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Town Reiterate Stance on Antisocial Behaviour After Racist Chants at Luton
Thursday, 15th Aug 2019 12:14

Town have reiterated their stance against anti-social behaviour after reports of racist chants from a group of Blues supporters during the Carabao Cup defeat to Luton at Kenilworth Road on Tuesday evening.

Chants such as “Born in the UK, You’ll never sing that” and “Boris Johnson, he's coming for you” aimed towards the home support were condemned by other Town fans in a lengthy thread on the TWTD Forum yesterday. Luton is well-known for its multicultural make up.

“The facts confirm that our supporters are among the best behaved in the country and have been for many years,” Town secretary Stuart Hayton told the club site.

“That said, we have been informed of alleged racist chants made by a small number of our fans at Kenilworth Road and we are working with Luton on what is an ongoing matter.

“We have shown in the past that we will act strongly against anyone found to have conducted themselves in an offensive or antisocial manner both at games and with comments on social media and that will remain the club’s policy.”  

Photo: TWTD

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positivity added 12:19 - Aug 15
mindless idiots. looking at the chants, wondering if they know if their beloved boris could sing about being "born in the uk"?

robmonkey007 added 12:21 - Aug 15
I feel ashamed to think that this can happen....
These idiots have no place in society let alone ITFC.
Kick it out

Wallingford_Boy added 12:26 - Aug 15
I assume it was just little boys that aren't bright enough to realise how offensive their comments are. They really do need a life ban from football grounds though, no place for that.

Bluearmy_81 added 12:37 - Aug 15
Boris Johnson is coming for all of us not in the 1% numbnuts

ArnieM added 12:37 - Aug 15
It was done by 4-5 ( possible), 17-18 yr olds who stood just to our right . The Pratt’s. I dont know why the police standing at the back didn’t arrest them tbh. I nearly took a photo of them for the Club to pursue. No excuse for it .

Pencilpete added 12:38 - Aug 15
Wish people would keep whatever political/ racial views they have to themselves- literally nothing to do with a football match.

Bradleyblue89 added 12:38 - Aug 15
People like this give the club a bad name. I went to Crystal Palace away in the Carabao cup last season and had to report our own fans to British Transport Police as they were singing numerous racist and homophobic chants on a train to the match for about 20 minutes. I was shocked with what I saw. Hopefully we can single out the small minority who have no place in our stands.

Suffolkboy added 12:39 - Aug 15
Wholely endorse all that’s been said : let them be rooted out , identified and completely banned from ITFC ,and if it’s possible have their names recorded on a nationally accessible list to ensure similar action at other grounds .
COYB — Lead the Way !

TractorRoyNo1 added 12:42 - Aug 15
should not be forgotten that Luton is the base camp of the EDL and a certain Mr Robinson was one of their most infamous fans,

chepstowblue added 12:43 - Aug 15
These were the stupid delinquents at the end of the row where I was. Thankfully the majority were shaking their heads in disbelief. But you do get the low IQ brigade who join in, laugh and giggle as if they've just had their first pint or are experiencing their first erection. Hopefully they'll discover girls soon and steer clear of polluting the terraces. Amazed they've actually heard of Boris Johnson. Id not want them in my quiz team !

BlueySwede added 13:00 - Aug 15
Very sad, I am very proud of 99 percent of our fans! Hope they are identified and not welcomed back for a few years. If they were very young though, banned for life seems a bit harsh. Hopefully they will grow up and understand better in a few years.

SouperJim added 13:05 - Aug 15
Should have been called out on it by other town fans there and then. As others have said, likely a few young fans making ignorant comments in an attempt to be funny rather than intentional racism, but if the rest of us stand idly by then these idiots will continue to think this kind of thing is just "banter".

runaround added 13:11 - Aug 15
I’m very disappointed to hear this as thought ITFC fans were not racist. Sounds like it was only a handful but still a handful too many. I hope they learn the errors of their ways very soon & we never hear chants like that again

nathitfc89 added 13:12 - Aug 15
ive followed the town for years and its the first time ive heard about our fans being racist. small minority no doubt.

Ftnfwest added 13:18 - Aug 15
Odd that we can continually call certain rival fans 'scum' (and vice versa) but that never gets called out. Although admittedly we didn't ever actually spell that out on our scoreboard.

hatch added 13:22 - Aug 15
I started to Boo it on the night but no one joined

BerlinBlue added 13:23 - Aug 15
One brain cell between them. Should be banned.

JewellintheTown added 13:34 - Aug 15
Agreed and echo all sentiments towards these minority idiots actions, but does anyone recognise them as actual ITFC supporters i.e. ITFC shirts, celebrated and commiserated etc? Any chance they weren't just local idiots who got tickets to the game in our end and using as an excuse to start trouble ?

TimmyH added 14:20 - Aug 15
Surprised me when we had a video at the back end of last season on YouTube travelling away to some match (can't remember which) showing our support - one thing which struck me was how young some were - there might be some of the contenders.

Freddies_Ears added 14:21 - Aug 15
If it was only 4-5 people, they have very loud voices. I was in a far corner of the away end and heard the quoted chants clearly.

loyalfan added 14:31 - Aug 15
They were definitely Town fans. Those of us around tj were a bit surprised the Police/stewards-who were standing right behind them didn’t intervene. It’s not actually that easy to say something to fellow fans without coming across as dictatorial. It saddens me that a lot of those singing were probs my still in their teens.

algarvefan added 14:58 - Aug 15
The only way to beat this is to report it at the time to the Police and stand up as a witness to it, or record it and hand the footage to the Police.

many of you have said you heard or saw it, but what did you do, if you do nothing it's akin to condoning it, sorry if that seems a bit harsh, but be honest guys this abysmal behaviour reflects of all of us as Town fans and we have to be man enough to front it and not just moan about it on here. And before anyone asks, yes I have, at the League cup semi final against Birmingham years ago and I reported it to a steward, who got the Police and the offender was arrested and convicted.

The only way we will ever beat this is if we all stand together against it.

ajs83 added 15:05 - Aug 15
I'm not going to condone these idiotic chants from a very small minority. However, all the sexist chants at the female assistant referee at both Colchester and Cambridge were from a bigger minority but no mention of that on here is there Phil?

Daz added 15:10 - Aug 15
nathitfc89 i've seen racist comments on here and heard it many times in the past. some things are just not seen as racist while other things are over done

Daz added 15:11 - Aug 15
sounds like silly kids that should have been spoken to on the night

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