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McCarthy and Evans Set to Meet to Discuss Future Plans Ahead of Busy Summer
Thursday, 20th Apr 2017 14:57

Town boss Mick McCarthy has a meeting planned with owner Marcus Evans where they will discuss their plans going forward and says “there’s every chance” that it’ll be a busy summer of comings and goings at Portman Road.

He says the planning for next season now starts in earnest with the Blues having confirmed their Championship status for a 16th season by beating Newcastle United 3-1 at Portman Road on Monday.

“It’s been tentative before being completely safe,” he said. “I’ll sit down and talk to Marcus now about what we want to do, what he wants to do, what I want to do. And hopefully we can come up with something.

“But there’s a real opportunity to freshen it up because there are a lot of players out of contract and we’ve quite a few players on loan.

“Do they want to stay? Do we want them? Can we have them? Can we sign them? There will be all those things. We’ll be losing a few players.”

McCarthy says he expects a busy summer - “There’s every chance” - once he has talked to Evans but wouldn’t be drawn on when that meeting will take place.

“When I sit down and talk to him,” he said. “There is a date, I’m just not telling you because you’d be in my earhole then asking me what’s happening. You’ll find out what’s happening as opposed to when it’s happening and when we’re discussing it.

McCarthy says he hasn’t had a chance to talk to any players about contracts or options on their deals since Monday: “No, because we’ve not been in. This is the first day back.”

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LimitlessBlue added 14:59 - Apr 20
I really hope they will decide it is time for MM to move on! I really do and I am worried that if they don't then it will be another season of bickering.

hoppy added 15:06 - Apr 20
He hasn’t had a chance to talk to any players about contracts or options on their deals since Monday...

I hope one of the first they do discuss is Chambers' option. The way he was messed about in January, and the way he has got on with it and performed since deserves a new deal in my opinion.

The_Romford_Blue added 15:09 - Apr 20
Huws, Spence and Chambo.

Sort them out first. They have earnt new contracts or in the case of Emyr, us buying him from Cardiff.


bontcho added 15:11 - Apr 20
It's amazing how many days off footballers have. Surely even if the players and coaches come in to watch the video of recent games or do some light work (set pieces?) that would be a benefit.

Surco72 added 15:12 - Apr 20
This rubbish comes out every year about signings and new faces to boost season ticket sales and nothing happens until the last week or so before the season starts and then they have to get match fit and then gel into the team .
Is MM saying that his best squad since he has been here were actually really poor and he badly judged them to challenge this year or that he couldn't manage to get the best out of them due to selections / tactics or motivation ?

essextractorboy93 added 15:14 - Apr 20
Sign up Chambers, Spence and Huws and hold onto Bialkowski. Got a few young players coming through and 3 or 4 additions needed to freshen things up.

MickMillsTash added 15:15 - Apr 20
Surely if the money we think needs investing was going to be invested they would have said it now whilst season tickets are being sold.
I fear it will be more out than in with The Murphy money having already evaporated


TR11BLU added 15:30 - Apr 20
Just clear your desk...

There will be plenty of echo in the stadium if you're here next season.

Carberry added 15:34 - Apr 20
Suitably vague.

NBVJohn added 15:39 - Apr 20
This story is a non event.
I have been critical previously of 'noise for the sake of noise' and this is a great example of space filling.
Surely this happens every season at every club - a detailed review of where we are, and what is needed?
Surely every summer is busy with coming and going?
Wake me up when there is something tangible to report please.

PJewellisaGod added 15:47 - Apr 20
Sign up Chambers, Spence and Huws.
Exit: Douglas, Coke, Taylor (good player, but injury prone) and Best
keep Bialkowski
Bring in replacements for Best, Coke, Douglas, Williams, Samuel, Diagourougou, Lawrence, Taylor
Send out Moore on-loan to a League 2 club for the season to get experience (he's nowhere near Championship standard atm).

dirtyboy added 16:07 - Apr 20
Looking forward to simply having Webster, McGoldrick and Bishop fit for an entire season. That would be a good start.

I'm sure Taylor would be welcome if the deal suits the club financially.

therein61 added 16:13 - Apr 20
Huws(sign him please) and Ward should be the first midfielders on the team sheet next season and build around them, for christs sake get rid of Skuse all he does is dish out hospital balls for ninety minutes and is so slow he gives away too many free kicks just outside the box we have better players with better engines.

