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Knudsen: Comments on Future Taken Wrong Way
Friday, 20th Apr 2018 13:15

Defender Jonas Knudsen says his recent comments which implied he might be forced to consider his Town future following manager Mick McCarthy’s exit were misunderstood.

Speaking after McCarthy had revealed he would be moving on at the end of the season but before his sudden departure after the Barnsley match, Knudsen said he would “need to think about my situation a bit more”, a comment which was taken to mean he might look to leave in the summer after three seasons at the club. He subsequently faced criticism from supporters and was among those given some stick from the terraces at Brentford two days later.

However, asked to clarify, the Danish international, who is contracted to the Blues for another season, Town having triggered an option for a further year, says that wasn’t what he meant.

"The fans have taken it the wrong way and I think the headline came out the wrong way,” the 25-year-old told The Sun's Oscar Paul. “If you read the story I just said that of course it makes a difference.

“Mick has been the manager for me ever since I came and maybe I was too honest but I want to be honest I don’t want to talk s**t.

“Everybody wants me to sign a new contract and I’ll be happy to but I’m just being honest about the situation.

“If they come and talk about a new contract I will talk about a new contract. But what if the next manager comes in and doesn’t like me and wants me out?

“I think it’s the best for everyone. I didn’t sign a new contract and we will see what happens. I said that I was hoping to sign a new contract if they come to me but I haven’t heard anything.

“I don’t know if I want to but I was not happy about the comments because I saw some from the fans and I think, hold on, I always show my passion towards the club.

“I also want to be totally honest about what Mick has done and I think he has been absolutely brilliant for the club and I think they are going to miss him because he’s such a good manager.

“Fair enough that some want them out but I just told my story about him. He picked me every time and maybe that makes a difference as to how I look at him and I think he’s been such a good manager for the club.

“But that’s football and I’ll crack on, I’ll do my job as well as I can and try to win every game because I’ve been very happy here. I’ve been happy to play and stay here.

“I was just honest about how I feel about the situation because sometimes you also have to say if you feel it was a little bit wrong."

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BlueMachines added 13:18 - Apr 20
I am guessing as MM was so insightful and tactically adept that Arsenal will be leading the chase for him?

frankietheman12 added 13:21 - Apr 20
These guys digging a deeper hole for themselves

SpruceMoose added 13:22 - Apr 20
Let's see how he likes playing at his level in League 2.

shortmarine1969 added 13:26 - Apr 20
Jonas just shut up for your own sake.!!

Trac70 added 13:27 - Apr 20
Clear off then Knudsen. One of MM favourites and undropable. Happy to see Kenlock given a chance. Don't try and hold the club to ransom cos you ain't nowhere near good enough to do that!!

henryblue added 13:36 - Apr 20
"But what if the next manager comes in and doesn’t like me and wants me out?"

Mad Dog my arse, what a wimp! He is painfully aware of his own limitations and knows how lucky he's been to be picked no matter his performance week in week out by Mick.

MattinLondon added 13:38 - Apr 20
Don’t think he had anything to apologise for or to clarify.

rollercoastertown added 13:48 - Apr 20
Jonas....instead of all this talk, why don't you concentrate on the contract you already have and are happy to take a wage for. And for the record, why not work on when you eventually make the overlap and get yourself into an attacking position, play a ball that will turn the defence to face their own goal for our forwards to attack instead of pulling it back behind everyone or over hitting a cross to the opposite corner flag!

BlueSwede added 13:51 - Apr 20
I'm most concerned about if anyone - manager or player - woud like to sign for ITFC if they read some of the comments and personal abuse being thrown around.

TB42 added 14:04 - Apr 20
If nothing else, it will be interesting to see the team selections our new manager makes.....

SimonCleggsNeck added 14:06 - Apr 20
its as if Kenlock became the best left back of the club overnight. Bore off and take your pointless throwins to the keepers hands with you!

itfcjoe added 15:04 - Apr 20
Well said Jonas

pazzy added 15:23 - Apr 20
for crying out loud lets get behind club and stop all the pointless moaning

Northstandveteran added 15:39 - Apr 20
Knudsen out!!!!!

marinerswagepacket added 15:44 - Apr 20
Will this football club just move on , he s gone simple knudsen just play football .....
Let's just enjoy the last 3 games and look forward to the future .... I.T.I.D.

blueboy1981 added 15:45 - Apr 20
Your choice Knudsen - in other words if an offer comes in, you're off.

So easy in today's game for the Tail to think it can wag the Dog.

Most of the MM favourites will now see how much real time he has for them - possibly forgotten them already, most of them thought they had him staying for another couple of years. But it didn't happen.

Man up - all you that this applies to, impress the 'new manager' and move on with your careers - here at Portman Road - or otherwise.

blueboy1981 added 15:50 - Apr 20
For some the easy meal ticket - may just have gone, with McCarthy

VeryStableGenius added 15:56 - Apr 20
Knudsen, you are a very average player who hasn’t exactly set the world alight at Ipswich. I think it is time you moved on.

alfromcol added 16:14 - Apr 20
Is anyone running this club??? If so get a grip of the Public Relations and don't allow any Tom, Dick, Harry and Jonas in front of the media unless it is known what they are going to say.

jalapenosteve added 16:17 - Apr 20
Unbelievable trash comments from he usual trash keyboard warriors. You all just love your clickbait don't you? I thought the club and supporters were trying to move on now - why can't you?

stantheman added 16:56 - Apr 20
If this page is a cross section of our support, no wonder we are where we are. Absolute trash comments who must be from Naaridge. Guess who has the second most assists so far, only 1 behind Waggers.

Bildestoned added 17:34 - Apr 20
Totally agree Stantheman. Folk here getting depressed and even more negative B4 any flippin' thing has happened!

runningout added 17:40 - Apr 20
Time to go for Knudsen

LWNR2013 added 17:48 - Apr 20
The pitfalls of social media hey!

poldark added 17:51 - Apr 20
Just leave moronic Knudson and join your idiotic mate

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