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Banished Duo Angered By Manager's Comments
Friday, 19th Feb 2021 17:33

Banished-to-the-U23s pair Jon Nolan and Kayden Jackson are understood to be furious with manager Paul Lambert’s comments about them at this morning’s press conference.

As previously reported, Jackson angered Lambert with his red card against Sunderland, while Nolan expressed his frustration to the manager after travelling to Crewe and not finding out until shortly before kick-off that he wasn’t in the 18.

Lambert hit back at today’s press conference saying, “I won’t have a player [Nolan], any player come to me and say they’d rather be at home with the wife and kids. If that’s your mentality you’re better doing that."

He added: “They’ve let the club down, let themselves down, let their team-mates down.”

According to the EADT, the duo are angry that their professionalism was called into question.

Lambert made clear his frustration with Jackson for his 10th-minute red card for a studs-up challenge immediately after the Sunderland match.

Nolan played 70 minutes of that game and wasn’t named in the team which was due to play at Crewe but travelled and expected to be among the subs, only to find out he was the man left out via the teamsheet an hour or so before kick-off with no direct communication from the management.

The 27-year-old Merseysider approached Lambert on the Monday about having made the trip to be left on the sidelines when he could otherwise have been at home with his wife and six-month-old, leading to him joining Jackson in be ostracised, leading to an angry exchange.

Nolan is yet to make a public comment but Jackson defended himself on Twitter on Wednesday after suggestions that his exile related to the club rebuffing approaches for him on deadline day.

As previously reported, Huddersfield made a late loan approach for the 26-year-old, despite Lambert claiming earlier today that there had been no interest in the pair.

Nolan was understood to be interesting Rotherham, Wigan and Peterborough in the final hours of the window.

Photo: Matchday Images

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Len_Brennan added 17:36 - Feb 19
But Bishop said that everyone is behind the manager.

bluelodgeblue added 17:38 - Feb 19
And so it continues to unravel! Itfc continues to be a bigger joke as each day goes by?😢😢

sospier added 17:39 - Feb 19
Sounds like real trouble in the camp.Needs the air clearing sooner rather than later PL.

ITFC25 added 17:40 - Feb 19
Totally with Lambert on this one. The two have behaved poorly and deserve the punishment

RegencyBlue added 17:41 - Feb 19
Dysfunctional club from top to bottom.

Lambert has to go but many of the problems at this club are down to Evans and predate Lambert by years.

TractorRoyNo1 added 17:42 - Feb 19
I am certainly not a pro Lambert idiot but these 2 really do need a kick up the arsenal and out ofvtge club asap

Grimsbyblue added 17:44 - Feb 19
So by his logic with Jackson letting us down, will he also banish Downes to the U23s cos of his silly red card? Not saying I want him out of the team, but just as poor a sending off

TractorFrog added 17:45 - Feb 19
And rightly so. Both have a right to be angry over this very unfair decision by Lambert.

buzbyblue added 17:46 - Feb 19
Shambert is so full of sh!te it's unbelievable, maybe they should both talk to the players union and sue him for bullying

wkj added 17:49 - Feb 19
Another own goal for Evans if he doesn't get rid of the clown. Maybe he will follow him out of the club if he wants to give Lambert his full backing.

Suffolkboy added 17:52 - Feb 19
Poor darlings ; we need to see them behaving in a more professional manner on the pitch , pitching in all the time ,giving of their best uncomplainingly and committed to being part of a team ALWAYS !
JN has consistently underperformed ,complained from time to time ( about tactics , style ,formations etc) ,and KJ definitely has room for improvement and more applied intelligence in delivery .
It’s a good job they’ve been stirred , maybe they’ll be a bit less precious ,or have to suffer in silence !
Both are properly paid as professional footballers ,and should find a way to knuckle down and give their all !
It’s slack attitudes such as these which are costing us dearly !
Absolutely with PL in these instances !

RobITFC added 17:56 - Feb 19
What a pathetic and sorry state our once proud club as become!

Paramedic added 17:58 - Feb 19
Please make it stop!

jas0999 added 17:58 - Feb 19
No one comes out of this with any credit. In fact it makes us look an even bigger laughing stock of a club. The players behaviour seems poor as is Lamberts handling of it in a public forum. Shocking all round. Time for Evans to get a grip.

istanblue added 17:59 - Feb 19

istanblue added 17:59 - Feb 19

Broganonthewing added 18:03 - Feb 19
We don’t really know what is going on, but for the facts that are known, I think Lambert is being at least petty. Jackson had a rush of blood but isn’t Lambert cutting his nose to spite his face?
As for Nolan, why take him on a overnight 500 mile round trip if you have no intention of using him?

Cloddyseedbed added 18:03 - Feb 19
Total mismanagement from the top to the bottom. Dragging the name of ITFC down with it. Shameful and rudderless.

Karlosfandangal added 18:05 - Feb 19
Agree with Lambert Jackson did let the team down. However Jackson apologies for his mistake.
We all make mistakes but as long as he leant from it end of story

As said above that means Downes should be playing in U23 more so as he gets a yellow every other game

As for Nolan I would like to hear his side of the story as Lambert tends to see things very differently than most people

londontractorboy57 added 18:10 - Feb 19
OH DEAR Mickma united the average players he had now shyte players are throwing their toys out of their pram my beloved club are heading to oblivion, where do i lay the blame ?SOCIAL MEDIA

thatsbonkers added 18:13 - Feb 19
If Lambert walks he leaves with nothing.
If however he is fired with the length of time left on his contract he will be paid off handsomely.
So with barbed comments to upset the owner and the players, is he manipulating his own sacking?

TractorCam added 18:14 - Feb 19
Sorry buzbyblue didn't mean to down vote. Can't even begin to imagine what the mood must be like amongst the players right now, absolutely no chance any of them want him in.

BlueInBerks added 18:17 - Feb 19
These two are lucky they don't have mainstream jobs with woeful hours, crap boss, underpaid, dodgy work H&S practises and little job security and no opportunity for advancing their career. Apart from those details, I guess they are the same.

herfie added 18:21 - Feb 19
What’s playing out here is one symptom of a deep-rooted, possibly terminally toxic, malaise that’s steadily dragging the Club further into the abyss. As Mick Mills said, it’s just plain sad.

Worse, perhaps, is the fact that we have an owner whose abject failure to provide strong and visible leadership, is the least competent person to do so - when decisive leadership is so badly needed to break us out of what is a giant cluster-fcuk. We’re on basic life support, with the spectre of a dark hand hovering over the oxygen supply - eg the supporters.

tractorshark added 18:21 - Feb 19
For those asking why Nolan was taken on the trip if he was going to be left out of the squad, that’s common practice just in case you get a late injury or illness.
Nolan might feel aggrieved but that’s tough. You’re paid well, go and prove the manager wrong the next time you get a chance. Unfortunately the reality with Nolan is he has never justified his transfer fee and regularly flatters to deceive, even though quite clearly he’s a reasonable player at this level.
I have absolutely no sympathy for him.
That said, I have absolutely no sympathy for Lambert either. He may be correct on this one but his man-management is shocking. When asked what they have to do to get back in the squad, he said he didn’t know. Surely there has to be a path to forgiveness otherwise it just becomes vindictive or petty. Either way you’re cutting your nose off to spite your own face.
Jackson was reckless and stupid but unless there is more to it than that, his punishment should be no worse than Downes’.
This just smacks of Lambert trying to deflect attention from himself.
I suspect we will lose tomorrow and he will be gone by early next week.

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