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Knudsen: I Don't Like the Way Fans Treated Mick
Friday, 20th Apr 2018 11:57

Defender Jonas Knudsen has issued a staunch defence of former manager Mick McCarthy and says he’s unhappy with the way supporters treated him prior to his recent Portman Road exit.

“Some fans don’t want to hear it but everybody here loved Mick and nobody wanted him to leave,” The Danish international, who admitted earlier in the month that McCarthy’s exit could have some impact on his future, told The Sun.

“I don’t like the way they treated him - if you look at what he had done for the club, they have to be pleased with that.

“But they don’t want to hear that and it wasn’t right the way they did it. If we didn’t have him last year, we could have been in trouble. Maybe they have to be careful what they wish for.”

Knudsen, 25, was signed by McCarthy in the summer of 2015 from hometown club Esbjerg fB.

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shortmarine1969 added 12:03 - Apr 20
Sorry but Knudsen is daft coming out with this , i think the fans are aware that they liked MM , but he is not exactly a stand out player who has stock in the bank !!..better to have kept his thoughts to himself in this matter..and do what he is paid to do.

TractorCam added 12:04 - Apr 20
No manager is bigger than the fans, I respected both Mick and Jonas but if he's coming out with stuff like this he can jog on with him

cinnamonITFC added 12:05 - Apr 20
He's right unfortunately. The minority of fans who booed mick and sang those songs made Portman Road a horrible place to be. It's not right to treat someone like that and it made me ashamed of my club.
Good on Knudsen for coming out and saying it. I'm surprised more of the players haven't.

Slartibartfast added 12:06 - Apr 20
I totally agree with him, although some of the dimwits on here no doubt don`t.

vanmunt added 12:07 - Apr 20
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, I swear the next person that says that I will explode.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out Jonas, can't see the phone being red hot at the news of your availability. No doubt you put a shift in but at left back you are nowt' special..

kizaitfc added 12:08 - Apr 20
Silly comments, fair but why the need to attack the fans once again when they are now seemingly back onside.

This club as a whole really needs to start appreciating its fanbase a lot more


bugblatter added 12:08 - Apr 20
Keep these stories coming!

Maybe one day the Mick-haters will realise quite how far they overstepped the mark…

PortmanTerrorist added 12:13 - Apr 20
Said this about Cotter yesterday and same applies to Jonas.

Am amazed the Club are letting players come out and talk like this. It serves no purpose whatsoever other than to dredge up emotions we want to put behind us. Are these players all so dumb or selfish as to only focus on what the old regime did and said to them. What about what they did and said to supporters???

What about lack of results, performance, hope. Guess it's OK if you get a game though....right ?

Message to Jonas: we mostly like what we see, wish you a long and successful career at ITFC, want to think of you as one of our please do your talking on the pitch.

RoyalAscotBlue added 12:13 - Apr 20
No doubt Mick is favourite to take over at Arsenal now? He’s so bloody awesome they’d be stupid not to offer him the job. Surely?

Time for you to find another club Jonas... if you can?

TAYSANBOY added 12:16 - Apr 20
I agree that it was time for McCarthy to go but the abuse he endured from some of the (fan,s) was a disgrace to our club .

eMeM added 12:16 - Apr 20
Lot of dead wood in the club. Players, coaches, academy (Klug!). New manager will need to get rid of them and rebuild ITFC from top to bottom.

brazilblue added 12:19 - Apr 20
@eMeM, Please explain to me how Bryan Klug is dead wood? Dozzell, Nydam, Kenlock, Downes, Bishop, Morris......

RoyalAscotBlue added 12:20 - Apr 20
3/4 of the Ipswich Town fan base wanted Mick gone. And now it has happened.



Northstandveteran added 12:21 - Apr 20
Just a little dig before he joins a premier league club!

Bye then..........

howdonblue added 12:22 - Apr 20
Agree or not Knudsen would not be missed if he toddled off and teamed up with Mcarthy again once he gets the LEEDS job !

SouperJim added 12:23 - Apr 20
For crying out loud, can we please move on?

Players saying things like this doesn't help anyone. He's gone, let's get on with winning games shall we?

StringerBell added 12:26 - Apr 20
Well Jonas I'm sure you'll be fine when McCarthy gets another job and makes you his number one signing priority

The rest of us are moving on

ITFC0492 added 12:30 - Apr 20
Agree with what Jonas is saying here - some did overstep the mark and make it personal to Mick the man rather than Mick the manager.

HOWEVER, how long do we have to keep hearing about this from players and staff. For better or worse, Mick has gone and this is an amazing opportunity for the club (being the fans, staff and players together) to move forwards and be excited for the future, together.

12th_Man added 12:30 - Apr 20
Knudsen Whoo Knudsen Whoo he scored against the scum he's spoken to the sun

not_a_witty_name added 12:32 - Apr 20
Wenger in!

susans added 12:35 - Apr 20
He told the fans to F off !!!,

....and you moan about how hw was treated?


beornioblue added 12:35 - Apr 20
Not surprised by this at all. I doubt a new manager will play him tbh and he isn’t now nor has ever been good enough. The same could be said of other players too, and after all the BS we got from Mick about them it’ll be interesting to see how many Macarthy comes back for in his new job.
This smacks to me of a player looking for a job with his old manager... have some loyalty Jonas he didn’t pay your wages ITFC does!!!!

ITFC0492 added 12:35 - Apr 20
In relation to the comments "if you look at what he had done for the club, they have to be pleased with that" - I feel that what players and staff maybe don't quite understand here is that the ONLY things that fans have to go on are team performances and league position. Based on this alone I don't believe that fans "have to be pleased", in particular with progress over the last 24-36 months.

Mick may well have transformed our club behind the scenes, however, players and staff cannot expect the fans to give credit to Mick (or anyone else) for this when we are totally in the dark about it.

No matter who the next manager is, increased communication and transparency around what happens behind the scenes at Portman Road would be a huge plus for the fans - we can only judge and comment by what we see/hear after all.

Surco72 added 12:36 - Apr 20
Wow another of MMs undroppable players comes out to defend him . Worst left back we have had for a while not even as good as Parr who he was picked over .
Its a new beginning Jonas move on MM has gone if it upsets you that much I suggest you leave as the fans will be here long after you have gone you will be hardly remembered

henryblue added 12:38 - Apr 20
Get a life Knudsen you little brown noser. He's only looking out for himself cos he knows under a football playing manager he's gonna get found out at this level.

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