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Chambers: We Have to Believe
Saturday, 3rd Apr 2021 10:40

Skipper Luke Chambers says the players have to believe that they are capable of securing a play-off place in the remaining nine games of the season having beaten Bristol Rovers 2-1 at Portman Road yesterday, and is hopeful right-back Kane Vincent-Young will be able to return to play a part soon.

The victory over the Gas saw the Blues move up to ninth in the table, two points behind Blackpool in sixth, although with the Seasiders having played a game fewer.

“Every game’s going to be important now, we have to take what we can. We started the game brilliantly, albeit then tried to give them something,” Chambers said.

“We’re delighted, it was a very important win that we got and we’re going to play teams in and around that same area in the league and they’re not going to be easy, they’re not going to lie down.

“We all want to go out there and play fantastically well, play free-flowing, passing football and dominate possession, but sometimes it’s not possible and we showed that we have to find a way to win a game, and we have nine more to go.”

Chambers said there was no finger-pointing in the dressing room regarding Andre Dozzell’s error which led to the Pirates pulling their goal back.

“Doz has been fantastic for us, he’s played every game pretty much this season and he’s been allowed to try and get on the ball as much as he can to influence games,” the 35-year-old said.

“Those things are going to happen, no one will be pointing fingers at Andre because he didn’t shy away from the game after that, he still tried to get us playing.

“He’s been very competitive in there for us, so it’s one of those, ‘don’t worry about that Doz, we move on’, we stick together and we won the game together.

Manager Paul Cook said last week that he believed that Town could make the top six but questioned whether the players felt the same. Chambers says they have to if they’re to make it.

“We have to believe,” he said. “I believe. I believe in the squad, you can’t start the seasons as we have for the last two years and then all of a sudden be crap. It just can’t happen.

“It’s a psychological thing which has maybe built up over a period of time that we have to get rid of quickly.

“And I think the gaffer’s trying to knock that down for us as players and, yes, I believe totally. I believe in all those players, I always have done.

“I’ll back them to the hilt and we just have to handle the pressure and handle having the expectation and just keep our heads down and try and take each game as it comes because it’s a nine-game season now.”

The former Nottingham Forest and Northampton man says the mental side of any sport is very important.

“For me, in football today, that is something which isn’t focused on enough, on and off the pitch,” he said.

“It’s been a tricky year for everyone with not playing in front of fans, approaching games properly and training and protocols and this, that and the other.

“It’s not easy, it’s not been easy for anyone, so the lads have to talk to each other and talk about how they’re feeling and talk about where they’re struggling in their games, in training and stuff like that because at the end of the day all we’ve got is each other.

“And I think we showed against Bristol Rovers, we’ve always stuck together, but we ground that result out and we’re delighted to come away with the three points.”

Asked whether young players have to grow up quickly in the current situation, Chambers countered: “Yes, but we can’t go on about young players all the time, everyone’s got to take responsibility. We’re a football club that wants to move forward, the owner has made it clear what he wants from the new gaffer and we’re right behind that.

“We haven’t had the greatest start that we want to have had, but we all want to be a part of what he’s trying to bring to the football club.

“He brings enthusiasm, he brings energy, he brings positivity and we all want to be a part of that moving forward and it’s an opportunity for the lads, nine games to go, lots of people out of contract, there’ll be change at the football club, but if you want to be a part of Paul Cook’s Ipswich moving forward then it’s a massive opportunity for everyone.”

Chambers says he’s enjoying being back at centre-half having played most of this season at right-back.

“Yes, enjoyed it today,” he continued. “My left quad’s a bit tight from showing them down the line a little bit, but I’m just enjoying playing, however long that may continue and, like I say, the last year for everyone in the world and in football, you just try and take your opportunity and enjoy life as much as you possibly can.”

One man missing yesterday was Vincent-Young, who was withdrawn at half-time during last week’s 0-0 draw at Wigan, his first start in 17 months, with a hamstring injury. However, the captain says the right-back won’t be out for too long.

“I don’t think it’s too bad,” he said. “It’s always going to be the way. When you’re playing week in, week out you manage to stay injury free because you’re always putting your body through the same things.

