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No Chambers Red Card Appeal
Thursday, 9th May 2019 12:19

Town have decided not to lodge an appeal against the red card skipper Luke Chambers was shown in Sunday's 3-2 final-day victory over Leeds United at Portman Road.

Chambers, 33, was dismissed in the 79th minute for felling Whites striker Kemar Roofe inside the penalty area with the former Oxford man blazing the spot-kick over the bar having lost his footing as he struck the ball.

Speaking after the match, manager Paul Lambert said the Blues might consider appeal under the double jeopardy rule which states that players committing an unintentional foul - the incident appeared more a tangle of legs than a deliberate trip - should only be yellow-carded if a penalty is awarded.

However, the Blues have now opted against an appeal, which could potentially have resulted in a further ban if dismissed, and Chambers will be suspended for Town’s opening game in League One, which will be played at some point over the weekend of Saturday 3rd August.

Photo: TWTD

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Nobbysnuts added 12:24 - May 9
Good thinking Paul. Dont appeal chambers red card and go for winning our first two games. I like it. A master plan at last. 👍😁😁😁

Michael101 added 12:32 - May 9
Could the f.a. Make it a 46 game ban please

MrTown added 13:00 - May 9
Sensible decision. Was last man and on reply looked a definite red card.

TimmyH added 13:07 - May 9
Let's be honest other than the first couple of months Chambers was well off the pace and made many a mistake...personally not sure he should be starting next season but I wouldn't bet against Lambert having different ideas.

arc added 13:23 - May 9
The ref indicated that Chambers tugged the striker's shirt. It was probably tiny, but a tug is deliberate and that's the end of the appeal. Good decision—move on.

runningout added 13:24 - May 9

Barty added 13:27 - May 9
What a surprise !!!!!!!!!!!

sotd78 added 13:37 - May 9
We will need experienced and engaged players where we are headed. I've watched all the home games this season and a couple away; I don't see that Chambers (or Skuse for that matter) deserve any more criticism than others. This is the guy who has played with broken ribs, made injury returns multiple times while other sick notes have never once gotten off their btms.
We may well miss Chambers on the opening day of the season.


Wallingford_Boy added 14:00 - May 9
A straight red for a professional foul is a 3 game ban not the single game the article suggests, so even better news!

Blue_Moses added 14:00 - May 9
Because it was definitely a red card. Chamber needs to be fitted with one of those beeping alarms that lorries have when reversing.

Bluenc added 14:00 - May 9
So many idiots and arm chair fans on this site. Chambers is going to be vital next year. Yes he's older and has a mistake in him, but so does most of the team we have. His experience and leadership is going to be vital for the younger players, to help them develop. All the criticism he gets, when he isn't the worse player we have, is uncalled for. He's had a great career and been a great servant to this club. I would say he deserves more respect, but he does get that respect from the real Ipswich Town fans, fans that are actually willing to pay and support the team. Yes some of these still won't like Chambers, and they are untitled to have their opinion as they watch the players week in, week out, but everyone always has a scapegoat (mine was Spence).

ChrisFelix added 14:01 - May 9
No doubt if there had been a hearing like most of the last couple of seasons he would have been late or gone to the wrong venue !

Wooly74 added 14:36 - May 9
Bluenc couldn’t agree more, all these ex pros on here commenting how bad Chambers apparently is probably haven’t played the game at any level themselves. Chambers has been a main stay of this team for years now and remains key to our plans next season so try being positive in support!

SouperJim added 14:42 - May 9
Bunch of cretins lining up to have a pop at Chambers, yes he's had a rubbish season, but he doesn't deserve to be the butt of jokes. I get that some people are desperate to take a swipe at someone, but i'll never understand why it's often the most committed players who end up taking the most stick. There are plenty far more deserving than Chambers, although none of them deserve the kind of abuse dished out to our captain who does nothing other than live and breathe ITFC.

Westover added 14:57 - May 9
Well said Bluenc you are spot on 👍

AYACCA added 15:40 - May 9
The same fans that bashed McCarthy, Spence,Knudsen, Nsiala, continue with Chambers.
What happened to decency and class? All this meanness and critism these days. These people must have so little self worth they turn on other human beings to try and feel a glimmer of happiness. Be nice and kind to others and you'll feel much better, you'll also be a nicer human being.

SheptonMalletBlue added 15:51 - May 9
Excellent!! Shame it's not a 46 game ban!

ChrisFelix added 16:03 - May 9
Chambers has captained our famous club during the most depressing 3/4 years, combinating in our worst ever season. The stats including the goals conceded & especially the presents given away speak for them selves. I know he H. as played a lot of games but this shows just how far has sunk over the past 10 years. I stood in churchman when Mick Mills received negative banter. At these he played for & captained his country.
Any one watching captain calamity can see his obvious faults. Age is certainly not going to help him

TractorRoyNo1 added 20:17 - May 9
if if if if we win the first couple of games without him, he will be a footnote in our history

littlestoneblue added 21:35 - May 9
Nsiala and Woolfenden will make the best defensive partnership next season, chambers will have to take a back seat, he's too slow now and relies on other players bailing him out, and also it drags them players out of their instructed playing positions, hence gaps lead to goals conceded

Saxonblue74 added 06:44 - May 10
Incredible how so many articles turn into a "Chambers bashing" session! Make no mistake, he will play and skipper every game next season, assuming he is fit which unlike most he is.....consistently! Woolfenden is not ready to step in, needs to be drip-fed in for experience and so PL can make his assessment. Take the names out of the equation and consider this scenario, we're going to drop our skipper and senior clubman with over 700 professional games under his belt. We're going to replace him with a kid who can't get a game in a championship club who have just been relegated with 5 wins all season. He has 1 full season under his belt with a lge2 club. I know which I'd choose for a lge1 promotion push!

bluehert added 10:42 - May 10
I shudder to think what the last few seasons would have been like without Chambers. Players like him are the reason so many loanees come in and praise the dressing room spirit. If ITFC was full of players better than Luke they wouldn't be playing in L1 next season, but without him I think they'd have got there sooner

ITFCsince73 added 13:09 - May 12
And still the praise for Chambo goes any walk of life, or in any job.
Consistently under performing would have resulted in the sack long ago.
Consistently under performing in your own job, and overseeing the demise of your employer.
It appears only working for ITFC you can be praised for such failures.

ITFCsince73 added 19:01 - May 12
Saxonblue74. The Woolf has been playing consistently throughout the season, and very well thought of at the club he’s been at. It was a mistake to have let him go out in the first place.
Was our best defender last August, and still is.
100% will slot straight in.

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