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at 01:22 3 May 2021

"Selby must be the most boring snooker player to win the World title"

... I give you Peter Ebdon. And Graeme Dott.

When these two grinders met in the 2006 final match, they set the record for the latest finish in a Crucible final, finishing just before 1:00am. By which time a fair proportion of the audience had either dozed off, or quietly snuck out; and the commentating team were resorting to increasingly sarcastic remarks.
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To lighten up the mood - Stupid wife sayings.
at 16:52 13 Apr 2021

"Within a hare's breath"??
Obviously the expression you were after was, 'within a hair's breadth'.
It's only fair to point it out, since you were posting here to paint someone else as a dunce.
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Worrying if it is Colchester
at 02:50 9 Apr 2021

A sly piece of manipulation. List a few other clubs but not Colchester, and people on here will immediately assume it's got to be Colchester, without further scrutiny.

https://twitter.com/BBCEssexSport/statu ... 0974618628

"Following speculation on social media, @BBCEssexSport understands rumours surrounding #ColU @ColU_Official are completely untrue."


"I can assure everyone that Colchester United will never go into administration whilst I am its owner and I intend to remain as the owner for the foreseeable future"

It's more likely to be Oldham, IMHO.
The Beatles or The Kinks?
at 04:20 1 Mar 2021

Talking about the "sheer breadth of material", The Kinks created one of the best - and as usual, most intelligent - disco dance singles ever: "(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman".
Don’t you just love
at 18:25 21 Feb 2021

Right now, a goalless draw at home against 8th placed Oxford United is being hailed as a good result and a marked sign of improvement...
Can people please stop referring to the PM as simply "Boris"?
at 19:15 20 Dec 2020

I refer people to this poem by Lisa Hallgarten, published in the Guardian:

Don't call him Boris

Don’t call him Boris.
It’s the name for a cuddly toy, a cute little Russian boy, a dashing guy from a book by Tolstoy.

Don’t call him Bojo.
He’s not fast like Flo Jo or sexy like J-Lo. Don’t mix up mojo with a sleazy libido.

Don’t even call him a Bozo.
He’s not dopey or stupid or amusingly ropey.
He’s lazy, duplicitous, slippery, wet soapy.

He’s no fool, no joker, no harmless buffoon, he’s a cynical, devious, racist goon.

Please don’t compare this dangerous fake
To a benign and affectionate

He’s not original, a one-off.
He’s not a maverick.
If you have to...
call him Johnson
...another word for dick.
at 18:38 8 Aug 2020

Am puzzled by the original question. "Watch games against small sides where the fans are stood outside"-?

I have watched many local non-league games at the grounds of Needham, Stowmarket, Felixstowe, Bury Town and Ipswich Wanderers. And am pretty certain that none of those pitches are visible to spectators "outside", by which I assume the OP means outside the turnstiles. They are all solidly fenced off, in some cases with a clubhouse situated between the turnstiles and the pitch.

Contrary to what some people imagine, those "small sides" don't exactly play on parks pitches.
[Post edited 8 Aug 2020 18:40]
Kyle Dempsey and Conor McAleny...
at 19:40 28 Jul 2020

Just looked it up... in 2001-02 (Town's last season in the Premier League), Fleetwood were in the Premier Division of the North West Counties League - the 9th tier of English football. Got to admit theirs is quite a success story.
Kings Lynn's ticket prices!
at 17:23 16 Jul 2020

The leagues stipulate that there has to be a certain minimum admission charge for each level, except for a limited number of promotional events per season for which clubs are allowed to offer special admission prices, I believe.

But there is no maximum charge - clubs may effectively charge whatever they think they can get away with.
Best crisps
at 15:12 9 Jul 2020

Why do people rate Pringles, let alone highly??

They're not even real chips off potatoes. They're highly processed, mechanically shaped, reconstituted starch slop.

One of those triumphs of a much publicised brand name people will blindly buy, over the actual value or quality of the product.
England ‘66 World Cup triumph on C4
at 17:39 7 Jun 2020

And while England kept proudly looking back at that game, now 54 years ago, Germany went and won 3 more World Cups (on top of the one they already had at the time); plus 3 Euro titles; plus a good few runners up medals they don't even care about.
Ah well.
Trump is just dangerous isn’t he?
at 22:42 17 Apr 2020

I wouldn't call Trump or Farage politicians. It would be like, calling me an architect because I once built a sandcastle. Also it is an insult to the memory of genuinely worthy statesmen of the past.

Opportunistic, sly, utterly self-serving demagogues and rabble rousers, yes. But not politicians.
If during isolation you could only listen to one artist/band’s full catalogue.
at 16:34 13 Apr 2020


The variety, the virtuosity, the intelligence, the integrity. Defied all attempts at compartmentalisation. Andy Partridge, the greatest musical genius who somehow never attained world stardom.
Anyone been to the mini Sainsburys in town?
at 13:52 1 Apr 2020

I went there yesterday (Tuesday) at 5pm. No queue, walked right in. Fairly empty inside. No queues at the tills either.

You still have to be wary of idiots who will try to squeeze up to you to get something from the same shelf, rather than wait until you move on, or even bother to say 'excuse me'! Some people are just hopelessly thick and selfish.
[Post edited 1 Apr 2020 13:53]
at 13:12 1 Apr 2020

Haha, no. Never been remotely interested in buses. Railway history only.

Anyway this Wikipedia claim that the term 'furlough' only entered our language last month, is clearly untrue. Just goes to show that what you read on Wikipedia isn't the gospel by any means.
at 04:08 1 Apr 2020

Wikipedia says,
"The word furlough was first defined officially in the UK on 24 March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. ... The government announced a new Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to enable businesses to continue paying part of their employees’ salary for those that would otherwise have been laid off."

Strange. As a collector of railway memorabilia I've known the word for many years, and not from an American source. It turns up on pre-1948 British railway tickets that were issued to military staff travelling home due to leave of absence.

Here is one of many examples currently found on eBay:
(The LNER operated from 1923 to 1947.)
The ref yesterday
at 11:44 8 Mar 2020

Are you telling me you'd never heard of Trevor Kettle before yesterday?

Google him...
Easy money for Chichester
at 19:57 21 Oct 2019

Brilliant. The bye money goes to a true grassroots club where it will be really appreciated and well used.

With the last few teams in the hat, was getting very worried that it would end up in the coffers of MK or Posh. Thank heavens not.
Not sure what I've just seen
at 23:00 1 Oct 2019

To be more exact, Gnabry wasn't good enough to play for Tony Pulis. That says more about Tony Pulis than it says about West Brom.
Newcastle absolutely dreadful
at 21:52 29 Sep 2019

Ashley doesn't care simply because he can be sure of the fans' money, no matter what he does or won't do.

Some Newcastle fans already boycott the matches, but not nearly enough. Ashley must be hit much harder in his wallet - that's the only place where he can be made to feel anything.

So stop giving him your money! Stop automatically renewing your season tickets. Stop buying shirts or anything else of the overpriced, tacky, low-quality tat in the club's megastore. (I went inside a couple of times, had a brief look but walked out again without buying.)

Don't whinge. Just be willing to change your own ways. Without it, Ashley won't change his, and end of subject.
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