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Experimental Price Cut for Middlesbrough Clash
Experimental Price Cut for Middlesbrough Clash
Thursday, 19th Jan 2012 11:05

Town have reduced prices for the home game with Middlesbrough by 25% in what they describe as “a major ticketing trial”. Fans have been critical of high matchday prices for the last few seasons.

Adult prices for the match on Saturday 11th February have been set from £20, the lowest matchday price since the 2004/05 season.

Chief executive Simon Clegg says the initiative is an experiment which could have a bearing on next season’s prices: "Gate receipts are a vitally important revenue stream and the ticket office manager and I spend a lot of time trying to maximise these to decrease the gap between over-expenditure and income.

"The Middlesbrough game is a deliberate trial to measure the effect on volumes and revenues. I hope that many Town fans will take up this great offer as it could influence our thinking on future ticket pricing strategy."

Ticket office manager John Ford added: "These will be our cheapest League prices for seven years and I hope the supporters will take advantage of what we think is a fantastic offer."

For more details on prices and to buy tickets, visit the club site.

Photo: Action Images

Photo: Action Images

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ozzydog added 11:10 - Jan 19
Very important to take advantage of this

mwhitfc added 11:11 - Jan 19
I hope it will reduce the cost of the season tickets too, because they can be expensive as well!!

hampstead_blue added 11:13 - Jan 19
Well done Cleggy.
He listened, thought about it, and is trying something new.
Maybe those who bemoan him will give him a break.

I hope the food and drink prices are next.

clarkey85 added 11:14 - Jan 19
Is a very good idea just hope people take up the offer to prove this right way forward?

oleoleoleabi added 11:16 - Jan 19
Another ticket offer, which fails to benefit season ticket holders, who have to pay up front no matter what the displays on the pitch are like. disgrace!!
another good idea by clegg, which fails to reward the true fans, who turn up week in, week out.

KembleBlue added 11:16 - Jan 19
ah bugger.. valentines weekend, already got a weekend away booked, i think Mrs Balham would see right through me if I changed the weekend to Suffolk (its the English Paris I hear?!?)

MaySixth added 11:17 - Jan 19
We will probably get 20,000 through the gate and then lose.

ozzydog added 11:20 - Jan 19
hampstead blue

It was the people moaning about the ticket prices that made him do something.

Now it`s up to the fans to take advantage.

jas0999 added 11:21 - Jan 19
Good - I assume I will receive 25% back on the season ticket price for this match?

RIPbobby added 11:27 - Jan 19
Although this is a better offer for those that don't have season tickets, why not put incentives in for our casual fans. Like once you attend 5 games the next one is free or something like that.

Didn't Leicester have an offer on where they got the next home game ticket cheaper if they presented the ticket for our match. You see we don't do anything like that and Marcus has a bloody marketing company. ha ha

Lesta_Tractor added 11:29 - Jan 19
Reduce ticket prices? transfer bid for younger players?

JESUS, i think the people running our club might have finally worked it out!

IP3 added 11:30 - Jan 19
some of you are laughable. You moan about ticket prices etc & then moan when there's a reduction.


And moaning about season ticket prices, no-one forced you to buy one so why moan, it's your choice to pay the price.


& I will definitely be taking advantage of this offer, thanks cleggy!

Lesta_Tractor added 11:31 - Jan 19

why is it that only those who turn up week in, week out are true fans?

unfortunately somethings are more important than football so turning up every week isnt possible for some of us.

Marshalls_Mullet added 11:34 - Jan 19
If you want to make the prices stick, get to the match!!

walberswick added 11:37 - Jan 19
How about a free game and a refund to apologise for everything?

Still get under 20k.

Vexorg added 11:37 - Jan 19
Well said oleoleoleabi. Cr@p on the ST holders again to try and get the fairweathers back.

Has made my mind up about renewal - will be buying my ticket for a tenner for League 1 games next year

nthstd added 11:40 - Jan 19
How about a voucher for a free beer/soft drink and a pie handed to each season ticket holder as they have thier season ticket scanned. This would appease the season ticket holders who by making the decison to support our beloeved Ipswich Town may change thier underpants but won't change thier team. This price cut days are great but the season ticket holders always get screwed over and yet they will come through thick and thin. Oh at sub 15K for the first time in a long time for a home league game, it's about time something is done.

JammyDodgerrr added 11:43 - Jan 19
Still too much for me!

CaughtInTheBrambles added 11:44 - Jan 19
I welcome this move. it should have been tried earlier this season, but better late than never.

The moans from ST Holders is not that understandable really, they pay roughly £20 per game so what are they bleating about. Yes they are long-suffering but they must surely welcome any initiative that may result in a fuller ground.

Hopefully it will attract fans back to Portman Road who have been priced out of supporting the club due to high matchday prices, economic woes and it's impact and those that can and do frequent away matches rather than home games because it is often cheaper to do so for them.

irishtim added 11:47 - Jan 19
Good about time & hopefully season ticket holders will benefit next season.

shaunminx added 11:47 - Jan 19
Come on then it's down to us to get plenty of people in the ground now win or lose and then maybe they'll realise the prices are too much at the mo and they can make the same amount of money but have a full ground maybe even with an atmosphere instead of half empty and quieter than some libraries!

opinionscount4nothin added 11:50 - Jan 19
I thought that the idea of buying a season ticket was so that you are guaranteed your seat and that they work out significantly cheaper over a season than buying a ticket each week. This site seems to be mainly for pathetic supporters who have nothing better to do than moan and several of you seem to contradict yourselves on a regular basis.

flyingdutchman added 11:51 - Jan 19
to little to late. it wont entice me back even if it was free. football the last 2 tw@ts have served up

MattinLondon added 11:59 - Jan 19
Phil, can you ask the club if season ticket holders can some kind of money back scheme?

Its all well and good saying that no one forced us to buy a season ticket, but without this cash most clubs wouldn't be able to operate

Paddyblue83 added 12:10 - Jan 19
AS much as this is a good possitive idea, picming a game on valentines weekend isnt ideal.

If they wanted to complete a more comprehensive trail why not drop the prices for the last 5 home mates.

Its good to have a more healthy crowd for one match have a fuller stadium for the final few games woudl be a real boost for the team.

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