Bluedandy added 16:36 - Apr 20
So MM is staying it seems. Oh well, I certainly won't boycott the club in response. MM will never concede anything but I would say there's been a definite shift in the style of play. We are less direct than the play-off season when our approach was built on Murphy and more long ball hustle. I love the idea of Town playing an East Anglian version of total football to escape the Championship. Equally I love the prospect of a piqued MM propelling Town to promotion next season on a wave of unjustified moral outrage. The latter is a more likely outcome for now.

Lightningboy added 16:42 - Apr 20
It's beyond depressing that he's probably still going to be here next season.

This club badly needs new ideas from someone with the desire to play good football running through his veins - not another season under such a negative,arrogant dinosaur.

Beyond belief.

stiffy501 added 16:43 - Apr 20
Typical Ipswich Pre-season.
Release a few out of contract players , sell one (Bart )
All report back from their holls, a little running about for the TV cameras.
Off for a little jolly to Ireland to play a couple of friendlies, bring back the next George Best who we will never see or hear of again. Arrange a few more friendlies with local teams Colchester / Cambridge etc not to far away and not much of a challenge, lose them !! Suddenly realise the squad is not good enough rush around seeing whats left over in the freebies dept that nobody else wants and sign a couple of premier league reserves on loan and hope they come good, IF ALL ELSE FAILS bring back Johnny Williams
to keep the physio's busy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

blue75 added 16:46 - Apr 20
Oh Mick did you miss the memo in January about Mr Evans 5 point plan!!!

walberblue added 16:53 - Apr 20
Lazy millionaire, mucky mouth mick to book golfing holidays for summer all paid for by the miserable ungrateful F**kers.

Have to wait till end of transfer window for any signings and they will be from open trials held for the desperate over 30's has beens looking for warm bench.

oh god he's staying for another predictable as wenger

Bluebell added 16:56 - Apr 20
From that it sounds like they hardly ever meet up. Such a shame that these discussions aren't made regularly especially with players not sure of their future.

I know they wanted to wait until we were safe, but bearing in mind it is the player's futures, perhaps if they should have talked more often.

Chambers is the one I feel sorry for and wouldn't be surprised if he has agreed with another team to go next season. They should also have been sorting out a longer, better contract for Bart.

Vizslaraner added 17:03 - Apr 20
Surco72- spot on 100%.
He said it was and one thing you can be sure of it won't be his fault why it hasn't worked. Be interesting to see if he stays when there is less than 10k season tickets sold! Said he Wd go but bet he doesn't. The amount of times he contradicts himself is becoming laughable! Fed up with the total cr.p he spouts and his constant digs at us. He brought on the abuse by serving up the total rubbish he has with the exception of Monday. Being schooled twice by Lincoln is disgraceful and he should have gone then

bigolconnor added 17:04 - Apr 20
It's so horribly obvious that Bart is going to be sold. Think about how many games ago we would have been relegated without him. I realise it won't MM's fault, apart from telling Evans that Gerken is a good enough number 1, but if Bart goes and McCarthy stays... well nothing really, but I won't be very happy.

Bluetone added 17:11 - Apr 20
Item 1 on the agenda SHOULD be McCarhy's departure.
Item 1 on the agenda WILL be arranging golfing days.


battyblue added 17:14 - Apr 20
Sincerely hope the first one to move on is McCarthy,,if it stays nothing will change ever do you Mick backers really want a repeat of this season or are you all happy again because we beat Newcastle i certainly am not but the ones sitting on the fence swaying back and forth are all Mick in again surprise,surprise.

Mark added 17:21 - Apr 20
If MM stays, I was at least hoping that he would challenge ME on budgets in the big summer meeting and threaten to leave if he wasn't properly funded for next season. It sounds like MM has decided to stay now, so ME can just let things continue to drift by keeping the investment minimal and hoping for a minor miracle.

jabberjackson added 17:27 - Apr 20
Playing rubbish football and being near the bottom is unacceptable
Playing entertaining football, and being near the bottom is infinitely better
Playing decent football and challenging is what we all want

Question is, can MM deliver this...
No...move on please, your time is up

Let's hope it's a short meeting

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