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He's going to walk, isn't he?
at 22:49 10 Apr 2021

Not knowing about the takeover will probably be the icing on the cake.

Whatever he's trying to get them to do as a team clearly isn't working. I appreciate they're a pretty dreadful squad that have been coached badly. However, their lack confidence is certainly worse since Cook's arrival.

The lack of press conferences before and after the game is worrying. He doesn't want to be here.

We MUST sell Andre in the summer
at 00:20 6 Apr 2021

Hear me out...

I don't doubt there is a player there, potentially a really good player at that. He is one of our own.

However - he has been the constant in midfield this year and he offers virtually nothing. He has a nice touch and makes the odd tidy pass, but he doesn't create, doesn't tackle and often goes missing. In short, he is a luxury item and one we can't afford if we have any hope of getting out of this league next year.

Cook will have to rip apart this squad, of that there is no doubt. What we don't know is the extent to which he'll be backed in the transfer market. We won't mount a convincing promotion push with freebies alone. We should use any fee from Andre to buy the attacking players that we'll need to get us up.

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I've changed my mind...
at 22:25 4 Apr 2021

I've changed my mind on a couple of weeks ago, for me, it is 6 additions to the starting line up MINIMUM in the summer.

None of our wide forwards cut it for me. I'd accommodate all three of Downes, Dozzell and Bishop (our 3x best assets in my opinion) into Cook's 4-2-3-1 by using Bishop in the No. 10 role. Other than that it is only KVY and Wilson (who is by some margin, our best centre back) that make the cut. None of our strikers cut the mustard. Norwood is the best, but I think we need better. Holy is absolutely dire, a new GK is an absolute must.



Downes Dozzell

NEW Bishop. NEW


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This summer won't (and doesn't need to be) a bloodbath
at 22:54 29 Mar 2021

Lots of talk on here about Cook ripping the squad apart come the Summer.

Whilst some players will (correctly) be shown the door, I think the overwhelming majority of these will be squad playerss - I honestly don't think the starting XI will be much different come the start of next season. They have been poorly coached, they are not bad players.

For my money, if we're still in League 1, we'll need 3 new signings to join the first XI


KVY. Nsiala Wilson. NEW

Downes Dozzell

NEW Bishop Dobra


If we get promoted, we'll also need a centre back .
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Do we look like scoring?
at 16:46 27 Mar 2021

Cole Skuse - he'll be straight back in the team
at 21:59 6 Mar 2021

All this talk of being 'spoilt for riches' in midfield that everyone has been banging on about forever is totally unravelling.

I don't doubt some of our young players have great potential, but the priority is getting out of this division. Bishop is lightweight, injury prone but undoubtedly skilful. Andre, for me, offers very little. Downes has the potential to be the best of the bunch but needs to control himself. Nolan (although injured) offers us nothing either, nor does Huws. Lancaster, Dobra and El Miz have such limited experience, even at this level.

We need someone that will boss the middle of the park, organise the guys around them and someone that will put themselves through a brick wall for the team. The 'men against boys' description has been used in relation to today which I don't like, but certainly agree with. We need to fight, impose ourselves on the opposition. This is the third tier, we shouldn't try to play like Barcelona. We need to be tough, direct and well organised. Doing the simple things well will get us promoted. The main reason we are where we is because we haven't done this.

Cook has already mentioned Skuse in glowing terms, my prediction is he'll walk straight into the team and take on this role. He's not a player that sets the world on fire, but I am so fed up of our over-rated midfield shambles that I'd happily get behind trying something different.
Our back four...let's not change too much
at 12:43 4 Mar 2021

Quite by accident it seems, Lambert discovered right at the end of his tenure with us, that James Wilson is indeed our best centre back. He needs to stay playing.

Nsiala has been a warrior too of late and for my money, should also stay in the team but I am not convinced he is a particularly 'complete' player.

Wolfenden has been far too lightweight for me and perhaps, we've been expecting too much too soon from him. He will be a decent player for us, but there are currently better centre backs at the club. McGuiness has been really disappointing in my opinion. I would consider sending him back, especially as we also have Chambers.

Ward should be let go too. Kenlock and KVY (when back) can do a great job for us.
I can’t believe I’m saying this...
at 14:36 20 Feb 2021

With the frankly bonkers line up Lambert has served up, I hope we get absolutely ripped apart this afternoon because something has got to bring this to a head.

He’s actively trying to get sacked. He is mocking our club.

I’d take a spanking this afternoon if it meant this ended here.

I’ve never wanted us to do anything than win, I’m so upset, just heartbroken at what he’s doing to us.
He's trying to get sacked isn't he, so he gets his payout?
at 21:33 9 Feb 2021

Avoiding the press is the final straw. Never have I been so ashamed of anyone associated with our club.

I would take Keane and Hurst back in a heartbeat.

