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ITSC Serbia: Town's International Reputation is Being Diminished
Tuesday, 26th Jan 2021 11:50

ITSC Serbia has written an open letter expressing concerns that the current situation at Town is diminishing the “international reputation” of the club.

The letter outlines frustrations with matters on the field, but also the loss of the Blues' community feel, citing the lack of contact from the club in recent years and the continuing ban of TWTD’s Phil Ham from manager and player press conferences.

Chairman Uros Zivaljevic told TWTD how the Serbia branch came about: “I started following ITFC in that famous promotion season 1999/00.

“The next season and fifth place in the Premier League brought more attention and admiration and over time with a lot of effort our membership grew to 22.

“Hundreds of others learned a lot about Ipswich and the history of the club through us and about Sir Bobby Robson, Sir Alf Ramsey etc, though.

“We even participated in supporters clubs tournaments here in Serbia, usually getting all the attention being Ipswich among the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Milan, Barcelona etc.

“We have lost half our members unfortunately over the last decade but mostly over the last few years.

“The Marcus Evans takeover did some damage but the breaking point was not supporting Mick McCarthy when he actually could have taken us to the Premier League again.

“After that people got disenchanted as almost all of our members were (and the remaining still are) people who like supporting smaller clubs instead of industry leaders such as Manchester or London clubs.

“Also some activities that used to be run by the club in the past such as voting for new shirts, for players etc that helped animate the members are no longer there.

“We loved voting for new shirt designs, that always stirred up a super discussion between us. Such small things you come to miss.

“And with the rise of some other clubs and downfall of ITFC we came down to dozen members, half of whom aren't very active any more.

“And we feel this is the case all over anywhere really. Which is sad because the foundation is there, we just need to nurture it. 

“I came across a story on Facebook from one lifelong fan based in Ipswich who cancelled season tickets for him, his son and grandsons. He sent an email citing his reasons and all he got back from the club was, “OK”.

“When I first contacted the club I got the wallpaper with autographs from players. Not the paper one mind you but the one for your monitor. It was all it took for me to fall in love. When you compare these stories it's just saddening to see where we came from and where we are now.
“Our contact is itfcserbia@gmail.com for anyone who would like to get in touch for whatever reason.”

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fergalsharkey added 11:57 - Jan 26
I don't know what to say.

prozach added 12:08 - Jan 26
Great statement. It's a sobering read though. We're in real danger of losing a generation of fans

BlueandTruesince82 added 12:10 - Jan 26
Keep the faith Serbia.... great that we have a Serbian supporters club! Even if it is only down to a dozen... this tells a story.... right across the globe the club is losing touch with its fan base


Taricco_Fan added 12:15 - Jan 26
I just find it amazing that we have a following in Serbia. This highlights the international reputation the club once had and how far we've fallen.

Farmerpiles added 12:16 - Jan 26
Powerful and straight from the hear with that statement. The Sir Bob quote at the bottom that we all know in our hearts to be true, sums it up perfectly. Its OUR club. ITID.

aloanagain added 12:21 - Jan 26
Such a good read that. It just about sums up what is wrong within the club. Have emailed them to show appreciation of their support for our great club ITFC.

DifferentGravy added 12:28 - Jan 26
Not all Town fans are originally from Ipswich, Suffolk or even England. Its great to hear of supporters in other countries and just shows how popular the team is.....even in League 1 and churning out the current quality of football. But a club can only go so far without its supporters and so it would be nice to hear stories of fan inclusion, appreciation and reciprocation.

I agree ITSC Serbia.....it is the little things that can make a difference. I could have started supporting Liverpool/Arsenal/Man Utd/Spurs like most of my friends. But one of the reasons I chose Town was the kit with the yellow and blue badge(like we have again now).

Keep supporting!! COYB

midastouch added 12:41 - Jan 26
Wow, that's fantastic. The pressure continues to mount on Evans to do the sensible thing! He messed up with the daft 5 year deal. Now it's time he does the right thing and puts it right. It's blatant that the vast majority of the ITFC fanbase (far and wide) think it's well beyond time to change manager. Over to you Evans. Lampard just got the heave-ho for far less! Please stop burying your head in the sand and do what needs to be done! And please don't consult the same bunch of people who advised you on all the other failed managerial appointments. Get the right man / team in place and simply let them get on with the job. And don't interfere and undermine them unless it's going horribly wrong.

spanishblue added 12:42 - Jan 26
This guy has completely nailed it,Sir Bobs bit is so real my sons face when he came face to face with Terry Butcher oh my if only we’d had mobile phones in those days

DoseOfReality added 12:46 - Jan 26
Brilliant article .. momentum is finally starting to gain pace & Evans cannot continue to ignore it.

