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Blue Action Banner Urges Evans Action
Wednesday, 2nd Dec 2020 22:48

Town independent supporters group Blue Action has draped a banner on the perimeter fence at Portman Road bearing a message to owner Marcus Evans.

Last Wednesday evening Blue Action hung an earlier banner on the gates at Playford Road calling for manager Paul Lambert’s departure, “Lambo - Cheers for the beers but it’s time at the bar”, with Lambo amended to Shambo as well as a statement outlining their position

The club removed it prior to the players and staff arriving the following morning and were subsequently reported to have employed 24-hour security at the training ground as a result.

Blue Action’s latest banner aimed at the club owner reads: “Tick-tock Marcus, the future of the club is at stake.”

Early on in his time at Town, Lambert invited members of Blue Action along with other groups to the training ground to talk about improving the atmosphere at home matches.

Blue Action had been formed at the start of the 2018/19 season with that in mind via banners, stickers and the introduction of new songs and more recently have produced a fanzine.

Speaking about last week's banner, Lambert said: "I can’t control that, what I did do with the Blue Action guys, no problem, we wanted to know their views on what happened to the club and where it had gone. They even admitted themselves that the club had nose-dived and they’d lost enthusiasm for it."

Fans’ calls for a change of manager have increased in volume since last Tuesday’s 3-0 home defeat to leaders Hull City with fears that this season is turning into a repeat of 2019/20, in which Town started promisingly before fading into mid-table, growing. The Blues are currently fifth.

Relations between Lambert and the local media have also become increasingly strained since Saturday’s 2-0 loss to Charlton as news of the banning of TWTD’s Phil Ham from press conferences broke and was followed by other members of the media being accused of stoking and feeding negativity after last night’s 0-0 draw at Oxford.

Fans, who have been unable to attend matches so far this season, have made contact with the club via email and social media making their thoughts on the club's current position, the management and the rift with the media clear.

Photo: Blue Action

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Mark added 22:54 - Dec 2
Thank you Blue Action for putting over this message loud and clear. Surely Evans has to listen. The club is nothing without the fans. The local media deserve respect too.

Bugs added 22:56 - Dec 2
Good on them, I have just been to the blue action website and thrown a donation their way. Lambert has to go before it's too late. And without fans at Portman Road, what blue action are doing is the next best thing.

Farmerpiles added 23:00 - Dec 2
Well done BA. You speak for me. Not the 'official' supporters club who are a joke. 35yrs a ST holder, good God what's happened to our club? This season is dying on its @rse. And we could all see it coming, except M.E.

Cookycrew added 23:01 - Dec 2
Frankly, this protest is already getting boring.
They do not represent me at all and we have had enough of their self publicity!
While I do feel let down by Lambert, I will 'PATIENTLY' wait until most of the current 12 out injured actually return.
Lambert should be given until Christmas to to turn us around.
End of.

dominiciawful added 23:02 - Dec 2
Cookycrew, bless.

jabberjackson added 23:03 - Dec 2
These aren’t just a few fans making their feelings known
Be under no illusion Marcus Evans this is much bigger than the McCarthyist witch hunt
Lambert has alienated himself and is losing the few remaining fans by the day with his deranged and paranoid actions
It may cost you a pretty penny to sever ties, but it will cost you a whole lot more if you don’t

Pencilpete added 23:14 - Dec 2
I think the past shows us that Marcus Evans doesn't give a fcuk what the fans think or want

fistpumpfury added 23:15 - Dec 2
Fight and you may win.
Surrender and you’ve lost.
Well done BA, #LambertOut

KiwiBlue2 added 04:07 - Dec 3
Lets not forget that last season after a similar dip we climbed back to the top of the table late January but then fell away badly after that. We are still handily placed and with the return of a few key players over the next few weeks could move back up. I think that the key thing is whether or not Marcus Evans loosens the purse strings in the next window.
If he does then we are in with a chance of top 2 or play-offs with the right additions, if not then we probably will not reach the play-offs. I am holding judgement until the end of the January window...... coyb

Saxonblue74 added 07:00 - Dec 3
I agree with bits and pieces of most comments above but unfortunately I have more questions than answers (like our manager I fear)! Cookycrew, yes we may need yet more patience but how many players will return before Xmas and at what level of match fitness?Jabberjackson, it may seem that the majority are supporting action but do we know that for sure? It may be the case that they're shouting the loudest? Kiwiblue, has the time for ME's loosening of the purse strings passed? Surely it makes no difference with the wage cap? Also don't think they'll even consider additions without off loading a few given the size of the squad. "Dear oh dear,what a lot of negativity".......and for very good reason I'm afraid! Still, great news on the covid vaccine, just need a "shot in the arm" for ITFC now!

itfcserbia added 07:37 - Dec 3
For God's sake we are not fifth! Half the league have 2 or 3 games in hand on us., Accrington's got 4 for crying out loud!