Lambert has done more damage to our club than either of the above. He's not fit to stand in Sir Bobby and Sir Alf's place.

We need to sack him, pay him and move on, quickly. He'll never manage again and he knows it. I stand by the fact I think he's ill, certainly physically. I don't think his head is in a good place either. I would go as far as saying I think he genuinely hates the club, that he's actually enjoying leading our demise. It all seems to be a game with the media, the fans, etc.

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How are we playing? (n/t)
at 15:36 6 Feb 2021

18/1 to get promoted, 11th favourite - What a state of affairs...
at 08:36 4 Feb 2021

(on Betfair) Ironically, with this squad of players and the right manager we should be ripping this league apart.

If Evans did what he knows he needs to do, we still could. It is beggars belief that he hasn't.

I watched a couple of Lambert's pressers from Norwich on YouTube and he was a different bloke. He was driven, passionate and engaged. He was also an awful lot fitter. He looks dreadful and has done for a very long time, long before Covid. I honestly think he must be ill.

[Post edited 4 Feb 8:39]
He'll resign due to ill health to save face
at 17:20 30 Jan 2021

Watch this space.
1 More Goal - never mind Lambo, getting out of this league is more important (n/t)
at 16:46 30 Jan 2021

at 16:30 30 Jan 2021

If he's fit, then get him on.
Sears and Norwood - why not?
at 14:48 11 Jan 2021

Our two best strikers in terms of work rate. Why on earth doesn't Lambert play them together up front?
Rather than sending Freddie on loan, I'd be looking to permanently ship out Jackson for a fee (albeit it would be rather less than we paid for him...). Nowhere near good enough for ITFC. Being fast doesn't cut it when you have a first touch like a barn door.
Hurst: a retrospective view
at 22:02 29 Dec 2020

Don't get me wrong. I don't think he was the right man for us, but I do think he managed to grasp some of the long standing problems the club has had for the best part of 10 + years.

Hurst knew the senior pros lacked ambition, fight and work ethic. I'm not for one minute suggesting he had the perfect remedy, but Mick's team was full of journeymen. He signed hungry, (fairly) young players from the lower leagues. Garner and Waghorn didn't want to be here. He was brave, but it went spectacularly wrong.

He also identified there was/is a massive problem with fitness at the club (look at our injury list for the past 10 years) Again, not necessarily with the right solution, but he spotted it and acted on it in training.

Also, perhaps some of our 'old lags' (as described in another post) in the dressing room needed a metaphorical kick up the backside. It was all too comfortable with zero expectations. He wasn't prepared to tolerate that, and took them on. They're (mostly) all still here, and still performing at a mediocre level.

I'd be genuinely interested to see where we'd be with Hurst now. How much worse (really) would things be...we were relegated with zero fight, and are still languishing in the 3rd tier outside the play-off places two seasons later.

This is the worst coached Ipswich side since the 1950s, to pretend otherwise is garbage. They are awful. We've got some decent players, but they are not a decent team.

Lambert is the worst manager we've ever had. It is a miracle he's still here.
[Post edited 29 Dec 2020 22:04]
Thoughts re: Dyer
at 22:48 28 Oct 2020

Having just watched the 2000 documentary, we're probably all more aware than ever about just what we've lost in recent years.

Whilst I don't want to rake up the whys and hows how this has happened (namely, us languishing in the 3rd tier) or to throw around blame, I think everyone can 100% agree how vital it is that we kick on this year and get the hell out of this league - the ramifications of not doing so will probably (with the salary cap, etc.) see us as a permanent fixture here.

I'm not in either camp re: Lambert. I generally support the manager to do the best for the club and am hugely proud that we aren't a 'sacking club' in the mould of Forrest and so many others. However, Lambert had a free pass the season we went down and seemingly another last year due to lockdown. There can be no doubt that this year, his team has to deliver, the stakes are simply too high not to for the future of the club. My worry, and what the video really reminded me that we're lacking, is someone that can COACH our players - i.e. make them better. That is what Robson did, and similarly Burley. I don't see any of that with Lambert - genuine question, which of our players (particularly those inherited from Mick or particularly the Hurst signings) has he genuinely actually improved? Some of them granted, aren't/weren't great players but there should still be some sign of progress.

If things do go wrong, we need to make a change to ensure as far as possible, we achieve promotion - I think Kieran should be given a crack. He's played at the highest level, under the greatest man ever connected to this club, in Sir Bobby. He is Ipswich born and bred and he has a heart on sleeve loves for our club, he gets our identify, who we are, what we're about. Sentiment aside, he is by all accounts, an excellent coach who would make our youngsters better players; very much sharing Burley's passion for youth.

We don't want a Warnock, Cook, Warburton style journeyman to come in whenever a vacancy becomes reality - we're Ipswich Town.

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