's the colour of his pay advice.

smellmycheese added 14:06 - Feb 19
Full of sh....ite

smellmycheese added 14:07 - Feb 19
You hate us , we hate you . Fairly simple really . Just be a man and admit it.

bluearmy84 added 14:09 - Feb 19
even if it was aimed at the fans i could understand his frustrations!! i mean fancy singing your football is $h/t after the lads played out their heart and soul into that performance!! mick set up to stop norwich which was working to perfect plan. if wed of got beaten hed of been slaughtered too!!!! i guess it will be the 12 morons that got arrested and the b£ll £nds that were smashing lights up in carrow road that will be affended by his freddie!!! we will be worse off once micks leave that is a sure bet

jjhbruno added 14:12 - Feb 19
And that ladies and gentlemen is another example of the club treating us like idiots. No wonder people don't care anymore, this is clearly a big fat lie. Nothing surprises me anymore with this club.

iaintaylorx added 14:13 - Feb 19
I now feel it was 100% directed at the fans. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first, but it is quite clear now. He clearly is doing at “someone” as his eyes are fixated on a certain area! After watching his interview on SkySports also when asked about our long wait as fans to win a derby, you can tell he doesn’t care one bit about us!


blue75 added 14:15 - Feb 19
He can swear all he wants I have no problem with that, my problem is he used a up yours fist aimed at our fans and swore towards our fans. We all get emotional at football it’s what makes the game great but you can’t tell me he’s not realised what he did he could have done it anywhere else and not being would’ve been said. He knew what he was doing and where he did it. If being told his football is sh1te has that effect on him he has 2 choices change his style or leave. We are Ipswich Town Football Club and we expect the game to be played the correct way!! We do not except performances like what we had to watch against Burton and too many other teams over the last 5 years. He could’ve at least said yes I swore at them I’ve had enough of not being appreciated for the job I’ve done!!!!

poringlandblue added 14:17 - Feb 19
just watched the rochdale v tottenham game. can we get their manager if thats how they try to play football and he reacts when they score.

BlueandTruesince82 added 14:20 - Feb 19
Cant argue with that. I was shouting something similar at exactly the same time, I also apologises to all offemed snowflakes

BanksterDebtSlave added 14:21 - Feb 19
Supporters in blubfest......

BanksterDebtSlave added 14:22 - Feb 19
........snows coming.

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