“When you’ve been out for such a long time and are thrust back in because we need results, because we want to be successful this season, you want to throw Kane Vincent-Young in.

“If there’s any aspect of the game where you need someone like that, it’s now and it’s unfortunate that he’s felt something but I think he made the right decision at Wigan, he came off at half-time and he shouldn’t be out for too long, so if we can have him back in now for the run-in along with a few of the other boys, then it makes us stronger.”

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Suffolkboy added 11:06 - Apr 3
LC makes some excellent points ,sincere and unambiguous ,with no inflated opinions but some sound commonsense and a solid belief in the human beings around him both in the team,and at ITFC .
With admirable restraint he does not involve the media ,or any angle of it, and in his own proven but often unheralded way epitomises the values and standards we'd expect from everybody .

BobbyBell added 11:07 - Apr 3
I'm afraid I don't believe that the players have the skill or the desire to succeed. Neither do I believe that any of them actually want us to get promoted as they are not good enough for the Championship. When I was young I watched players who played for the love of the game and not the money. These days the money is everything and they don't have to win or even play well to get paid big wages. Can any of you from yesteryear imagine Mr. Robson telling Hunter, Mills, Burley, Mariner etc that they needed a rest?? They wanted to play every game because they loved playing and they loved the club.

spanishblue added 11:18 - Apr 3
Ha BB who would dare tell big Al he needed a rest Beatie ruined his career playing when he shouldn't of, there was so many unforced errors yesterday,

StavangerBlue added 11:20 - Apr 3
We were fortunate yesterday. The opening goal was a parried clearance that went into the bottom corner. Judge's goal, our second, was well taken. Yet, we seemed so fragile, vulnerable, awkward, and we were going to throw the win away at any moment. We cannot do the fundamentals...why is our passing so feeble? I am not talking about a Glenn Hoddell "finds God" type of pass, just a simple defence to midfield pass, yet we screw it up. Why did MM have them pump it long? Because if they try to pass it about they lose possession and concede.

We will finish about 11th again. Last season 9th would have been fair; the point system hurt us. 11th, this season is about right; we are a more ineffective team.


TractorFrog added 11:24 - Apr 3
This is very positive. If the players are feeling confident about that win, then they are more likely to play better in the next one. The fans just seem to want to complain, but hopefully that is not affecting the players, and they are building their confidence. The playoffs are still a very real possibility.

Marinermagic added 11:26 - Apr 3
Gas ? Pirates ? I thought it was Bristol Rovers ??????

GatesPerm added 11:31 - Apr 3
There is nothing I would like more than to reach the play offs and potentially watch Town at Wembley for a third time.

I still maintain that this is a very poor squad, so if Cook does get us in to the play offs then that would be a massive achievement.

ArnieM added 11:52 - Apr 3
Come on Gown , let's try to go on a mini unbeaten run, if that doesn't increase the confidence in the team , then nothing will and the Play Offs is not the place for us this season.


ArnieM added 11:53 - Apr 3
“ Town” ...naturally!

BlueySwede added 12:02 - Apr 3
I´m hoping every week that we will find a bit of belief and the right combinations of players. I do believe that, regardless of where we end up, the current crop of players are better than what they have shown. What are they so afraid of? Just go out there, enjoy your football and see where it takes us.

Skip73 added 12:16 - Apr 3
"We have to believe" makes it sound like most of the squad don't. In the good old days, it would have been "We believe that we can make the playoffs".
Chambers can say this all day long, but it won't make any difference whatsoever to the lack of belief in the bunch of wimps we have in the squad.

Westy added 13:11 - Apr 3
Does this mean KVY is injured again?

BlueandTruesince82 added 13:12 - Apr 3
We have to believe,” he said. “I believe. I believe in the squad, you can't start the seasons as we have for the last two years and then all of a sudden be crap. It just can't happen.

And yet it has.