Back the club properly or sell it Evans !!

MonkeyAlan added 13:01 - Jan 26
Well done. Means a lot that supporters in other countries feel this strongly too. We have a wide and varied fan base. Largely to do with our great history. I'm afraid that's all being eroded by the fools running our club nowadays. We are becoming s laughing stock. It needs sorting now.

deliasplums added 13:02 - Jan 26
“We came from following our club to having to chase it”
Surely one of the most damning statements encapsulating the Marcus Evans era.
Well done ITSC Serbia, we all feel your pain.

Pendejo added 13:06 - Jan 26
You are clearly insane, welcome to the fan family!

The light at the end of the tunnel is there, but flick knows how long the tunnel is.

Jesney_Havoc added 14:24 - Jan 26
Hoax ! Surely....

soopercooper added 14:40 - Jan 26
Sobering and well constructed letter from our Serbian supporters. It does not matter how big or small the supporters club is its the common theme in all of our posts. Something has to give and i just hope there is a ITFC supporter out there with the werewithall and the cash of course to drag us out of the mire? SOS ED.....

dirtydingusmagee added 14:54 - Jan 26
ANYTHING to spotlight the plight of the club and Evans's apathy can only be good , there must be a point at which Evans DOES take notice and acts. The periodic announcements put out via O'Neil no longer wash with the supporters, they have been empty, meaningless, or outright bullsh#t for far too long.

itsonlyme added 15:02 - Jan 26
Well said our wonderful fans in Serbia. It’s a sad indictment of the plight of our club. I hope you keep supporting the town from afar. We need you support so badly.

Michael101 added 15:06 - Jan 26
Evans what the fu#k have you done to this once greatclub??. Just because things aren't going well on the pitch don't mean you have to forget the things off it .you are going to need fans once they are allowed back things like this is just driving them away.

Bert added 15:22 - Jan 26
What a brilliant but also sad read. Our heritage sometimes gets in the way of reality but it should matter to our owner that this is how we are viewed. Bobby Robson was totally right when he said that following a club is about the passion, the pride and most important of all, a sense of belonging. I want all of this back. Find me an owner who will invest financially and emotionally and I will be happy again.Until that time I have yet to see a strategy to achieve this. Sacking Lambert will be a start.

Pencilpete added 16:19 - Jan 26
TWTD, The East Anglian Daily Times, The ITFC Supporters club in Serbia and 99% of all ITFC Supporters are all wrong and Marcus Evans is right !!!

I listened to the EADT Podcast yesterday and they are saying it is only the 2nd time their paper has ever taken a stance like this on a manager and even though it will probably cost them alot of privilages at Portman Road for the foreseeable they are doing it as they are being the voice of the fans as currently we can't go to Portman Road and tell the sh1t show what we think of them.

I for one am grateful to them and to TWTD for telling them what we REALLY think, the fact that they are sitting in their own little bubble thinking everything is OK and Evans thinks Lambert is doing a great job tells us all we need to know about the whole club right now ..... Deluded

Surely 2 more losses to Sunderland and Crewe will be enough to lever Lambert out of the job ??

runningout added 16:41 - Jan 26
our clubs owner and operations manager know the damage that’s been and being done. We must be the saddest of sad football clubs. Never will be a time to feel sorry for ourselves though.

north_stand77 added 17:50 - Jan 26
WAKE UP EVANS!. Youre destroying our club one way or another

madasbadgers added 18:02 - Jan 26
Top marks to our Serbian friends. The silence is deafening from the supporters club closer to home. When are they going to speak up about the dire state of our club under the stewardship of ME......or are they too deep in his pocket to see the wood for the trees. Over to you Liz Edwards et al time to demonstrate your love for the club and put out a statement that aligns with the vast majority of supporters you claim to represent

Vanisleblue2 added 23:00 - Jan 26
I am over here on the West Coast of Canada.
I left the UK in 1999 (I went to the Final).
My heart is literally breaking how far WE have fallen.
I try and spread the word about our club but nobody cares about a third division club who cannot score goals, cannot beat their arch rival, cannot win a cup game and have 12 players "injured" at a time.

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