BrandestonBlue added 07:54 - Dec 3
Remind me why any decent Manager would want to come to manage Ipswich ?

londontractorboy57 added 07:57 - Dec 3
Call yourselves supporters its you lot that have got us in this mess!!! whilst also alienating true supporters.

londontractorboy57 added 07:58 - Dec 3
Cookycrew what a sensible post its the warriors of TWTD that have got this club in the state its in.

brendenward35 added 08:11 - Dec 3
Just plays into PL hands really, drove Mick out and we got relegated can see same happening with us if PL leaves not going to get anyone else any better in as its a poison challis and they know that ME won't back them with money as he can't with the salary cap. Changing managers doesn't help as Sunderland has tried that and look at them now.

truthhurts added 08:33 - Dec 3
I fully understand the upset, anger, call it what you will, and the potential change of manager. I've been a season ticket holder for just over 20 years, so have seen some of the good and some of the bad.

My only question is this.

Who exactly would come in and immediately take us up? Firstly we won't be able to attract - nor pay - a high profile manager right now. Secondly i very much doubt we would pay a large compensation fee to get a manager to leave his current club.

That leaves us with a very limited pool of unemployed managers (unemployed for a reason, mostly) or someone completely untried and tested.

Bearing in mind how important this season is, a change could easily result in failure just as much as sticking with Lambert could.

* remember, i did state i can see why 'we' would want a change. Just saying it won't necassarily bring the immediate success we desire or, quite frankly, need

MonkeyAlan added 08:43 - Dec 3
The problem is clearly Evans, that is evident. But you can't help but think the numb skulls did nothing to help the situation by hounding Mick out . He was keeping us in the championship with very little help from the owner. He got dogs abuse, then gave some back and the numb skulls cried like babies.

BcarefulwhatUWish4 added 09:08 - Dec 3
Good post MonkeyAlan.

He may have been nicknamed mid-table Mick but he kept us mid-table in Division 2. Not like now.

Yes, we are fifth. But look at a club like Accrington Stanley who are 3 points behind us with 3 games in hand.

johnwarksshorts added 09:18 - Dec 3
I'm not a Marcus Evan's fan, but just remember without him we could have gone under.

WhoisJimmyJuan added 09:23 - Dec 3
Truthhurts- a good question. There is always the chance that there is a good manager out there who wants to prove themselves through mission impossible. But I feel most would be put off at the growing list of high profile names who tried and failed to make something of our club. And that's before we talk about investment and salary caps. My instinct is that we have to sadly accept that League One is our level now. Which brings us on to one of the glimmers of hope we have left: the academy. It is beginning to produce now. I think our next manager has to come from within the club now, in order to connect the first team more with the rest of the club which is relatively speaking in much healthier states. Including our women's team of course. Being a club operating of smaller scale and ambition developing from within i feel is the only way we will heal (poetry). This will mean paring back some of the more experienced and highly paid senior players who are not performing as well as they might. But buying into this would require massive patience from us fans already jaded by decades of stagnation. And its raining.

Northstandveteran added 09:28 - Dec 3
Good to see you posting regularly again Swn98.

Always good to hear your opinions.

Even if they are the polar opposite of mine.

Say 'Y³ia" to Mick for me this morning 😁

Northstandveteran added 09:31 - Dec 3
Perhaps our ambitions and hopes were just too high and we should have been satisfied with mid table mediocrity under Mick?

That'll teach us to have dreams....

Bluearmy_81 added 09:39 - Dec 3
JWS, except we wouldn't have gone under without Evans. We were out of administration and things were improving. There were other suitors/potential buyers, no one made Evans buy the club. He has been an absolute colossal failure and a disaster for ITFC

rfretwell added 09:56 - Dec 3
This is all heaping no end of extra pressure on our youngsters who have been blooded by PL because of all the injuries to experienced first teamers. It's no wonder results have suffered. Yes we lost badly to Hull but they will probably walk this division. We are still well in the hunt. We all need to show patience - results will pick up once we can field a full strength team.

rfretwell added 09:56 - Dec 3
This is all heaping no end of extra pressure on our youngsters who have been blooded by PL because of all the injuries to experienced first teamers. It's no wonder results have suffered. Yes we lost badly to Hull but they will probably walk this division. We are still well in the hunt. We all need to show patience - results will pick up once we can field a full strength team.

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