ChrisFelix added 13:57 - Apr 3
Looks like our inspirational captain is looking for a new contact. I hope not as we badly need to move on & start afresh

dirtydingusmagee added 14:02 - Apr 3
the paragraph ''we all want to go out there,,,,,,,,,.stood out, thats something they see watching other teams.We havnt done that for at least 3 seasons ,they havnt got in them. I believe PC is a good manager,and certainly as good as we are likely to get, but the team/squad are not, they are lacking in most areas.Even if they lacked the skills they could show some passion,some desire to win,but they dont.And sorry Luke ,Dozzell has NOT been fantastic, along with yourself most have been very average on a good day. .Its this belief that you are better than you are thats causing problems, you all need to man up, train hard .work hard. play hard.You got relegated without a fight, you then thought you were the big boys in a small lge, but its smacked you in the face.You are not. When you come out with all these crap statements , do it in front of a mirror,.the coin may drop . EVANS OUT

TimmyH added 14:10 - Apr 3
'Belief' doesn't mean anything if you haven't got commitment or the quality, even just one of those wouldn't be bad but after watching numerous games this season I don't think we have neither. I for one will be surprised if we make the play-offs...and that's how far this club has dropped.

Churchman added 14:34 - Apr 3
Actually, they are cr@p and have been for years. They've had good starts because of the way the fixtures have panned out, luck and the opposition starting slowly. Every win bar Blackpool away has been narrow.

I'm sure Chambers knows the score, but he is duty bound to come out with positive noises when his turn to face the music. I've no doubt the players have a good laugh about it behind the new manager's back. They know there is no real pressure or standards come to that. Hopefully that'll change in the summer.

cat added 14:49 - Apr 3
Chambo must be one of the nicest guys ever cause I can't see one other reason why he plays.
Let's pray the Captain's not the last off this sinking ship. But hey, it's all good because he's a great clubman!

ringwoodblue added 15:01 - Apr 3
Totally agree with dirtydingusmagee. If this was a short term slump in form it could be explained by a mentality or lack of confidence thing but it's been like this for three seasons so I just don't believe the players are good enough or care enough to turn things around. We've changed the manager three times with no effect so we have to change the players.

Maybe if a bunch of new players come in and a new captain, it will give the existing ones we decide to keep a massive kick up the backside.

Thank you Luke for your long service but you are part of the systemic problems the club is suffering from and we all need a change.

inghamspur added 16:02 - Apr 3
Why bother with this interview? Just let your performance do the talking.

therein61 added 17:28 - Apr 3
The "we have to believe" comment suggests that at long last someone has given these idling overpaid so called pro's a good hard kick where it hurts(in the pocket when the contract is not renewed and deservedly so) with hope it's knocked some apathy out of a disgraceful under performing bunch.

TractorRoyNo1 added 18:32 - Apr 3
Crikey has the wheel gone round again.... Ladies and gentlemen I give you this weeks xxxxer to roll out another "we can do better" speech, I thank you most sincerely folks....

SickParrot added 19:31 - Apr 3
Luke mentions playing with no fans in the ground as a difficulty but these well paid "professional" footballers are nervous and fragile behind closed doors. What would they be like with opposing fans taking the pi** out of their feeble efforts and our fans showing their frustrations?

BeattiesBackPocket added 20:37 - Apr 3
I wouldn't expect him to say anything different however it's becoming repetitive especially the ‘Every games going to be important now' this is the issue as every single game this season should be important the fact is except the first twenty mins yesterday Bristol Rovers were the better side and and we were at home and they're 23rd in the league. As much as he's a nice guy and bleeds blue he's one who hasn't been good enough but still been in the side. As mcgoldrick said we're a nice club with no expectations other than survive from the top all the way down

blueboy1981 added 22:08 - Apr 3
LC is a loyal Club man, and fine professional in every respect - his consistent ability tho' has never matched his other qualities.
It has to be remembered tho' that thro' a lack of scoring goals over a number of seasons in this team he has never had the luxury of playing in a defence that is anything but under constant pressure. Season after season for most, if not all of his time at the Club - many players would have seen the Treatment Room as an easier option many times over - but he hasn't, and always tried his utmost to set examples to other players.
His days as a player are numbered - but the likes of him just has to have a future in the game.
But some will still knock him - simply because they know no better.

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